Really quick and easy ways to earn cash online are always popular.  These will certainly not make you a fortune, but they do pay cash.  If you are savvy about it you can even use these to create a monthly income via  The Zero to Earning Hero Free Income Creation Challenge  😉

Every option on this list takes less than a minute to do…. so it creates a great daily earning plan if you are really short of time!  Each site also has additional ways to earn so you might like to try those if you have more time available.

Some sites on this list are available worldwide and others may be restricted by country.  If one site is not available to you do try the next on the list.


There are several quick options on Swagbucks so I suggest you do those first.  I find the quickest way to do these if from the TO DO list which is on the left side of your home page.


  • Start off with Answer the Daily Poll, which is always one simple question.
  • Then go back to the to do list and Click on Daily Search link.  You don’t have to do a search as one is done automatically for you.  If you also try a search of your own that could win you extra points so might as well do that while you are there 😉
  • Next, just click on the Deal of the Day link from the to do list.
  • When those quickies are done check for the N Crave section on the home page and allow any available to play while you do something else.  That usually gives 4-6SB.
  • Lastly after N Crave is finished you can go to the Watch section on To Do List and let a 3SB playlist play while you finish the rest of things on this page.  Doing all of that should earn you 10SB+ each day.


There is just one thing to do on Mintvine – Answer the Daily Poll which is again one simple question.  That gives you 5 points.


There are several things available on Timebucks.  You need to use the tabs to navigate this site.

  • First thing to do is the Daily Poll.  To find this click on the survey tab .  This is again just one quick question.
  • Next Watch A Video.  You will have to click a link to take you to the video on youtube
  • Lastly on here click the view content tab and View a Slideshow


Gifthulk is another site with several quick and easy options.

  • On this site you should start with playing guess the card.  This can often give you bonuses and codes to boost your balance.
  • Next just check in to the survey page for 5 points
  • Finally use the search box to conduct a search

Inbox Pounds

  • The first option on this site is to open the the paid emails and confirm them using link at the bottom of each email.  To find these just click on the envelope icon at the top of the page.  Click on each email in the list to open.
  • Once the emails are done click on search on the top bar and conduct 4 searches.  If you space them out and open something on search results page you will tend to earn more.

BTC Clicks

On this site just click on the Surf Ads tab.  There will be a list of ads available.  Click the ad link to open and allow the timer to count down until you have a sum to answer.  You need to stay on the ad page and answer the sum to be credited for each view.  There will probably be quite a few ads on here so just do as many as you have time for!

As I said at the start of this post doing the really quick and easy things on this list will not make you a lot.  Depending on what you do it will make you around 10-20p per day.  My advice to boost your income considerably is to use Future Net to invest the money you make from doing these small tasks.  That will allow you to create a monthly income over time… be patient and it will work 😉

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx



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