5 Common Practices that Reduce Sales on Facebook

Sales on Facebook

Making sales on Facebook is a great way to boost your income, however it is important you learn how to use the platform well.  There are many things that sellers do which actually reduce their likelihood of making sales.

Today I would like to highlight 5 common practices that reduce sales on Facebook, and how to fix them.

Selling from Personal Profile

Facebook has a strict rule about selling from personal profiles – It is against their terms and conditions.  For this reason they use filters to stop sales post getting seen if they are posted on a personal profile.  In addition the name on a personal profile is also vetted.  It needs to be a real name and not one like Ellies Sales Page.

How to Fix It – Open a Business Page or Group to use for making sales on Facebook.

Posting in a Lot of Groups

If you are posting the same thing in a lot of groups each day it is very likely your posts are being restricted.  Facebook has a strict rule about spam, and posting in lots of groups is considered as spamming.  Many posts in selling groups are now being filtered as spam.  That means unless the admin approve them they are not actually posted.  You can even get blocked from posting in groups at all for doing this.

How to Fix It – If you want to keep posting in groups choose 5-10 groups to post in at a time.  You can post in some more after a few hours.  In addition try to vary the content (which will also increase your sales).

Only Posting For Sale Items on a Business Page or Group

Using a business page or group for making sales on Facebook is the right thing to do..  If the only thing you add to a page or group is for sale posts though, it is not very interesting to your audience.  Facebook filters posts according to the amount of interaction they receive – more interaction = seen by more people.  For sale posts get the least amount of interaction than any other kind of post on the platform.

How to Fix It – Remember that Facebook is a social media platform.  Use your page or group in a way that reflects the social nature of it.  That means not posting constant adverts and instead make it fun or interesting for your audience. Mix it up and try to engage your followers in conversation.

Adding People to Groups without Permission

It has become common practice to add people to groups on Facebook without asking if they are interested in joining it.  This can have a detrimental effect for 2 reasons.  Firstly adding people who have no interest means your posts get diluted.  Instead of having 100 people who are all interested you end up with 1000 people in a group and 900 of them have no interest in what you are posting about.  Facebook sees this as a low interest group because the majority of people are not interacting with your posts.

On the other hand having a group of 100 people who are all interested is a high interest group.  Facebook filters allow more posts to be seen from a high interest group than from a low interest one.

The second problem with adding people to groups without permission is people are highly likely to report your posts as spam.  They have not asked to see posts about your products etc so they don’t know why they are seeing them.  They are also likely to report your group.  The more reports made about your posts or group the less Facebook filters allow your posts to be seen.

How to Fix It – Simply ask people if they would like added to a group before you add them to it.  Don’t aim for high numbers, instead aim for high interest.

Sending Personal Messages about Products

This works in exactly the same way as the groups issue.  Sending adverts that are not relevant to people are highly likely to be reported.  If not reported the chances are you will just annoy people by doing this and they won’t even look at the product.  Even worse is sending group personal messages to a lot of people at one time.  I see this happening all the time and most people just click out of it immediately because they are not interested or do not want to be in a group chat.

PM’s are NOT the place to try and make sales on Facebook.

How to Fix It – Again just ask people if they would like to see something instead of sending it without permission.

Bad Practice and Good Practice

Basically all of the above issues are considered to be bad practice.  Facebook filters and reporting are there to protect its users from receiving a lot of things they don’t want to see.  If you remember that filters allow high interest and high value posts through and blocks other posts you will learn how to use Facebook in a way that benefits everyone.  Good practice is great for businesses because it directs you towards doing things that lead to increased sales.  Those things are building relationships with potential customers, paying attention to what people like to see or not and not talking like a constant advert.

Learn to open the filters and you won’t need to try to find ways around them 😉 Learn to connect with people in a social way and you will make more sales on Facebook!

If you are interested in learning more about how to increase your sales on Facebook you should also aim to find out Who is Your Target Audience?

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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