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Make Money From Crafts

How to make money from crafts?

This is a question asked very frequently by those who make handmade goods.  Some craft artists have the desire to turn their hobby into a business, but not all.  It could also be more about having a way to pay for more craft supplies.

Regardless of the reason why you want to make money from crafts this post will provide you with my personal ideas, hints and tips.

Profit or Not?

First of all it is important to ask yourself if you want to make a profit from your crafts.  If you want to turn your hobby into a business it is vital you are making a profit.  If however you want to get some money back from things you have made so you can buy some more supplies, its not so important.  Most people simply have the idea they want to make money from crafts without taking this distinction into account

What to Sell?

There are a huge number of products to choose from when you decide you want to make money from crafts.  Some of the most popular items that sell include various types of jewellery, soaps, candles, bags and decorative pillows.  However it is important to remember that selling popular items like these involves a lot of competition.

My advice with regard to what to make is to go with something you love to do.  Also try to be very creative about the designs.  Often the best tactic is to aim for more of a one off style.

Where to Sell?

Various options exist now with regard to where to sell your crafts.  There are so many in fact it can be a little overwhelming.  My advice on this is to focus on a small number of options initially and work on how to promote those options to your potential audience.  Some people make the mistake of thinking if they list items on a website or if they sell at craft fairs that they are not involved in promoting.  Every craft person is responsible for promoting their own items regardless of where you sell them.

Some of the most popular options to consider are:
  • Craft fairs – If in the UK, craft calendar is a good resource to check for local fairs.
  • Craft shops – Some craft shops are happy to display goods for sale for a small commission.  It is best to just ask in local shops if they offer this.
  • Local events – Many local events offer a limited number of spaces for craft sellers.  It is often worth ringing event organisers to ask if they are providing craft spaces.
  • Your own website – Although this is a popular option for craft artists to explore it tends to be less successful than expected.
  • Writing a blog – This option tends to be a lot more successful than a static website.  If interested in this you might like to read How to Start A Blog; Practical Steps and Advice.
  • Ebay – Can be suitable for some craft products, however craft specific platforms tend to be a better choice.  If trying Ebay you might like to read Working with a New Ebay Account
  • Craft specific platforms such as Etsy or Folksy – In my opinion these are much more successful than a personal website or non craft specific sites like Ebay.
  • Facebook page or group – These can be very good platforms for selling craft products.  If considering selling on Facebook you might like to read 12 Ways to Reach More People on Facebook
  • Pinterest – I would say Pinterest is perhaps the most popular social media platform for those making and selling craft products.
  • Twitter – Some craft artists report quite a lot of success with Twitter, however if using this platform it is important to connect with the craft community on there.

Whichever option you choose I would say the most important aspect of this is to go with the options you are most comfortable with.  Each of these involve a large learning curve – it is not enough to simply take some photos or show your goods to people.  Learning how to promote the goods you make will make the difference between being able to turn a craft into a business or not.


As someone who has made and sold crafts I would say pricing is perhaps one of the most difficult things to make a decision about.  If it is too low not only are are likely to not make a profit but you are undervaluing your work.  If it is too high then you can find it difficult to make sales.  When you are pricing items remember to:

  • calculate the cost of the raw material used for the item
  • take into consideration how long it takes to make
  • look at the prices other people are charging for similar items
  • include costs of packaging or display items
  • consider overhead costs such as fees for listing items, website costs or craft fair costs
  • add an amount to cover paying tax on sales made

Do Not Copy!

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about making crafts to sell is the fact that you can spend a very long time working on a project to make it unique only to have it copied by someone else.  The main piece of advice I have for anyone wanting to make money from crafts is to do your own thing.  Don’t just copy something that others have made.  Not only is this not advisable from a business perspective, because the chances are it won’t sell for you.  It can also lead to being shunned from the craft community.  Remember that people who make crafts can provide a lot of support and advice, and they can be some of your best customers too 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Get Paid To Exercise

Yes you can get paid to exercise! Imagine that 😉 I wish I had known that when I used to run 10 miles a day lol!

Ok before you get your trainers out I should explain a bit more.  The get paid to exercise option is not as well known as the get paid to loose weight one.  I guess that is because it is not as easy to sell exercise.  You can’t exactly bottle it and post it out to customers can you? Of course you can sell equipment and DVD’s etc but you don’t need to exercise to do that.  This post is only about getting paid to actually exercise.

There are 4 options that I know of which allow you to get paid to exercise.  If you know of any others I would love to hear them!


Starting with the simplest is an app called Bounts.  You basically download the app on to a smartphone and when you walk or run etc you will be awarded points.  The points you can exchange for cash and vouchers.  With this app therefore you actually get paid a small amount depending on the amount of exercise you do.  Bounts does not require a tracking device such as a Fit Bit but can be paired with one if you want.  If you use only a smart phone you will need to download a tracking app as well.

The income for this is small and is more of a motivational bonus in my opinion.  You will not be able to create a full time level income from this.

There are likely to be more similar apps available too that I don’t know about.  Do you know of any? Let me know and I will happily add a referral link or code to this post for you 😉

You Tube

The next option is to make You Tube videos of yourself doing the exercise.  There are many instructional videos for exercise on there.  Of course you do need to be able to provide suitable guidance for this kind of video, however I am sure less instructional videos would work for this as well.  For example, lets say you want to start an exercise routine as a beginner.  You can video what you do and post it on You Tube just the same as an instructional one.  You could actually build up quite a following by doing this and showing your progress.

Should you wish to make a funny exercise video and post it on You Tube I imagine that might generate quite a lot of views too 😉

To get paid from posting videos on You Tube you simply need to register for an Adsense account and link it to your You Tube channel.  That will mean adverts get shown on your channel and you will get paid advertising revenue.

The income for doing this has the potential to be unlimited.  You would need to build up a large following and post frequent videos for it to work, however that is entirely plausible.

Exercise Coaching

Another option to allow you to get paid to exercise is to train to become an exercise coach.  You could provide one to one coaching, or take a class or boot camp for example.  Usually various qualifications and insurance etc would be required to do this.  As a qualified fitness instructor myself I certainly would not recommend you try to do this without the relevant training.


The final option I can think of to allow you to get paid to exercise is to start your own blog.  For example you could blog about your exercise routine, or your coaching sessions.  You could include videos and photos of you doing the exercises and discuss workout theories. This could fit quite well with any of the other options already mentioned, but can be monetized in its own right.   This could be via various means such as advertising revenue though Adsense, or affiliate revenue through a company such as Affiliate Window.  You could also develop and sell your own products on a blog, or promote classes etc.

Can you think of other ways to get paid to exercise? Or tried any of the above options? I would love to hear about it if you have 🙂

If you have found this post useful feel free to share it with others.  Thank you in advance if you do that – I always appreciate the help in reaching new people. 

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A Survey A Day Will Boost Your Pay!

Boost Your Pay

Surveys are a great way to boost your pay if you are looking for some extra money.  However many people start doing them and then give up.  Hopefully this post will help you avoid doing that… because lets face it, that is completely pointless and a waste of time!

Why Complete Surveys?

The simple answer to this is because they pay.  They don’t usually pay a lot mind you, and for some people that is reason enough to not do them.  Others however do them all the time.  Personally, when I first started online earning I was mainly doing surveys.  I can’t say it was very exciting, but it did help me pay my bills after I lost my job through ill health.

As well as providing an opportunity to earn however, completing surveys has many other benefits:

  • It is a completely free earning option.  This makes surveys a great option for beginners to online earning because it is risk free.  Often working online involves paying to join various programs, or paying for advertising etc.  When starting out it is very easy to end up out of pocket on these things as it takes time to learn how to do it effectively.
  • You get to provide your opinion on a huge range of topics.  Often your opinion, along with other peoples opinions, impact on the creation of new products, or advertising etc.  This means you can have a direct say about what you would like to see in a finished item.
  • You get to know about new developments in advance.  For example, I see a lot of movie trailers before they are available to the general public.
  • You can learn quite a bit from doing surveys too.  As the purpose of many surveys is to find out what people actually know about a topic, they frequently ask interesting questions.  Although they don’t often provide the answer if it is something I would like to know I will google it after I complete the survey.  By doing this I have learned quite a bit about topics I wouldn’t have otherwise looked up.
  • Completing surveys is also a great way to keep the brain active.  They generally involve some thought at least, and there are sometimes memory tasks as well.
  • It is a very flexible option.  It is something you can do when you have a spare 10 or 15 mins.  Also with most sites there is no obligation regarding how frequently you complete them.
  • Many sites provide you with the option to use a variety of devices such as smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet.
  • Completing surveys can often lead to other higher level earning opportunities.  For example I was recently contacted to see if I would be interested in taking part in a 3 day focus group which paid £200.  This was the direct result of completing a short survey that paid me 50p.
  • Completing surveys can also lead to product trials.  I have been sent all sorts of things for free to test out in exchange for my opinion.  Just a few of these include a fitbit, a jar of mayonnaise, packets of biscuits, crisps and a set of saucepans.
  • Most survey sites offer a range of payment options that include shopping vouchers, cheque, paypal payment etc.
  • On a personal  note, I also find they are a great distraction.  This helps me manage anxiety levels and my general mental health as they give me something positive to focus on.

The Problem with Completing Surveys

Just as there are quite a few benefits to completing surveys to boost your income, there are also a few not so good things.

  • As already mentioned, the payment received for completing surveys can be quite low.  Some companies do pay better than others so it is worth bearing that in mind.
  • All surveys involve going through a screening process.  Some of these are just basic information like age, gender, work status etc, but some can be quite in depth.  This means you can spend time answering questions and then get screened out (disqualified).  Many sites do not give any payment to people who are screened out.
  • They can be repetitive.  Sometimes you get the same question to answer several times.  That can be really quite annoying.
  • They can lead to getting junk mail or sales calls if you have to provide contact details.  Some sites will sell on your contact information.
  • Some sites have quite a high claim level.  This can actually be a good thing as it is like a savings plan.  This also means it can take quite a while to get to claim the payment though.
  • Some sites have rather infrequent surveys available.  In my experience this tends to be the ones that offer a higher payment for each survey completed.  Again this can mean it takes a while before you are able to make a payment claim.
  • Usually the sites that offer cash payments are at a lower rate than those offering shopping vouchers.  Claiming cash therefore is not always the most efficient option.

Perhaps one of the main issues with doing surveys though is having the motivation to actually do them.  Because of this it is easy  to push them aside.  I find having a daily routine really helps me, and when I advise others to do the same they have said it made a difference to them as well.

Developing A Daily Routine

When people decide to start using survey sites to boost their income it seems the usual pattern is they try to join as many different sites as possible.  There are a lot of sites around and so this in itself can cause a bit of a problem.  To be honest it tends to just cause chaos.  It is very easy to end up with lots of little pots of money in 50+ accounts.  This is hard to keep track of, and it means it takes forever to actually claim a payment.

Instead of doing that I suggest:

  • Join around 10 – 15 survey sites at one time, or focus on using no more than 10-15 sites until you can make a claim.
  • Try to allocate some time each day to completing surveys.  If you can try to make this at the same time of day as well.  I usually aim for around an hour per day starting at 9am.
  • Log in to the survey site to complete surveys if possible.  This means you are less likely to get distracted by non survey related emails.  Usually you will get more survey opportunities by doing this as well.
  • Try to work through your list of sites in a particular order each day.  I always start with the highest paying survey sites first.
  • Record your earnings daily if possible.  I use a spreadsheet to do this but you can use any method that suits you.

Other Tips

If you want to earn a reasonable amount from doing surveys there are a few things you need to know:

  • Consistency is important.  In other words you should not try to predict what answer they are looking for.   Answering questions in a different way on a regular basis can lead to you getting sent less survey opportunities in the long term.
  • Some sites are more suitable for a particular category of people.  For example One Poll in my opinion is good for people with young children.  It can be worth trying different sites to find those that suit you best.
  • Some sites have a particular specialisation.  For example You Gov tends to have surveys related to politics.  Its much more interesting when you do surveys on a topic you enjoy.
  • Expect to only be able to complete 1 in 4/5 surveys you attempt.  It is normal that you do not fit the profile for all surveys and are not doing anything wrong when this happens.
  • Read the questions.  There are various techniques in place to stop people choosing random answers or speeding through surveys.
  • Take a screenshot of the page which tells you how much you will be paid, the time the survey is predicted to last and a survey reference number or code.  This is usually at the beginning or prior to starting the survey.  This is useful should you encounter a problem or not get paid the correct amount.
  • Take a screenshot of the survey completed page.  Again this is useful if there is a problem with payment etc.
  • Don’t rule out lower paying sites as often you can get more surveys on these.  This means you will actually get paid quicker despite the lower rate.
  • Remember that a lot of survey developers want the opinion of working age, people who are in employment.  This is the target audience for products a lot of the time.  If you are not in this category you will not get so many surveys to complete.
  • Males are generally less likely to complete surveys.  This means males can get higher payments in some circumstances.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 


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My Own Daily Earning Routine


My Own Daily Earning Routine is something I am asked for a lot.  As it has been over a year since I posted an updated routine I thought I would share that with you today.

Please note some of the site links in this post are referral links.  This means I might get a small reward if you join by clicking through them.  I only refer others to sites I have checked out to be genuine and am happy to recommend.

I split my earning up into a couple of segments:

Daily Clicks

For the daily clicks part of my routine I spend around 30 mins – 1 hr daily.  I currently earn £30+ per month from this which I then upcycle into higher level monthly earnings.

  • My daily routine starts with the Free daily games on Jackpot Joy.  I love the fact I can start my day winning some cash.  Today for example I won over £60 from the free game which gave my balance a nice boost 😉  Note you do need to wager £2 per week to qualify for the free games!

More info can be found about this in my post Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games?

  • Second on my spreadsheet is Gifthulk.   I always start with the card game where I guess the suit.  Sometimes you win a boost on there so its good to do first.  I then check in for the surveys (5 points just for doing that). I do try a survey or 2 some days on here as you get points for screening out as well as completing them.  You also get a bonus after screening out 10 times.   I try to do a few searches daily too . You get some points for those each time but don’t overuse or you can get a block on your account.  I also check for videos to watch.

More info can be found about Gifthulk can be found in this post: Guest Post – An earning guide for Gifthulk!

More Info about using Clixsense can be found in my post: A Weeklong Website Trial – Clixsense

  • Then I check in on Inbox Pounds for paid emails and do a single search.  I do check the surveys for reasonable payment ones as well.  I do also watch out for bonuses for doing offers on here as they can be pretty good.

More info about using Inbox Pounds can be found in my posts: Inbox Pounds and Inbox Pounds Bonus

  • I have recently added Swagbucks back into my daily plan.  Now I complete the daily poll, the search, daily crave, deal of the day and usually try to play a couple of games.  I will also do the watch videos and surveys bits too if I feel like it!

More Info about using Swagbucks can be found in my posts: Swagbucks Surveys – Earn £25+ per Month with this Information! and How To Earn on Swagbucks – Easy System to add 20SB Daily

More Info about using Reward Shopping can be found in my post: How to Earn with Reward Shopping

Passive Income

This is the section I use to upcycle my earnings from the Daily Clicks part of my Routine.

Basically I use my earnings from the previous section to invest in various sites.  I use several sites for this to help maximise my income.  Also I advise the multiple income streams approach to minimize any unexpected risk, and protect income long term.  Quite frankly no-one has a crystal ball and any company can go out of business, so this approach best in my opinion.

It is highly possible to use just 1 or 2 of these, or 100+ passive income options because once they are set up there is very little ‘work’ involved.

The sites I use in this section are:

In addition I obviously use this blog for generating passive income too.

For More Info on these sites please check out the following posts:

How to Earn with Recyclix – A Basic Guide.

Earn £100 per month with Recyclix

Have You Invested in Gold Yet?

Want Cheap Website Hosting Fees? My Provider Pays Me!

Start Earning with Future Net

I will add more posts about Zopa, Futurenet, Property Partner, Stiforp and CB Passive Income as soon as I write them 😉

Income Boosters

This section includes any additional sites or activities that I use on a more flexible basis.  I use them mainly to speed up the income generation from the passive income options.  These include things like selling items for my Junk to Cash Challenge,  or when I decide to Earn £10 Per Day with These Surveys Sites.

I also use these options to help provide information for my readers, such as when writing the post Would you like to Know How to Earn £100 in a Week?.

The money I generate from these activities I tend to use for investing in the passive income options when possible.

Why I use this Routine

The reason I use this routine is because my focus is on creating a monthly income for my future.  I used to work mainly on what I call the income booster options when I first started out with my make money from home journey.  I needed the money there and then to help pay the bills and pay off my debts.  Now that I have paid off my debts and sorted an income though I am able to change from these more time intensive methods.  It is this change that will allow me to earn an unlimited income.

In some ways I wish I had been able to make this change earlier.  It is difficult to change direction though.  It involves a leap of faith in a lot of ways, as it is a bit scary to put money into different things.   Especially when money is short it is hard to take this leap of faith.  Being able to start using passive income methods with a very small amount of cash is great though.  It means they are not out of reach for anyone now.

I thoroughly recommend starting with a passive income option as soon as possible if you really want to create time and financial freedom.  What better way to do it than from using an income booster option to earn the initial seed money?  That is how it is possible to create a full time level income when you start with nothing 😉

I hope you have found this post useful.  If you have please consider sharing it on social media as that allows me to help more people! 


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Start Earning with Future Net




Its quite easy to start earning with Future Net.  There are many ways to earn on this site however, and several sections, so it can seem a little confusing at first.

In this post I will cover the basics of getting started with the social media section.  This is completely free.  I will cover the other options later!

Before joining this site you might like to watch the Future Net Club video to help you understand a bit more about what it offers:

Future Net Club

The social media section of Future Net is called Futurenet Club.  You can only join with a direct link to a current members profile.  Mine is if you would like to use it.

When you click on the link it will take you to the registration page which looks like this:



Simply complete the form and click on the registration button.  You will be asked to confirm your sponsor is Ellie Murphy if you used my link to join.  A short intro video will play before you get to your profile page as well.

Your Profile Page will look something like this:



To actually start earning with Future Net you simply post updates, comment on other peoples updates and send PM’s.  You will not earn for every comment you post, or every PM etc.  Earnings are based on activity levels so the more time you spend ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING on the site the more you will earn.  I have highlighted a few of the important parts in the image above.

The middle bit is where you post your updates or photos etc – just like you would do on facebook etc.

To make the most of the site you will need to have some friends to chat to.  You can connect with others by searching for a common interest in the top search bar and then sending friend requests.  Sharing your referral link on other social media sites can help you to earn more too.  The more people you refer to Future Net the more you can earn.

Personally I find Future Net Club is a great place to meet like-minded people, those who want to earn from home, or already do for example.  I’ve made some great contacts on there!

The Main Menu

As well as the highlighted parts shown above you will want to familiarise yourself with the main menu.  This is down the left side.   You can just click on any item in the menu to access that section.

The main menu sections to help you start earning with Future Net are:

The Success System –  Will take you to a further video presentation about how to earn with Future Net.

Future Net E Commerce – Future Net branded goods are available here, and are very useful for promotion.  There is also external shopping options here too.

Business – Will take you to to the paid sections of Future Net for higher level earning opportunities.  These start at $10 single payment options.

Your Activity Bonus – Will provide you with your earnings information related only to the social media section of Future Net.

Advertising – Provides the opportunity to promote your own Future Net business or external sites.

There are many other business tools available.  I will provide more details about these and the higher level earning options soon!

If you have any questions about using Future Net Club just let me know 🙂


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The Zero to Earning Hero Free Income Creation Challenge



Welcome to  Zero to Earning Hero The Free Income Creation Challenge!

If you have been following my blog for a while, or just had a quick flick through it you will know I LOVE challenges.  I challenge myself and I challenge others to achieve things pretty frequently via the blog.  This challenge has got to be my favourite though.  There is nothing more satisfying than creating a full time income from nothing.

I must admit to having a really strong desire to work with people who want to improve their lives.  Those who struggle with their finances, or want to get out of the benefit trap for example.  I always have had the opinion that those in most need are often ignored.  So many times I witness the “if you can’t pay to join move aside” kind of treatment and I hate it.  Well I want to do something about that with this challenge.

I want to work alongside those who need to earn extra money, but can’t pay to join anything.  In other words I want to help guide those with nothing through the earning maze, right through to having a great income.

This is not an easy journey.  It takes time and patience to start with nothing and create an income.  It is not possible to get rich quick in my opinion, but it is possible to do it slowly. I am very willing to give my time and knowledge to those who wish to work on that.

The Challenge

The Income Creation Challenge is available to people worldwide and has various parts:

First of all we will be working on setting your own goals for your income.  Both short term and long term goals are important for the challenge.

Each goal will be broken down into specific steps to follow on a regular basis. We will make sure the steps fit in with your lifestyle, time available etc.

We will provide you with various earning options to suit your needs.

We will monitor your progress towards your goal each week.  If progress is not made we will look at why that is, and adjust the plan if necessary.

Support will be provided via a dedicated facebook group and an email list.

You can opt out at any time if you feel the challenge is not for you.

To Join the Challenge

Joining is very simple.  Simply send an email to me at with zero to earning hero challenge as the email subject.  Just let me know you wish to join in the challenge.  I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Please feel free to share this post on social media or with friends etc 😉 I am happy to help as many people as possible!

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Would you like to Know How to Earn £100 in a Week?

How to Earn £100 in a Week

Would you like to know how to earn £100 in a week?  You might want to earn £100 just once, or you might want to make that every week.  I will cover both options here.  You can use either online or offline methods to earn £100 in a week as well. I tend to focus on the online methods as those suit me best, but I will add some ideas that might help you with offline earning too.

There are a huge variety of ways to earn £100 in a week to be honest.  Some of the following may not appeal to you, but that is ok.  The best thing to do is consider this list as a kind of Pick and Mix!  If you are anything like me you can also do different things each time you want to earn £100.  I have included links to my own earn £100 in a week challenge posts so you can read all about how I did it!

My Earn £100 in a Week Challenge

These posts provide detailed information about how to earn £100 in a week.  You can use them as a guide for either a one off £100 or every week as I have done both:

Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 1

Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 2

Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 3

Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 4

Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 5


You can use this for earning £100 once or every week as well.  This option works well for a lot of people and it is perhaps one of the most commonly used.  If you want to know how to earn £100 in a week through selling you will have several options to consider:

Sell Unwanted Items

If you want to earn £100 in a week just once it is often possible to do this simply from selling unwanted items.  I do this on a frequent basis using my Junk to Cash Challenge.  Its a fabulous way to do a bit of decluttering as well as making money.

Buy and Sell.

For a more regular income you will probably need to consider buying stock to sell on.  This is an option that requires quite a bit of research and planning to prevent losing money.  Its very easy to buy items to sell on, however there is a lot of competition for selling so be sure you have checked out how much items are being sold for on Ebay etc.

Multi Level Marketing

This involves selling goods produced by the MLM company and team building.  There are many MLM companies to choose from.  If you would like to consider this you can check out My Experience with Skinny Body Care for a little more info on that one.


This involves selling goods which are then dispatched by the drop shipping company direct to the customer.  It is often seen as an easier way to get started with selling as you do not need to hold stock yourself.  It does have a few disadvantages though, including the price you pay for the items.

Affiliate Marketing

This involves promoting items for commission.  This is one of the main options used by bloggers as you can add affiliate links to posts very easily.  It is also possible to use this for selling on social media and via email.  Some companies do not allow affiliate links to be shared in certain ways so you must check the terms you agree to.

I do intend to write various blog posts related to all of these selling options so do check back for those if this option is of interest.


If you would like to know how to earn £100 every week rather than a one off investment is a good option to consider.  You can start with a small amount and with a little patience you can build it up very nicely.

Using money to make more money is a very common practice.  It is also something that people with no investment experience can shy away from as they believe it requires expert knowledge or is very risky.  Investing in the stock exchange certainly does require some knowledge and is risky, however there are many other investment opportunities that are much more beginner friendly.

Recommended sites

Recyclix is an investment site you can actually try out for free.   It is a company that is involved in  recycling plastics for profit. My basic guide to earning with Recyclix will provide you with all the info you need to get started.  My referral code for Recyclix is D81F-4072-E9B0 if you wish to use it.

Gold Money is a site that makes investing in gold very simple indeed.  All you do is make a payment into the site and they take care of everything else for you.  If you think investing in gold is not for you I would recommend reading Have You Invested in Gold Yet?

Zopa is a peer to peer lending service which allows you to lend money to others and charge interest for the loan.  It is reasonably simple to do though I would highly recommend spending some time reading the site guides to make sure you understand what you are doing.

Futurenet is a social media and business resource site.  You can purchase advertising on this site which opens the profit sharing side of this business.

Matched Betting

You can use this for earning £100 once or every week.  From my personal experience it is best as a more one off option than a regular one.  Others would say it works well for a regular income, but it does depend on getting offers.  Many people find the offers ‘dry up’ after a while.

Matched betting is certainly one of the less time intensive ways of earning £100 per week.  It does require some capital to start though (which can be made from completing surveys for example).  Some time would be required to understand the process at the beginning and then each day to place the bets.

For a free account for matched betting check out Free Bets 4 All

Survey Sites

I had to think carefully about including survey sites in this post as it could be quite difficult to earn £100 in a week using them alone. It is highly unlikely you will be able to actually claim £100 in cash within 1 week using survey sites as well. I have included them however as it is possible to earn a nice regular amount daily using them.  My own average earnings from survey sites alone is around £3-£5 per day, though it is possible to earn £10 per day using survey sites if you have the time and patience.

To use survey sites to help you with earning £100 per week every week I highly suggest upcycling your income – in other words use the money earned from survey sites to earn more.  This is one of my own favourite methods of earning.

Mystery Shopping

This is another one I had to think carefully about adding to this post.  Some mystery shopping assignments can pay pretty well, but it is unlikely you will earn £100 in a week doing this on its own.  Again I would suggest this is a good addition to a regular earning routine.  Could be combined with survey sites quite well to boost your income. Some sites to check for mystery shopping opportunities include:




For US based mystery shopping info check out The Mystery Shopping Forum

Focus Groups

These can pay rather well but can also be a little difficult to find.  They also tend to be a now and again type opportunity rather than a regular one.  Some sites to check for focus group opportunities include:

Take Part in Research

Trade In

There are lots of items you can earn from trading in for cash.  This is a lot less time consuming than selling the items yourself, however you will earn less per item.  Personally I would recommend listing items as job lots on selling sites before using the trade in option as it will make more money for you.  The most popular items for trade in are books, CDs, DVD’s, mobile phones, gaming consoles and games, tablets and laptops.

Sites that specialise in trade in include:

Music Magpie




We Buy Books


Bank Account Swapping

A lot of banks are currently offering £100+ for swapping your current account to them.  It might take a few weeks for the cash to come through, but it is quite an easy way to earn £100+.

The banks I know about who are offering this payment at the minute are:


Nationwide – Via recommend a friend (I can do this on request)

First Direct


The offers do change frequently so it is worth checking out the details on their websites.

Offline Earning Ideas

Delivering Leaflets

Agency Work – Especially suitable for care work, bar work, waitressing, cleaning jobs, and courier work.

Promotional Work

Pet Sitting


Car Boot Selling


Renting out a Room, Garage or Car Parking Space



I hope this post has been useful if you wanted to know How to Earn £100 in a week.  Do let me know how you get on if you try any of these methods 😉

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Top Cash Back Trick or Treat Cash Back Giveaway!

Have you seen it yet? Top Cash Back are giving away lots of money!! £13,000 to be exact 🙂 Thats very nice of them isn’t it?

I’m usually way behind on these things and find out about them after they are over.  Since playing this one I’ve made a whole 10p in prizes this time. Hahaha believe it or not I am really happy with that.  I’m easy pleased I know lol. 😉


Right now there are still 3 days to go on this giveaway, and actually it is quite fun.  You just look for the daily clues to a retailers name.  When you figure it out you just open that page to see if you win.  If you get the right page the hummingbird appears to let you know you have won something.


If you are lucky enough to get a hummingbird you just need to click on it to get your prize.

It seems you can still win prizes for old clues as well so today I am making a list of the places other people have got a prize.  Lots of them are mentioned on the TCB facebook page 😉

If you haven’t tried these ones yet you might be lucky if you pop over – PS it doesn’t always work first visit!

I have collected 19 prizes so far…..


Fancy A Little Bonus?

While you are over on the Top Cash Back site you might as well earn a little cash too.  How does £10 for Free sound? For details of how to get that just check out my first Freebie Friday Post.

There are always loads of ways to make money on Top Cash Back.  I have made over £400 in cashback just for clicking through the Top Cash Back site before buying something online.  I have mainly used it for things like my phone and broadband accounts and insurance etc.  In fact I recently got a fantastic car insurance deal which saved me 50% on the cost of that.

With Christmas just around the corner too I am certain to get some more cashback on things I was going to buy anyway.  The most difficult thing is just to remember to go through Top Cash Back in the first place!

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 


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35 (Mostly) Free Ways to Make Money for Christmas

free ways to make money for Christmas


With less than 100 days now to go before Christmas I am getting lots of messages asking what to do to make money before then.  Although I always recommend starting early (like January early lol) I am happy to provide some ideas to help you make money in time for buying presents etc.  Here are 35 tried and tested (mostly) free ways to make money for Christmas.


Obviously it depends on how much you need really, and how much time you have free.  The following ideas are those most likely help you to earn around £50 – £250+ within the next 4-6 weeks!


Join Survey Sites

Although some sites can take quite a bit of time to reach the claim level there are some that I would call fast cash options. With Panelbase, Swagbucks, Gifthulk and Mintvine for example you can usually make a claim within a few days to a week.  You need to be prepared to get screened out of surveys as this is part of the process.  Expect to be able to complete around 1 in 4 or 5 on average.

Sell Unwanted Goods

If you haven’t done a clear out for a while it is worth spending a few hours going through wardrobes and cupboards.  Obviously any festive themed goods sell well at this time of year, but also good quality used clothing, toys, books, DVD’s, jewellery etc.  You can sell items online via Ebay, Facebook, Preloved, Ebid, Gumtree etc as well as Car Boot Sales (yes there are plenty still going in winter – Check Car Boot Junction for UK ones).  If you prefer to stay warm and dry you could also try Shpock which is a car boot sale app, or Online Car Booty which is an online car boot website.

You could even host a ‘de-clutter party’ where you invite friends to bring so many items to sell or swap to your house.  These can be great fun and a chance to get your hands on something you have been admiring 😉

Got books, CD’s, DVD’s or Games to sell? Try Ziffit, WeBuyBooks, Music Magpie or Zapper.  Music Magpie and Zapper also buy mobile phones and electronics.

Matched Betting

You do need a bit of capital for this.  Usually around £100 to get started.  You should also be pretty careful with the instructions as if you do it wrong you can loose money.  There are a few Matched Betting companies around who basically do all the calculations for you and provide information on how to place the bets etc.  Profit accumulator, which does charge a subscription,  Freebets4all which is free,  and a great blog to follow is MatchedBettingBlog.

Profits are guaranteed IF you follow the instructions fully.  This is in my opinion not at all straight forward to anyone not familiar with online betting accounts and terminology.

Mystery Shopping

Quite a lot of companies pay for mystery shoppers to review their shopping experience from a customer perspective.  This can provide a nice income though you often need to pay in advance to buy something.  Be prepared to write detailed reports of your experience and travel around a lot!

The only company I have personally used for Mystery Shopping is GBW however there are various companies around.  Some seem to have better reviews than others, and some seem to specialise in particular type of shopping.  It is worth doing a bit of research or trying a few to see which suit your needs best.

The following are also genuine mystery shopping companies: Market ForceTernGrass RootsTNS and Its Incognito



Test Websites

What Users Do and User Testing both offer the opportunity to get paid to test out websites and provide reviews.  Many companies worldwide want to improve their understanding of peoples digital experiences on their websites.  Getting paid to test websites therefore helps these companies to refine their websites and make them more user friendly etc.

Use Cashback Options

At this time of major shopping sprees make sure you make the most of any cashback options you have available.  Top Cash Back, Quidco, Swagbucks, and Checkout Smart all offer free cashback on purchases.  Some credit card and debit card companies also offer cashback for paying with their card too.  If using a credit card do be careful to avoid unwanted debt and pay off the balance as soon as possible or this is a false economy.

Some Cashback Credit Cards you might like to check out are Asda Cash,

Bank Account Swapping

There are several banks offering cash incentives to swap your account to them.  Currently offering £100 is First Direct and £150 is Co-Op Bank.  M&S are also offering a £220 gift card to switch to them.  These offers can change a lot so do check the details before applying!

Seasonal Employment

As retailers prepare for a Christmas rush many will offer a short term Christmas contract.  It can be worth just asking in your local shops if they need help over the holidays.  You can also check for Christmas jobs on Total Jobs

Agency Work

Similar to seasonal employment but can involve working in various locations. Employment agencies are always looking for reliable staff during holiday periods and they can pay well too.  Its usually best to just phone or walk in to a local employment agency.  In the UK check on Yell for employment agencies.

Shop and Scan

Have you heard about people getting paid to scan their grocery shopping?  Its just another way for companies to get market research information which is very valuable to them.  I’ve done this for years with Shop and Scan NI and have many friends in England using Shop and Scan.  Both options pay in vouchers when you regularly scan your grocery shopping.

Medical Research

Depending on where you live and your current health you may be able to take part in paid Medical Research.  Drug companies are always looking for participants for their research trials.  These can be very well paid with some rates of over £1000 per study. If you would like to register your interest in taking part you can do so with Covance Clinical Trials if you live in the UK or Northern Ireland Clinical Trials in if in NI.

Doing Odd Jobs

You could offer your services to neighbours and friends or post on a local bulletin board for this.  If you prefer online methods of advertising add a post in your local facebook group, on twitter or check out what might be available on Task Rabbit.

Personal Shopper

At this time of year there are always people who would appreciate help with doing their shopping.  You could advertise your services locally via a bulletin board for example, or apply to be a personal shopper for a particular company.  Check out these Personal Shopping Jobs in the UK.

Pet Sitting/Walking

Pet sitting or Walking is another job that sees increased demand at this time of year.  With owners possibly spending more time out of the home they can be very grateful to have a trusted person to look after their pets.  If you would like to register as a dog sitter/walker Dog Buddy is a good place to start.  Purrfer Cats? Have a look at Home Loving Cats.  Another great site to have a look at for this kind of work is Holidog.

Mobile Expression

Mobile Expression is a handy little number if you really don’t want to do very much to earn a little extra cash.  Its a simple app that you download onto you mobile phone which gathers information about how you use your phone.  It does not gather personal information like phone numbers etc.  The information collected is related to when we call or text or how we access the internet etc.  Again this is to provide market research information to various companies.  The app can be removed at any time or can be kept installed for continuous earning.  You will be able to claim Amazon Vouchers for your participation.


Receipt Hog is a free mobile app that turns your everyday shopping receipts into cash.  You simply download the app, take photos of your receipts and earn coins for doing so.  Once you have added enough receipts you can redeem your coins for Paypal cash or Amazon gift vouchers.  You will need to add quite a lot of receipts to cash out before Christmas but it is doable.

Sell Gift Cards

Do you have any old gift cards you received last year for Christmas or for your birthday etc? If you haven’t used them you might like to sell them on Zeek for cash instead.  You will get less than the value of spending the gift card but it is handy if you aren’t likely to use it.

Recycle Ink Cartridges

This is a great option to look at if you do quite a bit of printing (as I do).  Anything that helps with recycling and has an added bonus of a little extra cash is certainly top of my list. There are a few options for this, but the one I use is The Recycling Factory.  Some other companies give you loyalty points, such as Tesco I believe, and some do charity donations too.  Any of these options are certainly better than throwing in the bin aren’t they?


Yes you can get paid to mind other peoples houses now too.  Isn’t this a great idea? It even helps to lower insurance costs I believe.  It would be pretty interesting travelling around different areas to mind peoples houses too! I’m thinking I could do it anywhere hot and sunny over the winter 🙂 lol.  If this sounds like something you would enjoy have a read up over on the Home Sitters Website 

Use your Current Skills

I debated about putting this one in the possible earning section as it does depend on you being able to make sales.  I have dabbled with the idea of providing some paid services on Fiverr myself, but I can’t really decide what services I would like to offer.  Mainly the technology based skills of SEO and website building etc seem the most popular on here, but also craft sales and the ever amusing different messages videos or photos are worth checking out too.   A lot of people report starting a very successful business through using Fiverr so it is a good option if you have marketable skills.


Use Coupons

There are literally hundreds of coupons available to use on your shopping.  It does take a little bit of organising and planning to become a skilled couponer, but you can save a huge amount of money by doing it.  I’m one of these people who forget to use them, or remember just as they have expired.  I want to improve my couponing skills though so I am starting with Super Savvy Me Coupons and Extreme Couponing for this one.

Use Checkout Smart

Checkout Smart is pretty similar to the couponing option but it uses an app so no printing etc required.  In my experience most deals are for the big supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Morrisons.  They also include some of the smaller stores like Lidl, Spar and Co-op etc too though so worth checking regardless of where you do your shopping.


I love Flubit! Its a bit of a new discovery for me, but basically before buying anything on Amazon check the price on Flubit.  They pretty much guarantee to beat the price – can’t be bad to that can you? I’ve checked a few prices through them and some great savings were available.  When you are doing your Christmas Shopping definitely try to remember this one!

Amazon Sales

Amazon are quite famous now for their Black Friday Sale.  There are loads of other sales as well though.  Did you know there are daily deals on Amazon? There are also Amazon Vouchers to get automatic discounts.  There are Fashion Sales, Electronics Sales, Amazon Warehouse Deals and here is another Discount Finder just for Amazon!

Collection Only on Ebay

Another great way to get low prices items can be to check the collection only items.  These can often have fewer bids than items that can be posted.  This Ebay Local Deals tool is great to find those things close enough for you to collect. If you also use this in conjunction with ipostparcels you can find some great deals that would normally be out of reach as well.

Check your Bank Account

Many people have direct debits or regular payments going out for services or subscriptions they really don’t use, or forgot signing up to.  Take a little time to check through your bank account to see what you are paying.  If you can do without it or no longer use it, cancel it!

Change Suppliers

If you have also been with the same supplier for a particular service for a while it is worth checking if you could save money by swapping. Compare the Market make it very easy now to change suppliers, as do Uswitch.  Personally I like to check the prices with different suppliers and then ring my current company to see if they can offer a better deal.  A few times I’ve managed to negotiate a better saving with my current company than was being offered by the others! Remember If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Use Shops Own Brand Groceries

Shops own brand items are no longer the really unhealthy and tasteless products they once were.  In fact I would go so far as say many of them are higher quality now than some of the branded options that are available.  Certainly Asda and Co-Op own brand items get really great reviews. The prices are usually (but not always) lower for shops own brand items and you can save a pretty penny just by changing to these.  Do watch out for special offers on the branded goods too though 😉

make money for Christmas

Enter Competitions

These can be a bit hit and miss, and you might win nothing.  Some friends of mine though do all their Christmas ‘shopping’ via competitions and it is a great way to save money.  Make sure you know how to find the genuine competitions though and don’t waste time on fake ones!

Join a Free MLM

There are quite a few free to join MLM’s around including FM Cosmetics, Nu Skin and Natural Elements.  I suggest free MLM’s for this because often it can take time to build up a customer base.  Paid MLM’s are also an option, but make sure you have a good solid plan in place to get sales happening quickly if you choose any of those.

Free Bingo

There are a few different ways to take part in free bingo actually.  The first way is by getting to know what time free bingo games are available on the regular paid gambling sites.  For example on Jackpot Joy there are several times throughout the day when free bingo games are offered.  I have made money from free games on Jackpot Joy on numerous occasions.  There are many other sites that run free games too. I will be providing more info on those once I have finished my research into that.

The second way is to use a site called Bingo Port.  This site provides you with free credits to play on the paid sites which you can use to win cash.  How Bingoport works is quite simple really.  You play free bingo games with them, earn the credits from doing that, and claim vouchers.

Christmas Craft Fairs and Markets

If you are good at making things you might like to try selling goods at Craft Fairs or Markets.  Need some inspiration? There are thousands of ideas on the Pinterest Christmas Craft Fair Board.

You might also like to check for a Christmas Market near you or search for Christmas Craft Fairs .  Details of UK based Fairs and Markets are also on The List.

Buy and Sell

Fancy dipping your toe in the retailing pond? You can of course start small with a job lot of goods bought on Ebay or Gumtree etc.  In fact now is a good time to nab some great deals on job lots of goods as a lot of car boot people decide it is too cold for them at this time of year and will sell off job lots of all sorts of things.   Check for those collection only listings on Ebay and you never know what you might find 😉

Check for Unclaimed Money

No I’m not talking about PPI lol – don’t you hate those phone calls? Yes ok there are people who haven’t claimed PPI refunds, but there are many other pots of unclaimed cash lying around all over the place.

According to Unclaimed Assets Uk and The Financial Times it all amounts to over 77 BILLION pounds.  Sorry I have to say that again, £77,000,000,000 of our money is sitting  in various accounts just waiting to see if anyone claims it.  Basically if you have ever forgotten to update your details on old accounts, or just not asked if you have a refund due when changing utility suppliers you could have money sitting in dormant accounts.  Have you ever paid into a pension? Or bought shares?  How about old life insurance policies? Premium Bonds? Loyalty Cards?

If you have ever bought a lottery ticket there are £300 million in unclaimed National Lottery winnings!

Even if you are 100% sure about all of the above it is still possible to have an unknown windfall.  Its worth 5 or 10 mins just to check for unclaimed money isn’t it?

Free Lotteries

Yes you can win money for free! There are quite a few of these sites actually, that fund the winnings through advertising revenue.  The ones I know about are: Selfie Lottery, Lucky Phone, Free Postcode Lottery, Free Emoji Lottery, Date of Birth Lottery, Search Lotto.  Some of these offer winnings of over £500.  Thats not to be sniffed at 😉

Any other ideas that you would suggest to add to the list?

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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10 Random Ways to Make Money

Ways to Make Money


Somedays you just need to know about random ways to make money don’t you? I mean there are plenty of days when I think I can’t look at another survey.  Today is one of those I just feel like doing something different kind of days.  What can I do though?

This is my shortlist of things to do over the next couple of weeks just to mix it up a little. Maybe you would like to join me?  I will post some updates to let you know which sites I used and how I have got on with them.

  1. Enter 50 Competitions – I am a bit rubbish at doing competitions I must admit.  I have friends who enter about 100 every day and they win lots of amazing things.  I have tried doing some before and won nothing.  Maybe this time I will be lucky 🙂
  2. List 25 things on Ebay – I haven’t been on Ebay for months as I tend to stick with selling on facebook mostly now.  Ebay fees really put me off, and all the hoops you have to jump through as a seller can be frustrating.  Now and again though it is good to just suck it up and list some stuff on there!  Need more info about selling on Ebay? Check out my post Working with a New Ebay Account
  3. Matched Betting – I tried this before and ended up loosing money because I placed the wrong kind of bet.  I find a lot of betting sites pretty complicated to be honest.  I know however this works well for some people so I will give it another shot.
  4. Do some Crafting – I used to do a lot of this and I miss it sometimes.  There is quite a thrill in making something and selling it.  I’m not sure what I will be able to do in 1 day for this option – maybe some jewellery or something.  Or I could try to finish one of my many ‘work in progress’ projects!!  If you have more than 1 day available for crafting you might like to try to Make Money from Old T-shirts as a fun project.  I loved this one and might even do another 😉
  5. Website Testing – I know I signed up to a website where I can get paid to check out other sites and provide a review of them.  I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet though, so I will dedicate 1 day to doing that.
  6. Do a Freebie Hunt – Although not technically a way to make money this one is quite fun.  I haven’t done a freebie hunt for ages either.  With any luck I will even manage to find something I need and save myself a few quid by doing it.
  7. Mystery Shopping – This is another option I haven’t done for quite a long time.  I used to do mystery shopping on a regular basis before I moved to the back of beyond.  I’m sure I could find something reasonably close by if I try 😉
  8. Go to a Car Boot Sale – Its been several years since I did any selling at a car boot sale.  Its kind of hard to do with no car lol! I am now mobile again so will sort out some suitable things to take and keep my fingers crossed for no rain.
  9. Write an Ebook – I have been meaning to do this for ages.  I won’t be able to write it all in one day of course, but I can dedicate a day towards planning it out at least.
  10. Check for free Cashback – You don’t always need to be buying something to get cashback.  There are often a few options you can get paid to do for free, such as sign up to newsletters.  I will see what I can find in the free to do sections of my cashback sites for this one.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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