I often get asked about specific survey sites, so today I am looking at YouGov.

Is YouGov worth joining is not the most straightforward of questions to be honest.  It depends on what you consider ‘worth’ to be.

First of all, YouGov is, in my opinion a very interesting survey site.  Its tagline is “What the World Thinks” and that sums it up pretty well I think. I have been using YouGov for several years and it is certainly one of the more unique survey sites around.  By that I mean the surveys you get are not the kind asking about advertising, or what you have bought usually.  The surveys are more related to government issues.  For example, today when I logged in this was the poll:


As you can see this question about the NHS is a simple poll rather than a full survey.  The site has a lot of polls and the results of these are very frequently seen in news articles.  In addition to this it is very simple to see the results of the polls that are currently running.  As you can see from this Brexit poll, which is an extremely popular topic right now, more people on this site are voting for a ‘Hard Brexit’.  Beside that is the result of another poll regarding the 40p tax rate.


I have to admit I don’t often come across either polls or surveys that focus so clearly on current political trends in quite this way.  One of the things I really like about doing surveys is they tend to get me thinking about various topics that I wouldn’t perhaps have considered before.  One of the things I don’t like so much is not being getting the results of the surveys.  This is obviously not the case with YouGov which actually provides almost an ongoing commentary on the topics discussed.

There are a lot of international surveys and polls on YouGov too, it is not simply a UK only site.  The full results of international surveys and polls are also freely available for members to read.  This result comparing opinions in different countries regarding gender for example, is available at the click of a button:


Because YouGov provides such up to date information about public opinion it certainly is a valuable resource.  Many students use the results in their research papers for example.  In addition, the results on the site are not subject to direct manipulation.  Unlike a newspaper for example, that may only provide partial information, you can look at all of the information yourself.  Many people spend a lot of time on YouGov actually reading about the results and taking part in discussions.  It is actually more like a social media platform than a survey site.  In fact you can choose to make connections with others on here in exactly the same way as most social media platforms. Of course the discussions are more about current news than perhaps you would find on Facebook or Twitter etc. The site does guide discussions in this way:


In additioyougov-paidn to this social media style content, there is the opportunity to actually earn cash for your opinion too.  Just like a lot of the survey sites online you will receive some financial compensation for taking part in the longer surveys.  There is a section specifically for these which is easy to find on your homepage.
Today I have 2 paid surveys available.  Completing any surveys or polls in this section will provide payment of 50 points each.  This equates to 50p for me here in the UK.

The surveys and longer polls in this section usually take around 5-10 mins, which is a reasonable amount for time spent in my opinion.  Many people are happy to get the equivalent of £6+ per hour for doing surveys.  You can claim the money earned when you hit 5000 points (£50) paid via cheque only.

If you prefer to you can opt to enter a prize draw instead:



YouGov is free to join for anyone aged 16 plus and living in the UK.  It also available in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

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