There are some definite benefits to becoming a Powerseller on Ebay.  Some of these are not very obvious so I detail them here.

Its now about 6 weeks since I opened my new personal Ebay account.   As soon as I opened the account I made the decision to try and aim for Powerseller Status on this second account.  This is as well as maintaining that level on my first account, and I’ve had several questions asking why would I bother?

To be honest I am not a great fan of Ebay these days  due to a lot of the rules and the fees.  By accident I found out a lot of these issues disappear simply by being a Powerseller.   Basically Ebay are working on a reward system for sellers who consistently meet their high standards.  It is this system that makes being a Powerseller worth aiming for.  In my opinion most of the general frustrations I experience as a seller just disappear as soon as I reach Powerseller status.

The Benefits of Becoming a Powerseller on Ebay

According to Ebay the benefits of becoming a Powerseller are:

  • Priority customer support

  • Advanced selling education

  • Promotional offers

  • Opportunities to participate in research

  • eBay promotional merchandise

Personally none of that is very appealing to me.  The experience of being a Powerseller however has shown me the real benefits are:

  • Reduced Fees
  • Listings appear higher up on search results
  • Protection from the problems associated with lower star ratings left by buyers

These benefits are not immediately obvious, and are not advertised by Ebay.  However in my opinion these are much more relevant to sellers than the benefits Ebay do promote.

Basically I find becoming a Powerseller more or less makes selling on Ebay much more like how it used to be before they made all the crazy changes.   In other words it just makes things a lot easier to be a Powerseller now than not to be.

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Ellie xx


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