Welcome to this post explaining how to register with Global Domains International (GDI).  You may also like to read about Why You Should Register with Global Domains International

To register with Global Domains International there are a few steps to complete.  This includes registering your domain name as you do that when you sign up for your account.  To assist you this post contains full step by step instructions.

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Step by Step instructions to register with Global Domains International

Please follow the following instructions:

Step 1 is to access the registration page.

The following will make sure your registration goes through the correct team.

Click this link to go to the GDI website

Enter the username provided in the box on the page as shown below:

If no username has been provided please use TrulyQuirkyMeTeam

Click the sign up button below the video.  This gives you a 7 day Free Trial to give you time to try everything out before any payment is required.

Step 2:  Provide Account Information.

The sign up now button will take to you the first page to register with Global Domains International as shown below. On this page (and all others) you can use the drop down menu at the top to change language if required.

First thing to do on this page is create a username. Note that others will see your username, so you may like to put some thought into this. The people who will see it includes prospects as well as your upline and downline. Usernames are displayed on your sales sites and invitations.  They also form part of your referral link (ie -http://website.ws/usernamei) and are your access code for referrals to use.

To complete this page:
  • Complete the form with your chosen username, password and your name.
  • Choose the individual account option under Account Type unless you have a registered business.  The business must be a legitimate, officially-filed, pre-existing business. All paperwork submitted must be in your business name using your business tax id.
  • Click Continue button


On the next page you need to choose security questions from the drop down menus on the left of the form.  Add the answers in the relevant boxes on the right.

For the why are you registering question, choose the first one – interested in both income and address for life package.

Click the I’m not a robot box (unless you are lol!), then continue.


On the next page you provide your address details, including email.  Click on the continue button when complete.

Step 3: Decide on Domain Name.

The next page is where you decide on your domain name.  To do this firstly enter only the domain name you want to use in the search box with no extension (for example mine would be trulyquirkyme).   Then, click search to see if  is available.  If you want to change the ending (extension) of your domain from .ws you can do that via the drop down box by clicking on it.  Note that .com, .co.uk etc may require an extra registration fee.   It is normal that the most popular addresses are more expensive, and will be the same on other sites as well.

Click the search button.


On the next page you will get a notification to say if domain is available or not.  If your chosen domain is not available there will be a list of similar names showing below you may wish to consider.  When you get the available result, and you are happy with it click on add domain to cart.


If you have a domain name already just click on the ‘Already have a domain link just above the search button.  You will need to confirm you want to use this with your GDI account and enter it in the box.  Click Bring your domain button.


Step 4: Set up Payment Agreement.

The next step is to add your domain to your shopping cart.

Choose to add domain privacy if you want to.  This does have an additional cost, but means your details such as name and address are not on display in the domain directory.

You DO NOT need to add the special offer.  This provides you with BOTH a .ws and a .website domain for an extra $1 per month.

When you are ready click the proceed to checkout button.



On this page you will choose your service plan.  The basic plan is quite sufficient for most people in terms of space and I recommend that.

Click on I want Basic button, or go premium if you prefer that.


Next you choose how you want your payments to be made if you decide to keep your site.  If you use paypal you can easily cancel the payment agreement yourself at a later date should you wish to.  Using a card just means you need to email customer services should you wish to cancel later.

A payment agreement is necessary to avoid multiple accounts being set up by a single person and to avoid interruptions in your service.


You provide the payment details on the next page.

Credit or Debit Card


Or, when you click on register with paypal option you are taken to the paypal information page.


On both of these pages you can check on the terms and conditions and policies by clicking on the links provided for those.

If happy to proceed click the terms of service check box and then click on the next button or the proceed to Paypal button.


You will be asked to confirm you agree to add the payment to your paypal account.  Click on Agree and Continue button.

You will get a confirmation that you have created a billing agreement for Paypal to pay GDI.  You need to click the Continue to Global Domains International Button for your account to be set up with GDI


When you complete the final step there is a You’re Online confirmation page!  You can now log in to your account, create your blog or website, and set up your personalised email addresses.



If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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