Its 31st December 2017 and I can hardly believe another year has passed by.  It seems like no time since I was last wondering what the New Year would bring, and that was before 2017 began.  Just reading back to my Income report for December 2016 reminds me that my plan was to work on passive income generation methods during 2017.  I have certainly done that.

Passive Income

I did have a few set backs while working on building passive income I must admit.  One of the sites I used had a lot of problems and I lost some money with that.  Thankfully, because of my multiple income approach I did not loose very much.  It did help to remind me that any type of business can fail however, so it set in concrete my desire for using multiple and varied income streams.

During 2017 the main passive income streams I found worked best for me were Future Net and USI Tech.  I started both of these account with around £50 (after conversion from dollars and euros) and now Future Net gives me a monthly income that pays my mortgage, and USI is building up nicely too.

My Future Net account now has a value of around £3000 and USI around £500.  Thats a pretty nice return I think (and still growing).


My 2017 journey took me on quite a large learning curve about many things to be honest.  I learned a lot about marketing online such as how to use an auto responder to build and maintain relationships with people.  How to use a capture page and what a lead magnet is. I also learned a lot about using Facebook in a more effective way and I have really enjoyed passing on that knowledge.   All of these things have been a direct result of my focus on passive income.  Getting away from the daily routine of spending all my time trying to generate an income has freed my mind a lot.


Perhaps one of the most important developments for me in 2017 has been the fact I have somewhat found my own style of writing.  I stopped comparing my blog to others and following their suggestions and styles, and my confidence grew a lot.  This blog may not be the most popular, or generate a lot of income through selling or advertising.  Instead it is a lot more enjoyable for me to write, and I have noticed more and more of my interests showing through.  I am not afraid to talk about psychology and motivation for example, and its not all about website reviews.  The learning I have done is also showing through a lot.

For that reason I also believe my blog is now quite different to many others.  It combines a lot of my own skills and interests with my work from home journey.   My readers have also commented on the change and seem to find it more interesting as well.  My blog statistics have gone up a lot too so that says a lot  🙂

Life Changing

I have to say that my life has changed a lot as a direct result of building up my passive income as well.  Not only has it allowed me to travel a bit more as I had hoped.  It has also allowed me to move house and to look at planning for the future a lot more too.  My mental health has improved a bit too, and I no longer feel like I am marking time, or marching on the spot.   I have managed to put in place an income that continually grows now.  That is quite a change from struggling to earn when my health is bad, and fighting to catch up when I felt well enough to work hard.

Basically earning has now become a rather enjoyable pass time instead of necessity.

Goals and Strategies

Goal planning has also played a large part in my successes for this year.  I have written a lot about my personal £2500 per month plan, and I have shared a lot of information about goal planning too.  It has been a lot of fun to work on my own income goals, and to see the results build up each month.  It was difficult to change my strategy and work on future earnings at first, but I am so glad I did.

What Next?

Now another new year knocks on the door, and I am really excited for 2018.  I have many plans already in place and can’t wait to see what happens.

I aim to continue working on my own passive income, but also helping others to do the same.  My vision for my Work From Home Network groups is firmly in place and I look forward to seeing that develop.  Additionally I look forward to being able to put some money into my house for renovations, and I plan to clear my mortgage in the next few years too.

As well as these large plans I have some smaller goals in mind as well.  Things like continuing to learn and develop my own skills are at the top of my list.  Now I have spare income I can afford to put money into various courses I have wanted to do for a while.

Something else I have wanted to do is put money aside to help those in most need.  I have some thoughts and plans about that too…

As  I recently posted on my Facebook timeline:

Bring it on!

Are you going to join in the ride? Or sit back and watch?

Happy New Year to each and every one of my readers…. I truly hope 2018 is the best year ever for us all!

Ellie xx


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