Its quite easy to start earning with Future Net.  There are many ways to earn on this site however, and several sections, so it can seem a little confusing at first.

In this post I will cover the basics of getting started with the social media section.  This is completely free.  I will cover the other options later!

Before joining this site you might like to watch the Future Net Club video to help you understand a bit more about what it offers:

Future Net Club

The social media section of Future Net is called Futurenet Club.  You can only join with a direct link to a current members profile.  Mine is if you would like to use it.

When you click on the link it will take you to the registration page which looks like this:



Simply complete the form and click on the registration button.  You will be asked to confirm your sponsor is Ellie Murphy if you used my link to join.  A short intro video will play before you get to your profile page as well.

Your Profile Page will look something like this:



To actually start earning with Future Net you simply post updates, comment on other peoples updates and send PM’s.  You will not earn for every comment you post, or every PM etc.  Earnings are based on activity levels so the more time you spend ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING on the site the more you will earn.  I have highlighted a few of the important parts in the image above.

The middle bit is where you post your updates or photos etc – just like you would do on facebook etc.

To make the most of the site you will need to have some friends to chat to.  You can connect with others by searching for a common interest in the top search bar and then sending friend requests.  Sharing your referral link on other social media sites can help you to earn more too.  The more people you refer to Future Net the more you can earn.

Personally I find Future Net Club is a great place to meet like-minded people, those who want to earn from home, or already do for example.  I’ve made some great contacts on there!

The Main Menu

As well as the highlighted parts shown above you will want to familiarise yourself with the main menu.  This is down the left side.   You can just click on any item in the menu to access that section.

The main menu sections to help you start earning with Future Net are:

The Success System –  Will take you to a further video presentation about how to earn with Future Net.

Future Net E Commerce – Future Net branded goods are available here, and are very useful for promotion.  There is also external shopping options here too.

Business – Will take you to to the paid sections of Future Net for higher level earning opportunities.  These start at $10 single payment options.

Your Activity Bonus – Will provide you with your earnings information related only to the social media section of Future Net.

Advertising – Provides the opportunity to promote your own Future Net business or external sites.

There are many other business tools available.  I will provide more details about these and the higher level earning options soon!

If you have any questions about using Future Net Club just let me know 🙂


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