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Earn £25 a month on Swagbucks Challenge

This challenge is simple, its about using the site called Swagbucks to make yourself some money.

Swagbucks is one of several get paid to sites that I use, but it is one of my favourites.  I know for a fact that it is possible to earn £25 a month by using this site because I do so nearly every month .

Get paid to sites are those that you earn either points or cash from completing certain actions on the site.  Swagbucks offers many ways, such as surveys, videos, tasks, polls, games, competitions…….lots of things really.

To make £25 a month via amazon vouchers on the site you need to get to 4199 points (but a £5 voucher costs 849 points).  To aim for £25 in cash into your paypal account that ‘costs’ 4949 SB.  There are actually all sorts of different rewards, but these are the 2 main ones people like to aim for.

To increase your income by 300+ a year from a single website then feel free to join me in this challenge  

For anyone new to SB here is a quick guide to daily earning: 

There are also some new ways to earn which I will add ASAP – I wrote this guide originally on 02-04-2012 but all of the basic information is the same!

Daily Poll – 1SB
NOSO – (just click right through to the video box and play, no need to sign up for anything!) 2SB
Searches – you get random amounts for random searches – min 2 wins a day
SBTV – 3SB for every 10 videos (max 75 SB daily)
Toolbar – if you download this you earn 1sb a day
Surveys – easiest way to earn – check you have opted in for trusted surveys (there is a questionnaire to complete to opt in)
Special Offers – watch out for more videos and surveys in there
Inbox – check out your inbox for extra earning opportunities
Tasks – some can be complicated and some quite easy – usually the check the details of website ones are easy.
Games – play games for free – SB awarded for every 2  games you complete – max of 10 SB a day

Other Useful Info

The swagbucks day starts and ends at 8am our time in the UK

The facebook page is a good source of info.  Do make sure you are on the right one – there is a US one and a UK one.

It is not against swagbucks terms to hold multiple accounts at the one address, however they seem to have an issue with more than 2. Multiple accounts are not to be held by one person or to be shared.

£5 Amazon Vouchers are the most cost efficient use of points for claiming and cost 849 points usually (sometimes there is a sale)

Terminology Guide:

SB – swagbucks (either the site or the points/currency)

NOSO – no obligation special offer – relates to the NOSO section of the site

Dub – The 2nd search win in a day
Trip – The 3rd search win in a day
Quad – The 4th search win in a day

DQ – disqualified – usually relating to surveys

Hope that helps do shout if you need any guidance I am always happy to share my knowledge!

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  1. Katy @

    February 3, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    I have just spotted that you are from MSE! Hello!

    Great post.

    I’m working on a minimum of £25 a month from Swagbucks too, best of luck to you.

    • Truly Quirky Me

      February 3, 2015 at 7:14 pm

      Yes a long time user of MSE Katy 🙂 I’m also posting the challenge on bubblews so i can do daily updates on it – are you still on there?
      Good Luck with your £25 a month too! xx

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