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How to Start a Prospecting List

When starting a new network marketing business everything can be pretty exciting.  You may have received some stock to use so you can increase familiarity with the range, you will no doubt have received various information packs which details exactly just how much money you are possibly going to make, and you may even have written yourself a plan of how you will meet your business goals.

The next step is to start looking for customers and maybe even think about building a team.

Although the best way to do this is to start building a prospecting list, many new network marketers, perhaps fuelled with enthusiasm, tend to overlook this step and instead decide to just jump in.  They start simply by showing the products and/or opportunity to just everyone they can manage to get to look in the general direction of their new business.  Usually this results in a bit of a hit and miss approach at best, and at worst complete chaos.

Another reason why new people to the business do not use a prospecting list is because they don’t want to ‘torture their friends and family’.  The truth is if you are torturing people then you are not using the list properly – I will explain more about this in tomorrows training, for now I want to just help you to start writing your own list.

This is an activity you should do now (or later if you really can’t spare 20 mins right now).  You need paper and a pen, or your preferred note taking device….

Personally I prefer to do a mind map style diagram like this:

prospecting mind map


I basically just start with myself and think about EVERY single person I know, and add them to the map.  I don’t think about if they would be interested or not in my business, at this point i am just thinking about people I know and adding them.

When I start to struggle to think of more people I then start to add them to my prospecting list, with as much contact info as possible, and a few notes.

Personally I use an excel document for my prospecting list and I usually add: date added, last contact date, name, address, email, phone number then working status, interests and hobbies, basic family info, general notes, business mentioned, response, to follow up.  Once you start using a prospecting list you will be able to personalise it to suit yourself.  Remember this will be a constantly growing document and you will be adding people you don’t know very well to it.  The categories such as family info etc will come in very useful later in the process.

Once I have names on my list I go back to the diagram and check if i have missed anyone out.

Guess what? Congratulations, you now have a prospecting list (and also a very handy list of all your contacts 😉 )

Have you just got to the end of this post and thought “i’m not going to do that”? If so i highly recommend you seriously think about if you want to be involved in network marketing because this is what it is all about.  I assure you I am NOT going to suggest you contact everyone and ask them to join you or buy something from you….that is certainly not how you use a prospecting list!


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  1. So basically, how to start is to get started ! No overthinking, no questioning, just do it . Good approach 🙂

    • Thanks Lise, Yes indeed just start writing down names regardless of who they are, its amazing the number of people who say they don’t know how to start writing their list but that is as you say due to overthinking 😉

  2. The best first steps are the easiest first steps

  3. Michele Mangus Thomareas

    July 4, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Love the mind map!

  4. So, reading this makes it sound so easy but when it comes it I bet I struggle

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