Why Types of Affiliate Marketing Simply Explained?

Well, I began my journey into affiliate marketing just yesterday by writing my personal plan to get started.  Already it is proving to be very interesting I must admit! My research so far has shown me why there is a lot of confusion around this type of income generation.

The first thing I notice is the use of a lot of marketing terminology.  For someone just starting out in this area that alone can be rather off-putting.  It seems there is PPC, PPS, PPP, PPL, multi level, two tier, single tier and dear knows what else. Affilate marketing certainly has its own language.  There are also hundreds of different types of products and services.  Basically affiliate marketing programs cover practically everything.  Trying to wade through all of that as a newbie is VERY overwhelming.

Putting things into easy to understand language, these are the types:

Those that involve websites and blogs

This type of affiliate marketing requires the person doing the promoting to be able to create a website or blog.  The site needs to have a way for customers to purchase products or sign up to a service.  To do this you need to know how to add various links to the site.  You are also responsible for creating the content, providing the relevant information and for getting the customers to visit the site in the first place.

To be able to do all this requires quite a lot of knowledge and skill.  The promoter (affiliate) firstly needs to be able to create attractive content.  With all the competition online for sales it is not enough to simply add a buy now button to a product picture with a price for example.  The content needs to persuade the visitor to ‘convert’ into a customer.

The affiliate also needs to be able to get people to visit the site.  This ‘traffic’ can’t just be anyone, the visitors need to be those with an interest in the products or services on offer.  In other words they need to know how to target specific sections of the population – those identified as most likely to make a purchase.  To be able to do this well requires knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  It is that which increases the chances of your site showing in search engine results.

Website or blog related affiliate marketing is not a fast way to make an income.  It takes patience to build the site and generate quality traffic.  However, once the process is in place and the site is attracting customers it can work to generate a constant flow of income with little ongoing work.

Those involving adverts

This type of affiliate marketing requires the affiliate to be able to create an advert that converts viewers into customers.  This could be simply clicking on the advert, signing up to an email list or making a purchase.  To be able to do this involves knowledge of who is most likely to buy, where they are and how to get the adverts to show up at the right time.

Advertising related affiliate marketing can become quite costly if not done well.  For example, you could pay for an advert which does not lead to any conversions at all.  Competition is also very high and often those with large advertising budgets get most of the sales.

Those involving emailing

This type of affiliate marketing requires the affiliate to be able to create an email list of potential customers.  They also need to be able to create email content that a)entices the receiver to open it, b) read it and c) leads to a conversion.

Email marketing involves quite a bit of knowledge and skill to do it well.  Again it requires knowledge of potential customers and how to find them, but also being able to get people to join an email list.  It could involve the use of specific website pages which ‘capture’ the email addresses of those interested in particular products or service.  It could also involve the use of specific email marketing tools such as an autoresponder which sends emails to large numbers of people automatically.

Email marketing by those just starting out is often poor quality.  This means it can be quite difficult to gain real email addresses in the first place. When done well however email marketing provides a very good income.

Those involving simple link sharing

This type of affiliate marketing requires the person doing the promoting simply being able to share affiliate links.  The links have a personal code which allows for tracking of actions like clicks on the link for example.  Due to the simplicity of this method it is the one that most people starting off with affiliate marketing use.  Unfortunately, with the growth of social media this has led to a huge amount of ‘spamming’.  Spamming is sharing links indiscriminately in the hopes that they will be seen by a potential customer.

This type of ‘marketing’ requires little knowledge or skill.  However, it can lead to issues such as bans being put in place to stop you from sharing links.  You can be banned from sharing links by BOTH the place you are sharing them and the company who owns the products you are promoting.  You can also gain a very bad reputation and be shunned by practically everyone, including potential customers.

The best method of using this type of affiliate marketing is via building a relationship with potential customers.

Those involving word of mouth recommendation

This type of affiliate marketing requires the person doing the promoting having personal experience of the product or service.  They then share, by ‘word of mouth’ their own experiences with it.  This can be the most powerful type of marketing when done well.  It does however require access to a large number of people who actually trust what you have to say.

Which Type is Best?

Note that all of these types of affiliate marketing can be used individually, or they can be combined.  Each type has advantages and disadvantages and it is not easy to distinguish which is best to use.

People who make a good income with affiliate marketing are those who spend time learning and who develop the necessary skills.  That is why I have made the decision to complete some training specific to affiliate marketing.  When I have found some good training I will let you all know 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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