Internet marketing basics are important to know if you want to increase your chances of success while working from home.  Today I explain a little about using an autoresponder and why you need one.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is basically a service that allows you to send emails automatically to a list of people.  Usually newsletters and offer emails are sent by an autoresponder.  For example, you may be on my Aweber autoresponder list for my Saturday Share updates.

Autoresponders usually work by sending out a series of pre-written emails.  These can be sent at various intervals such as daily, or weekly etc depending on the type of email you want to send.  The account owner simply adjusts the settings to send the emails in a certain order and at a certain time or day.

In the ‘back end’ of an autoresponder there are a lot of tools to help the sender monitor what is happening with the emails sent.  Statistics of email open rates, and link click rates etc is available.

Why Should I have One?

The main point of an autoresponder is to reduce workload.

In addition to this there are quite a few other benefits:

  • As part of an overall marketing strategy an autoresponder can increase business conversions many times over.  In other words they are very helpful to increase the number and frequency of sales or sign ups.
  • You can use them to send out special offers or free information such as e-books etc.
  • They allow you to build a long lasting relationship with someone long after they have visited your website.
  • You can maintain contact with hundreds or thousands (and more) of people without having to send individual emails to them.
  • They provide the means to literally drip feed marketing messages to potential customers until they are ready to become a customer.
  • You can direct your subscribers towards something important such a website, blog, course sign up, sales page etc.
  • They allow you to follow up with everyone who has expressed an interest in your business.
  • You are provided with statistical information such as open rates or click through rates.
  • They can generate repeat sales with little effort.
  • You can make announcements to all subscribers at once.
  • They can help you to brand yourself with logos, tag lines, marketing messages etc.
  • You can have several different categories of people.  People interested in courses can be in one list while those who have purchased a product can be in another for example.

Which One Should I Use?

There are many autoresponder services available.  The service I use (and highly recommend) is Aweber . Aweber has been around for a long time and is reasonably easy to use.  It also provides sign up forms  to allow you to create capture pages and many other relevant tools as well as the email option.   In addition it has a very professional reputation.

Although Aweber can be a little higher in price it does boast the highest delivered rate in the industry.  Many cheaper services cannot guarantee emails are delivered correctly and a lot can end up in spam folders or get deleted by the email service.  In my opinion that makes the slightly higher price well worth it.

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Ellie xx


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