The Work From Home Network

What is The Work From Home Network?

The Work From Home Network is a vision I have for the future, but am building day by day.  It is a group of people who all work from home, and between us all use many different income sources.  There are people using network marketing companies, and there are people using online marketing methods.  Some of us work as affiliates and others write blogs or create websites.  In fact we welcome people who use practically any type of work from home option. We do draw the line when it comes to illegal and unstable schemes though 😉

All in all the fact we come from many different backgrounds makes us a pretty diverse bunch.  Yet we are all striving for the same thing: To achieve financial freedom though work from home activities.

Our Ethos

The Work From Home Network members recognise there is value in sharing knowledge and in supporting each other.   In other words, The Work From Home Network is all about professional networking.

Our aim is to develop our skills through teaching each other about different methods of working, and to provide a supportive environment.


The Work From Home Network provides access to a considerable amount of training.  As a qualified life coach, combined with years of experience in the work from home industry,  I believe that personal development is vital for all who work from home.


The Work From Home Network runs a weekly event to help group members with achieving their own goals.  Those events will be designed to help with goal setting, motivation, planning, learning, recruiting and making sales.  There is no obligation to join these events, but to do so will be of benefit to all who take part.

Application Process

If you would like to Join the Work From Home Network and receive our free training and information emails Please Click Here To Join

Your application will be processed as soon as possible, we have a waiting list for joining.



Work From Home Network VIP’s

For those members of the Work From Home Network who want to take things to the next level we have an exclusive VIP membership.  Our VIPs recognise it is both possible and valuable to actually work together as a team, even when involved in different work from home opportunities.

This is for those who wish to really build deeper relationships with other professionals and get involved in more in depth training.  VIP’s are also much more involved in the events side of things we run.

Our VIP’s are provided with many additional benefits.  For example there is an exclusive VIP group where we share not only more detailed information but also resources.  This allows for more economical use of things like paid advertising.  VIP’s are also provided with many additional promotional activities – being able to present their business opportunities to those taking part in our events and in our main Work From Home Network group for example.

Work From Home Network VIP’s are also added to a VIP directory on this blog and get free listings in our work from home opportunities board.

VIP Costs

Unlike other VIP or upgraded memberships there is no membership fee to become a Work From Home Network VIP.  Instead, in true work from home style, all VIP members of The Work From Home Network agree to work on a joint project.  This project provides mutual benefit of everyone who becomes a VIP.

The joint project we have compliments any other work from home opportunity, as it is designed to assist with business growth.  It is a global program which also provides a stable and increasing income stream to each member.  The program was established in 1999 and is extremely robust.

The joint project is in place so we can ensure the success of all VIP members of The Work From Home Network.  In addition, it helps to fund many resources such as paid advertising, training and administration costs.  It is our alternative to charging a fee to join and it is a required condition of VIP membership.

The initial cost of the joint project is $10 (£7) per month, however this cost is then turned around to generate a monthly income through activities of the team.

VIP Application Process

Applications to become a VIP are strictly by invite only.  You must be a member of the Work From Home Network to receive an invitation to become a VIP.

If you would like to Join the Work From Home Network and receive our free training and information emails Please Click Here To Join


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