Take a Survey on Mintvine

Why Take a Survey on Mintvine?

You can take a survey on lots of different sites to earn cash these days, so why Mintvine?

Well believe it or not I can find doing surveys a bit of a pain sometimes.  They can be boring, long and badly written.  Some surveys are also a bit hard on the eye, and perhaps worst of all is the screening process! Yes I do get fed up with not matching the right criteria as well.

BTW, If you tend to struggle to earn much when you take a survey with paid survey sites I suggest you read How to Earn More From Surveys for some extra hints and tips that could help.

On Mintvine I find a lot of these little annoyances are dealt with pretty well.

The first thing I like about Mintvine is the fact it is a pretty attractive site as far as survey sites go.  It is easy to navigate and it has some little quirks that I just find quite amusing.

The Homepage

When you log in you see quite a simple homepage:

Mintvine Home Page


As you can see the homepage shows you the total points you have, and how much more you need to make a claim.  It also has a big red take a survey button and a daily poll.  The daily poll is a single question that will give you 5 points for completing.  If you complete 10 daily polls in a row you will also get a 25 point bonus.

Because of the daily poll option you can use Mintvine as a very quick and easy earning option if you are short of time.  Thats the second thing I really like.

Top Tabs

Along the top there are a few page tabs:


This tab takes you to a page where you can find your referral link and social media sharing buttons.  Mintvine make it very easy to share your referral link which is great because you do earn bonus points when any of your referrals take a survey too.  You will earn 15% of what they make on all Surveys and Offers and 50 additional points when they complete their first survey!

The referral bonus system means you can earn a really nice passive income on this site.  That of course is another one of the plus points on my list for Mintvine.

Survey Street 

This tab takes you to page where you can take a survey (just like the red button).

The surveys on Mintvine are really varied.  They work with a selection of researchers and the topics can be really interesting in my opinion.  Some of the most unusual surveys I have ever done have been on Mintvine.

In addition, I think the payment rate is pretty reasonalbe most of the time for a survey site.  The points system is 1000 points equals $10 so as you can see in the example below a 7 min survey is paying $0.80 or around 60p.  That works out at over £5 per hour.  There are higher and lower paying surveys on the site, but around the £5 per hour mark is about average.

Just to point out it can take a few days for a completed survey payment to be confirmed after you take a survey.  It will show as pending until it has been checked and sometimes until the survey campaign has finished.

Mintvine Surveys

Disqualification Bonuses

The next thing I really like about Mintvine is the fact you get a payment even if you screen out of a survey.  As shown above disqualification from this survey pays 4 points.  That amount does vary as well so its good to check the disqualification amount in advance.

As well as the amount shown on the survey page for getting screened out, I regularly get a bonus payment for getting multiple screen outs.  That is usually around the 30 – 40 point level.  Because of those screen out payments it can be really easy to get to the 1000 point claim amount.  I have certainly been able to make a claim within a few days before.

Just another little thing that always makes me laugh with the surveys is the survey code.  It is always some bizarre combination of words that sets the imagination off.  This one, Fushsia Giant Porpoise, makes me think about pink elephants in a swimming pool!! Its like a little game built in and it amuses me a lot 🙂

Almost forgot to say there is a prize draw as well.  Each time you take a survey you gain entries automatically into the daily, weekly and monthly draws.  The prize amounts are quite decent in my opinion:


This tab takes you to a page with several offer walls:

I have to admit I have never actually looked at the offers walls on here before.  Now that I have I know they are some of the better offer walls just by using them on other sites.  The payment rate on here is pretty much the same as Swagbucks and Clixsense rates.  They pay some of the highest rates for offer walls that I have found.

As a heads up Personaly and Peanut Labs tend to be quite good for surveys and Offertoro tends to have some 1 click offers.  Trialpay is usually only paid offers but there can be some great discounts in here.  Adwall and Adgate are more a mixture of everything.


This tab takes you to a page with details of all the points you have earned.  You can see again the total amount and the pending amount here, but also more detailed information.  For example you can check which surveys are still pending, the breakdown of how you have earned your points, how many polls you have taken in a row and how many entries you have in the challenges.

You can also report an issue with a survey on this page via a button at the bottom of the page.


This tab opens a drop down menu which has a few additional page links.  This is where you choose your payment preference from the large list of options, update your personal details etc.  The sign out button is also here.


That covers pretty much everything you need to know to take a survey on Mintvine, I hope you have found this guide useful.  If you would like to take a survey on the site and try the other earning options available here you can click here to join with my referral link.

PS if you like doing surveys you might like to also read Earn £10 Per Day with These Surveys Sites.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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