The main types of work from home jobs available are good to know if you would like to work from home but you are not sure where to start.  The categories include:

Casual Earning Options

This includes all sorts of activities such as:

  • taking surveys
  • reviewing websites
  • clicking adverts
  • watching videos
  • addressing envelopes
  • reading emails
Who is this suitable for?

Casual earning options tend to be things that require no special skills, and pretty much everyone can do them.  Some of them are online and so basic computer skills are useful to know.  The payment for activities is a rather small amount per action, however this can often increase via team building bonuses.

This type of work is often quite repetitive and boring, so a tolerance for that helps.  On the other hand they also tend to require little attention, so you can do them when you have a spare 5 or 10 mins.  For that reason they can be very good options for those with young children, people who commute on public transport or those with rather chaotic schedules.

If you would like to try this option some sites I recommend you read:

Earn £10 Per Day with These Surveys Sites

15 Really Quick and Easy Ways to Earn Cash Online

Take A Survey for Cash on Mintvine

Service or Skill Based Options

This includes things like

  • baby sitting
  • pet sitting
  • car washing
  • website design
  • tutoring
  • delivering leaflets
  • gardening
  • personal assistant
  • baking
  • cooking
  • DIY
  • arts and crafts
  • writing CV’s
  • personal trainers
  • accounting
  • typing
  • coaching
  • writing
  • photography
  • planning
  • counselling
  • advice
  • dog walking
Who is this suitable for?

As the title suggests this option is mainly for people with specific skills or interests.  They generally appeal to those who have hobbies or knowledge that people pay to learn about.  Due to the skill or knowledge required some of these can be quite highly paid.

To be able to work in this type of job usually requires being able to prove your skills and/or education.  They are most often used by those who have pre-existing skills, however it is possible to train for most of these as well.  Udemy is a great place to build up your skills for this option, as they have over 50,000 high quality courses at very reasonable prices.  If you do a course with them  then  I can recommend you try posting a ‘gig’ on Fiverr afterwards to monetise your newly acquired skills 😉

Sales Based Options

This includes:

  • direct selling
  • multi level marketing/network marketing
  • selling on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Folksy, Ebid, Preloved, Gumtree or any other selling platform
  • affiliate marketing
  • party plans
  • market stalls and car boot sales
Who is this suitable for?

Due to the fact you will be required to make sales a background in this is helpful, but also not always necessary.  Many sales based opportunities do require a payment up front to buy a demonstration kit or stock, so that is worth bearing in mind.  Affiliate marketing, on the other hand means you can make sales without holding stock.  Usually you will need to register with a particular company or agent and be able to show a means of promoting items to be accepted.

Although many people can start working with sales based companies without any knowledge or experience, it can be difficult to be successful without being willing to learn about marketing.  I highly recommend either Marketing Introduction for Beginners or Marketing Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners  depending on your requirements.

If you would like to try Network Marketing you might like to consider joining the Work From Home Network VIP’s  for ongoing support and a guaranteed earning plan.  Or if interested in Affiliate Marketing Awin is a great option with hundreds of company choices.


This includes:

  • stocks and shares
  • trading
  • revenue sharing
  • bitcoin mining
  • business financing
  • peer to peer loans
  • property purchase
  • starting a business
  • matched betting
Who is this suitable for?

As the title suggests this option requires finance up front.  There are many options that are available at low initial costs in this area now, so a large amount is not required.  Simply due to the initial investment required there can be risk attached to this option.  Investments tend to not have any guarantees and value can go up or down.  It is possible to reduce the risks by using multiple investment income streams and to start with a small amount.

This option can be targeted by scammers also, so it is important to be able to do a great deal of background research.  Many ponzi schemes come under this category and you should certainly be on the lookout for those.

If you would like to try this option I am happy to recommend Future Net, and USI Tech  as they both have great low risk returns.


Although blogging can come under a few of the other categories the fact that it is a business tool that can be used by all makes it quite unique.  It is skill based due to the writing requirement and knowledge of marketing practices such as SEO and email marketing.  Starting a blog can also be very simple though and you learn a lot of skills as you write.

Who is this suitable for?

Certainly a good grasp of language and writing is a pre-requisite for blogging, as is a basic knowledge of computing and the internet.  Apart from that an interest in research and a willingness to learn will improve your chances of success. Those with a marketing or sales background can be particularly adept at writing a blog that is based on making sales.

If you would like to try this option you might like to check out my Free Blogging Mastery E-Course


In summary, there are a lot of different types of work from home jobs and this post details some examples.  The main categories are helpful to identify which type of work from home job would be most relevant to you.  Within each category there are hundreds of choices, so I hope this post has given you some ideas to consider.


Have you found this post useful or inspiring? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting below or you can contact me directly if you prefer! 

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Ellie xx

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