It can be difficult to find teambuilding tools that work.  Working online I see so many ‘guaranteed to work’ programs being advertised.  Sadly most of these programs just give you something else to promote.  In other words they can distract you from promoting your primary business.

Some of the programs available do help you build a team in your primary business as a bit of a side note.  They have a place for you to add your referral link inside the program somewhere.  Still with these you have to promote the other program first and foremost.

If you are looking for teambuilding tools that work I am happy to say I have gained at least 10 new team members from each of the options below:


Although I tend to promote the earning opportunities available on Clixsense it provides a very good advertising platform as well.  Personally I like to set aside a small amount of my earnings each month on Clixsense to use for paid advertising on the site.  There are many advertising options available at very low cost.  For example you can run an advert for as little as $1.10 (just over 80p).

To use the advertising you simply buy ad credits, submit your ad for approval then you can target a particular audience if you want to.  It is worth spending a little time designing your advert and targeting specific users, but at the price it is easy to run several trials.

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Lootclick is a great little tool to use for email advertising and it is free.  The way it works is you simply open up to 5 emails per day to earn credits.  The credits then allow you to submit your own advert.  I like this one because you do not get swamped with emails to open.  I have tried other similar programs but got hundreds of emails per day, this one is very manageable.

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This site is a free traffic exchange that works in a similar way as Lootclick.  With Easyhits4U you don’t open emails but surf ads online instead.  As you surf ads you earn credits to use to promote your own programs.  There is a paid option on this site available as well.

I really like this site as it offers many additional tools and ways to promote your business.  For example there are sections for you to submit your business into a link directory.  There are also free to use capture page tools.  I learned a lot about online marketing from using this site for free, and now use the paid advertising on there.

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MLM Gateway

This site is designed specifically for those working in multilevel marketing (or network marketing) companies.  Again there are lots of different ways to use the site.  There is a free option available which I personally used as a trial, though you can continue to earn credits on here also.

This site allows you to actually chat online with those interested in MLM opportunities, or you can send emails.  You actually get the email address as well so this is great to build your contact list.

You can also submit business information which gets displayed on the main ‘wall’ of the site.

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This site offers several options for promoting your own business.  There is a social media section that can be used for free – think facebook specifically for those interested in working online.  There is a a paid advertising service as well, which you can use to also build an income.

I really like this site for many reasons.  Basically you can do the same type of promoting as Facebook offers, including business pages, groups and a personal profile.  Everyone on this site however are interested in working from home.  There are no restrictions on who can see your posts on this site however and it works just as Facebook did at the beginning.

The paid advertising section starts from $10 (around £8) and qualifies you for daily profit shares.  Many people are using this to make an income as well as promoting other businesses.

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I hope these short summaries help you to choose relevant teambuilding tools for your business.  I will be posting more detailed how to use posts for these sites ASAP to help maximise your success from using them. In the meantime feel free to post any questions you have below 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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