Please note this is a post about gambling.  Before signing up to any gambling website I would highly recommend you visit Gamble Aware.  This will help you make informed choices about gambling.  It can be a fun activity, but it can also become a problem very easily too.  If you think you might have a problem you can get advice and support here or ring the freephone gambling helpline number 0808 8020 133.

In my previous post Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games on JackpotJoy? I mentioned being able to increase the chances of winning on Roulette Splendide.  This is the follow up to that post so I advise you read that first.

Please Note I am basing my opinion of this on my own experiences using Jackpot Joy.  I have not used this method other sites.

In this post I am ONLY explaining how to use Roulette Spendide to unlock the free games in Jackpot Joy by wagering a total of £2.  I do NOT recommend you use this method for higher value bets as you could end up losing a lot of money.

Playing Roulette Splendide with Minimal Risk



To minimise the risk of loosing on Roulette Splendide you need to bet either black or red.  Just keep the wager level on 10p and click on either of the squares highlighted with the yellow arrows on this pic.   You will see a 10p appears in the box (see pic below).  Then click on spin or instant (instant is quicker) and you will see the results just below the wheel.

Next do exactly as I say here: If you win the bet just bet another 10p, if you lose the bet you need to double it for the next one.

picFor example, in this pic you can see the first bet and spin of 10p won me 20p, then I bet another 10p but the second one I did not win.  At this point I have bet a total of 20p but my account is back at £10.

Due to the betting odds on roulette when placing black or red bets, if you double the bet and win you will end up with more money in your account than you started with.  The next bet I made I doubled the 10p to 20p and I won 40p.  I now have £10.40 in my account and I have placed a total of 40p in bets.  IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU BET BLACK OR RED so you can choose which for each bet.

You need to keep playing this way, betting 10p if you win the previous one, and doubling the bet each time if you loose until you have bet A TOTAL of £2. (DO NOT DOUBLE TO £1.60 as this would mean you will have made a £3.10 total bet.  Instead bet just 50p on the final spin if you haven’t won and have just bet 80p)


The actual number of bets you make will depend on the results so I can’t say just spin x number of times.

There are 3 Possible Results of playing this way:

  1. Firstly, you bet 10p and win each time = 20 spins (£2 bet) If this happens you will now have £12 in your account.
  2. Secondly, bet 10p and loose each time so double on the next bet = 5 spins (10p + 20p + 40p + 80p + **** 50p ****(DO NOT DOUBLE TO £1.60 as this would mean you will have made a £3.10 total bet) if this happens and you don’t win the final spin you will end up with just £6.90 in your account.  If you lose the bet each time and get to the 5th spin then bet just 50p on the last spin = £2 total bet.  This will mean you have £8 in your account if you lose or £9 in your account if you win the final spin.
  3. Lastly, bet 10p each time and mix of wins/losses = around 12 spins (for example bet 10p/win + 10p/lose + 20p/win + 10p/lose + 20p/lose + 40p/win +10p/lose + 20p/win + 10p/lose + 20p/win + 10p/lose + 20p) = £2 bet.  The total in your account will depend on the number of wins and losses.  In this example you will have:

1  10p/win = £10.10 in account

2 10p/lose = £10

3 20p/win =  £10.20

4 10p/lose = £10.10

5 20p/lose = £9.90

6 40p/win = £10.30

7 10p/lose = £10.20

8 20p/win = £10.40

9 10p/lose = £10.30

10 20p/win = £10.50

11 10p/lose = £10.40

12 20p/lose = £10.20 OR Bet 12 20p/win = £10.60


If you have followed the guidance above accurately you will have either more than £10 already or £8/£9.  You will now qualify for the free game wins.


This is a screenshot of my account.  It shows I have used this system of playing £2 to unlock the free games.


I added £1.20 to my account on this occasion.  Now I will be playing free games to hopefully add some more money this week.

In my next post I will provide further information about the additional free games you can play on Jackpot Joy.

Have you tried to unlock the free games on Jackpot Joy since my last post? If so I would love to hear about it.

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