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Increase Sales on Facebook with Scheduling


You can increase sales on Facebook in lots of different ways if you know how to do them in the right way.  One method is by using the Facebook scheduling tool which is available on business pages and now also in groups.

The Facebook scheduling tool is a very powerful and effective tool which works on your behalf when you are not able to be online.  Used correctly you can practically automate your entire workload on Facebook by using it,.  Today I would like to provide you with several tips to help you maximise the effectiveness of scheduling and increase your sales on Facebook.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

It is very easy to schedule posts on Facebook. You simply write your post as normal, including adding any photos, links and text you want to post, then click on the clock symbol beside the post button.  This takes you right into the Facebook scheduling tool.  Once the tool is open just choose a date and time for your post to be sent to your page or group.  To save the post click the schedule button and let the Facebook scheduling tool do the rest.

When to Schedule Posts?

It will certainly be of benefit to you to schedule posts when you are just too busy to do it manually.  Using the Facebook scheduling tool also stops you needing to be on Facebook throughout the day.  Personally I like to schedule posts for both my Facebook Page and my Group because that frees me up to get on with other things.

In terms of what time you should schedule posts to be published to your page or group, there are no hard and fast rules.  Each page or group has its own ‘best time’ to post that relates directly to the page content and the audience.  To assist you with discovering your ideal posting time I have developed a scheduling tool which you can download below.

Tips for Making Best Use of The Facebook Scheduling Tool

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you schedule posts:

  • First of all try to sound as normal as possible.  That sounds a bit weird but when I first started using scheduled posts everyone mentioned I didn’t quite sound like myself.  To do this just imagine you are about to post it manually and it should sound ok!
  • Do not mistake scheduling for a tool that completely manages your page or group.  You still need to reply to people when they post comments etc or they will just feel like you are ignoring them.
  • If it suits your page to have an actual time to post the same thing each day then do it, but have a good reason to.  Really most people do not actually post the same thing each day at the same time and your followers will soon catch on you are not there if you turn into a robot overnight!
  • Let people know you are scheduling posts at times to help you manage your time better, they will appreciate knowing that and not expect an immediate response.

What Posts to Schedule?

To be honest you can schedule pretty much any post, so it is up to you.  Certainly the sharing of products or blog posts etc can easily be scheduled in advance and that helps you to not forget to do it.  Posts like have you checked the new products on my website recently? along with a website link work particularly well.  Do not use this type of post exclusively though because your followers will get really bored!

Also make sure that you are not just posting adverts all the time.  Post product pics with questions to help increase interaction and get feedback from your followers.  Everyone likes to be asked for their option 😉

How to Increase Sales on Facebook with Scheduling

The main ways to increase sales on Facebook are:

  • Build relationships with your audience.  People buy from people they like and trust on Facebook so you can use scheduled posts to allow them to get to know you.  Add regular posts about your own life, including pictures of you to help facilitate that.
  • Don’t just share buy me now type posts.  Getting people to share their opinions or give advice is a great way to help people feel a part of your page or group. Be creative about how you share product pics and ask for feedback about them.  Playing games like Love it or Hate it, Guess the Price, or Which do you Prefer all get a lot more response than buy this now type posts AND still get your products seen.  Just getting your products seen more often will mean you increase sales on Facebook without appearing pushy.
  • Discount codes or reduced items can be a great way to increase sales on Facebook too .  ‘The first 10 people to comment on this post will get a discount code’ works very well.
  • Don’t forget to show your appreciation and thank people for spending time on your page or group.  Everyone likes to be appreciated and it encourages loyalty.

Managing Your Facebook Schedule

When writing this post I decided to design a tool to help with managing your Facebook schedule.  If used correctly and regularly it will help you to identify which posts and times are most effective for your own page.  That means you will be able to improve your Facebook page or group to make it more effective for you.  The more effective you can make your page or group the more sales you will make.  It is that simple.  The instructions for how to use it are included as well in the download.

Click to Download the Facebook Scheduling Tool

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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My Earn $3000 per Month for You Plan

What to Earn $3000 per month?

I know most people think it isn’t easy to earn $3000 per month working from home, but still would love to earn it.  Well I am delighted to say I have a concrete plan to help you do just that!

That sounds amazing doesn’t it? Not only will you earn $3000 per month but I give you the exact plan AND I make sure you succeed as well.  Now how on earth could I make such a statement?

It is simple to be honest.  My plan is failproof!

How does it work?

For my plan to work all it takes is for you to join my team and recruit 5 people.  Recruiting isn’t the easiest of things for people to do sometimes I know, so to MAKE SURE you succeed I do a few things:

  • I give you an opportunity that just works so easily that everyone can do it
  • Then, I recruit for you
  • When I am doing that I also teach you how to recruit properly
  • I support you until you can do it for yourself
  • I do both of those for the people you recruit as well

What is this Opportunity?

The opportunity itself is a brilliant and very stable site that has been going for years.  It provides something that at least 80% of ALL work from home people want and it does so at a low price as well.  That means the demand for the product is extremely high.  The product is such that everyone you recruit will want it, because it helps them.  It helps with recruiting and it also can be used to recruit and sell for any other work from home opportunity.

It is not one of these things that costs a lot and has very little value.  This is the opposite in fact.  It is low cost and high value.

The product is a fully customizable website that is simple to use.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

If you understand the power of what I have just said you will want to know how much it is to join.  It is free for 7 days then it is a measly $10 (or £7) per month.

How Do You Join?

Because I am recruiting for others and people are joining so fast I can’t provide a referral link here.  I am in fact building up a waiting list because so many people are jumping at it.  That is great, but I want to make sure that each person has a proper introduction and understands exactly what to do.  My team is highly stable and the reason for that is because I take my time and work with each person joining on an individual basis.

I do it this way so you are not paying to join until I can make sure you will be earning quickly.  I don’t want people paying then hanging around getting no where because I am not able to provide my full attention yet.

There is of course no cost to join the waiting list and in fact joining that has many benefits:

Once you join the waiting list I will start to provide you with training to recruit, which of course you can use for anything else you are doing.  Then when it is almost time for you to be allocated to the next team member on my list I will contact you to discuss exactly how it works.  I will provide you with proof of income and you will be able to see how others are getting on in an open forum as well.

There is never any obligation to join or to continue.  if you want to take the training and run then thats fine too!

I do make sure each person gets the results they want, and that means no-one leaves my team when they join it…

Its simple really when you know how 😉

Click here to Join My Waiting List Now

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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Viral Network Marketing – Build a Massive Team

Viral Network Marketing is a term I came up with to describe a new project I just started working on.  I have always wanted to build a massive team, and I have been thinking about how to do it for a while now.  Having tried and failed with a few network marketing companies before I knew the pitfalls, yet I also know the potential network marketing has.

Those who can build a massive team make a huge amount of money.  There is no denying that!

What is Viral Network Marketing?

Well I would describe Viral Network Marketing as an extremely fast method of team building.  It is one that literally takes on a life of its own and spreads from being shared – think about how a funny YouTube video gets shared!

The main thing that differentiates Viral Network Marketing from regular Network Marketing is the level of excitement generated.  It is the fact that people want to share the opportunity with others, and it is met with equal excitement that makes the difference.  There is no trying to convince people to join the team, the information provided speaks for itself.

In addition it is NOT hype, there is NO BS, results are fact AND there is proof.

I started Viral Network Marketing on 21st November…. Just look at the difference in my team growth:


How to Start Viral Network Marketing?

The first thing you need is a solid network marketing opportunity with a great payplan.  I use Global Domains International and I do that for several reasons:

  • The payplan is simple to understand
  • It is multi leveled
  • There are great incentives for team building
  • It is available worldwide
  • There is a very low start up cost ($10 or £7)
  • The product is in high demand
  • It appeals to a lot of people, especially those who work from home already – many people want a website or blog 😉

Simplicity is the absolute key here.  People need to know exactly how they will make money if they join.  It also needs to be explainable in one or 2 sentences.

Global Domains International pays you $1 per month for every person in your downline for 5 levels.  They also pay great unlimited bonuses of $25, $100 and $250 for team building.

Its simple, right?

Establish A Solid Foundation

Once you have a great opportunity in place the next thing you need to do is establish a solid foundation.  You need people who will join you at level one before the system becomes activated as such.  It is your foundation that holds your team in place, and those people are the ones who need to get results fast.   How you get these results is up to you – personally I recruit for people because I get new team members daily via this blog and other sources.

Gain Momentum

This is the main bit that will build a massive team.  Once you have all of the pieces in place it is about showing real results in an open forum.  I use my Team Building Facebook Group for this.  Team members posting their results in an open group is the best recruitment tool you can have 😉 When others see your team are getting results they are highly likely to give it a try.  That happens even if they are unsure about how it all works.

Maintain Your Team

Once your team is building you need to make sure to maintain it.  You need to check your team members are happy and getting results.  This means contacting them on a regular basis and helping them overcome any hurdles they might be facing.  A team that maintains its members will always grow.  It is when you are losing members and having to keep replacing them that problems arise.  Remember you will never be able to fill a leaky bucket and keep it full.  Plug any holes before they become a problem 😉

Click Here To Start Viral Network Marketing Today

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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The Ultimate Recruiting Guide – Help To Build Your Team

The Ultimate Recruiting Guide is something I came up with initially to help members of my Facebook group: Work From Home Network – Free Coaching for Success.  It was such a popular idea though I decided to open it up to all!

Why is it the Ultimate Recruiting Guide?

Well I wanted to offer something that is a bit different to the usual guides available, so I have included a huge amount of information.  As far as I know it is the only guide to combine motivation, guidance, training, specific wording and many free resources.  Personally I think this is what makes it the Ultimate Recruiting Guide, because you will never need another one.  Oh yes and of course the fact that I am providing this information for free 😉

Why is it Free?

I get asked all the time why I provide so much for free.  The simple answer to that is because I love to help others.  Its a big part of my personality and my life or I would never have trained as a counsellor and life coach.  Apart from that though I specifically like to help those who are excluded from a lot of things because they can’t afford to pay.  My zero2earninghero system is another example of that, and yes you can make a decent income without paying to get started!

Do also read my disclosure below!

What is included in the Guide?

Basically I share every single thing I do to recruit people to my various opportunities in this Ultimate Recruiting Guide.  That includes the details of the words I use and where I post.  I am hoping that by sharing this much detail, those who use the guide will get the same results as I do, which is new team members daily.

I provide full details of the places I post, the wording and how I follow up with people.  I also provide plenty of training and information about why I post in a certain way etc.  In other words I am sharing all of my recruiting secrets in this Ultimate Recruiting Guide because to be honest I don’t think that information should be kept secret from anyone.  Its hard enough to get a proper start in this industry without people keeping things secret after all!

Why not just Recruit Everyone Myself?

There are so many people out there who want to work from home I can’t possibly recruit everyone on my own… I want to champion the whole work from home industry and tell everyone how wonderful it can be.  Its my mission to spread the word far and wide, and to help those who really need assistance with their incomes.  The more people my readers can recruit to the club the better 😉


My Ultimate Recruiting Guide does contain some referral links to various sites I use.  Most of these are free, but some are paid.  By using the links included I am likely to benefit in some small way, such as extra credits on free sites, or a little commission if they are paid options.  For me this is more than enough payment to receive for providing the information, training and recommendations.  I only ever provide sources that I have used and been successful in recruiting from and in no way do I force anyone to join them.  It is entirely your choice to follow the guide and you will never be excluded from receiving further tips if you do not join the sites I mention.

How to get the Ultimate Recruiting Guide?

All of my tips, training and recommendations are sent out in a daily email.  To receive the emails each day you simply need to subscribe to my list by entering your details below.  I NEVER pass on your details to others and only send information you have asked for.

Ultimate Recruiting Guide


In the Ultimate Recruiting Guide I share all my successful recruiting techniques with you for free in a daily email…


Just submit your email address below:



I always respect your email privacy

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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How to Get Ahead of Posting on Your Blog

Getting ahead of posting on your blog is really quite difficult to do to be honest.  Its a bit like trying to run up an escalator that is going down! No longer have you finished writing a post and scheduled it when it gets posted and you are back to square one again.

This month I decided to really focus on getting ahead of my posting schedule by at least 1 month, and I am just about up to 8 posts prepared and scheduled now.  Doing that has taken a lot of hard work but I am very happy to be at least a bit further ahead than I was before.

How to Get Ahead of Posting on Your Blog

In my opinion there are several ways to get ahead of your posting schedule.  You can choose to focus on one of these methods or a combination of them, just whatever suits you! To be honest the easiest way is to write several blog posts before you actually start publishing at all.  That way you are building up a stock of posts ready to go, and you are doing it without the escalator feeling.  If you have already started posting though you will need to keep running uphill for a little while and do some of the following:

Change Your Schedule

The first option available to you is to change your publishing schedule.  If you post daily then you could take it down a notch and only post every other day instead.  If you are used to writing a post each day you will soon build up a stock of posts ready to go.  It does take quite a bit of discipline to keep writing on a daily basis if you are not actually publishing the posts though!

Increase Your Productivity

The second option is to go up a notch with your writing.  Personally I like this one because I think the more you write the easier it gets.  I have certainly seen a difference in my own creative process just from writing more frequently.  I now write daily unless I am having a very bad health day, and even then I tend to write a little.  This has had quite an unexpected effect in terms of coming up with ideas for new posts, and I seem to have more topics in mind than ever before.  I did worry about being able to come up with fresh content each day, but actually I find myself with several ideas daily now.

Shorten Your Posts

Another option to consider is to write shorter blog posts than you usually do.  If you tend to write quite long posts with several sub-headings for example you could divide these up into a few posts, perhaps even a series of posts.  If you do this it is a good idea to link them later so readers can choose to read on if they want to.

Re Purposing Old Posts

If you do find it difficult to come up with more content on a regular basis you could look at old posts and update them.  Adding more information and perhaps giving an old post a slightly different slant does provide you with the chance to bring new life to a post that might not have got a lot of attention before.  Because you have already written about the topic does not mean you can’t cover it again.  Doing this also has the added benefit of not taking so much time and effort as starting a post from scratch.

Guest Posts

There are always people who are interested in writing guest posts for a blog.  This obviously has the benefit of giving you more content to publish without you needing to spend time writing at all.  If doing this do make sure to search online to check the post has not already been published elsewhere.  A guest post can sometimes be submitted to several places and this can lead to duplication which will affect SEO levels.

Research Posts

Pretty much every blog post involves some degree of research, but a research post in this sense is more of a focus on what someone else has written.  By that I certainly do not mean plagiarizing content, I mean giving the background as provided by another source, along with your own opinion.  A post like this should always have links, quotations and acknowledgement of the original source or sources along with some additional viewpoint.

More Blog Tips

In my free blogging mastery course I do offer some more guidance regarding design and many other useful tips.  I also provide step by step instructions regarding how to start a blog!


Don’t miss my Free Blogging Mastery Course.  


Sign Up Below for lots of hints and tips to help you master blogging.  


If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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How to Change the Appearance of Your WordPress Blog

How to Change the appearance of your wordpress blog

Why Change the Appearance of your WordPress Blog?

To change the appearance of your WordPress blog is, in my opinion, one of the most fun parts.  It is like decorating a room or a house because it is all about putting your own stamp on it and making it look the way you want it to and different to all the others.  If you are using WordPress as your blog platform there is literally no end to the changes you can make, and it is not too difficult either.  That is just one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular!

Today I provide some guidance to help you take the first steps to change the appearance of your WordPress blog to suit your own needs.

Appearance Dashboard Feature

To change the appearance of your WordPress blog you need to open your dashboard and locate the appearance tab first of all.  It is over to the left of your screen in the big list of tools that are provided and is usually around halfway down the list.  There is a little paintbrush symbol beside the word “Appearance” so look for either of those.  When you find it just move your mouse over the tab and it will highlight, then a second menu will appear as well.  On this list the first option will be Themes:

Choosing A Theme for Your Blog

The themes are the main thing that will change the appearance of your WordPress blog.  To choose one just click on the word Themes in the list and you will be taken to a new page.  Depending on which WordPress platform you are using you will see a variety of design options to choose from.  If you are using there may be a few on your list and with there will be a lot more.  Regardless of which you will see a number of images on this screen something like this:


Note that all of the themes here can be customised to suit your own needs, so you can change images and move things around a bit later if you want to.  The main thing to look for here is a general layout and colour theme you like.  To see the theme in more detail just click on the image and it will open a preview screen.  Don’t worry if the text is in a different language or anything like that as you will be changing that to suit your own blog.  In the preview mode you will also see a features section that describes the main features of the theme you have clicked on.  Some may allow for large images on your home page for example, and some might have slideshows.

If you don’t find a theme you like you may have more available which you can access using the tabs just above the images.

How to Choose a Theme

At this stage really it is all about trying things out to see how the features of the theme fits with your own taste and requirements.  A craft related blog might be suited to a theme which allows for multiple images on the home page for example, whereas a news style blog is likely to have more text there.

Another thing you may like to check out is the rating a blog theme has got from others who have used it.  This is provided using a star system and is available when you open the preview of each theme.

When you find a theme you like you just need to click on the install button and it will appear like magic on your own blog.  There is no programming etc required and it is very easy to change themes again if you change your mind.  To do that just go back to the themes page and install a different one!

Voila! Your blog will have literally transformed with a couple of clicks of a button 🙂 Its great fun to play with the themes, and you could loose whole days doing it…..

When you have stopped playing with different themes and have made your decision which one to use it is time to work on the next step:

Customising Your Theme

Once you have a theme uploaded to your blog it is time to do a little customising.  To do this go back to your WordPress dashboard and the appearance tab just as before.  This time you are clicking on customise which is the second item on the menu.  As WordPress has so many things you can change I will focus on just a couple of them today and will cover the other changes later.

When you click on customise this will open a new page that has your blog showing on the right and a list down the left.  It should look something like this:


The first things to customise are:  Site Identity, Colours and Header Image.  You can look at the others of course if you want to – nothing will change unless you click the update button each time so you can view before you decide to keep it.   To access any of the customising features just click on the relevant item on the list to open it.

Site Identity

Within the site identity menu you will be updating the Site Title and the Tagline if you want one.  It is easy to update and you simply enter the text you want into the site idenity box as shown below:

As you can see you can also add a site icon here if you wish to.  I haven’t done that, but it is just a case of uploading a picture of your choice by clicking the select image box.  When you edit anything in the customise feature the green saved button at the top of this image will change to say Save and Publish.  Make sure to do that when you have made the changes you want or your blog will not be updated.  When you have clicked save and publish you will need to click the little arrow on the left (beside site identity) which takes you back to the previous menu.


Next, you might like to change the colours of your blog (or just play with them to see what happens).  Again simply click on the option you want from the list, so colours in this case, and it opens a new box.  The colours one provides you with the option to change both the colour and the shade of when you click on the select colour button.  A colour chart as shown below will appear and you choose the colour along the bottom and change the shade with the slider at the side.

As you can see from the picture preview of my blog on the right the purple colour is quite vivid.  If I move the slider on the right down closer to the bottom it becomes a lot lighter in shade.

Header Image

Lastly for now we will look at changing the header image.  This is one of the main things that will change the appearance of your WordPress Blog so choose wisely.  Again just click back using the little arrow and then click Header Image to change this.  The new box opens and shows the current image if you have one and there is an add new image button.  Click this and upload a new image if required (noting the sizes as dictated by the theme you are using).

You now should have a blog that looks quite different to the plain one you started with.  You can of course update your theme and customising at any point in your blog journey, however it is best to find something you like early on.  Changing themes and colours etc can be a little disconcerting for your followers so try not to do too much changing around once you have regular readers!

More WordPress Blog Tips

In my free blogging mastery course I do offer some more guidance regarding design and many other useful tips.  I also provide step by step instructions regarding how to start a blog!


Don’t miss my Free Blogging Mastery Course.  


Sign Up Below for lots of hints and tips to help you master blogging.  


If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Earning Bitcoin is Easy – Earn Bitcoin with BTC Clicks

Earning bitcoin with BTC clicks is a great way to boost your income and its really easy too.  When you first sign up to BTC Clicks  you will have the option of joining as an advertiser or an earner.  You can of course do both which is what I do.  To use the site to earn Bitcoin simply sign up for your free account and surf the ads….

BTC Clicks has been operating since 2013 and is a well trusted site with a good reputation.

How to Register for Your Free Account

First just click here to sign up to BTC Clicks and that will take you to a page that looks like the one below.  When you get there click on the blue start earning today button as shown:


After clicking on the start earning button you will be directed to a sign up form that asks for your email address.  There is also a captcha and you need to tick the box to continue.  When the tick appears click on the blue sign up button.  You will then be prompted to confirm your email address, and you need to open the email sent to you in order to do that.


After you verify your account you will then be able to log in and start earning bitcoin.

How to Start Earning Bitcoin on BTC Clicks

Earning your first mBTC on BTC clicks is really easy.  Go to the Surf Ads page and you will see a list of adverts that are available for you to click on.  At the right side of your screen you will see the length of time you need to view the ad for to be paid, and the payment amount.  To click the ad just move your cursor to the blue link and click and this will open a new page.


The Surf Ads Page Looks like this:

The new page that has opened will have a timer appear at the top.  You need to let the timer count down and then solve the little maths question to get paid for viewing the ad.  Basically this is an anti cheat measure to stop bots being able to earn on the site 😉  You will know if you have done it correctly when you get the green you have been paid message.

I like to click on as many ads as I can on BTC Clicks and that is because each click is earning Bitcoin currency.  Unlike other PTC sites that means the value of my earnings is extremely likely to go up because of the Bitcoin value rising.

Do note that you are earning mBTC with each click which is a smaller currency than earning Bitcoin itself.  Each Bitcoin is currently worth several thousand pounds and mBTC is like the penny equivalent.    This means your earnings for clicks is quite small right now, but could increase by a huge amount if the value of Bitcoin goes as high as is predicted.

Value Fluctuations are Good

On BTC Clicks, because you are earning Bitcoin currency, the fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin is a really good thing for earning.  That is because on this site you have the opportunity to purchase an upgrade which gives you double earnings on your clicks.  The best way to do this is to purchase your upgrade when the value of Bitcoin has gone down because it then costs you less.

After you upgrade you can choose when you want to make a payment claim, and you obviously want to do this when the value is high to get the best rate.  This is one of the things I really love about BTC Clicks – it is like a mini trading center that you can use to maximise your income!

Your Earner Dashboard

To access your earner dashboard you need to use the link at the bottom of the website.  This will take you to the main admin area of your account, and where you can do several things:

  • Rent Referrals – There is an option on site that you can use to rent referrals to help build your team on here.  This is quite difficult to do due to high demand and I suggest you try to get direct referrals instead.
  • Your Referral Link – You can find your referral link by clicking on the referral/affiliate tools tab on your dashboard.  You will find other promotional banners etc here too.
  • Transfer Money – To purchase an upgrade or rent referrals you will need to transfer money from your earning account into your purchase account.  To do this you just click on the Deposit to Purchase balance button which is about halfway down the dashboard page.
  • Make Withdrawals – The withdrawal tab is also on your dashboard.  To be able to withdraw money from BTC Clicks you will need to have a Bitcoin Wallet.  I recommend you use
  • Check History – Here you can check the deposits, purchases and withdrawals you have made.
  • View Referrals – The referrals tab allows you to view both rented and direct referrals.  You can also rent referrals from this tab.
  • Upgrade Membership –  There are 3 levels of Premier membership available and you can purchase them via this tab.  The 3 levels are 90 day, 180 day and 360 day upgrades and the price fluctuates with the Bitcoin value.
  • Change Account Details – Finally, there is an account details tab which is where you can make any changes you require to your account.

My Plan for Earning

My plan for earning on BTC Clicks is to firstly get enough earnings to pay for the 90 day upgrade so I am earning double from my clicks and from my referrals clicks.  I have done that already and it made quite a difference to my earning levels.  Next I aim to upgrade for 180 days and I am close to achieving this now too.  Once that upgrade is reached I will work on the final upgrade which is for 360 days.

Along with the upgrades I am working to increase my referral numbers to boost my earnings on this site.  Bitcoin sites are very popular and I am doing this mainly from advertising on EasyHits4U with free credits.

Overall I am enjoying using this site to earn Bitcoin.  It is easy to use and it doesn’t take long to make enough to purchase the first upgrade.  I also find it pretty easy to get referrals for BTC Clicks due to high demand for Bitcoin earnings.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Make Money Blogging – Get Paid to Write

Make Money Blogging

I’ve been blogging now for several years, and I really love it. I love it so much that it is now my main work from home activity in fact.  Everything I do to earn money now circulates around my blog and there are many ways I personally make money blogging:


I use Adsense to monetize my blog from advertising.  Adsense is a program that pays you for displaying adverts on your website, and there are many similar programs.  You can see my Adsense ads just over to the right on this page.

Personally I don’t make a lot with Adsense.  It ticks along giving me a few extra pounds each week which is fine by me right now, I know it will build over time.  That is my own goal and the reason I use Adsense at all.  I have no desire to have a blog that is covered in adverts just to make a few extra pounds to be honest.  Instead I prefer to let it tick over and build up slowly but surely.  To cover a site in adverts when you use these programs I think is very easy to do.  I see it all the time, and I know it can be counter-productive:

Many people think it is easy to make a full time level income with programs such as Adsense, but to make decent money you do need to have a lot of site visitors.  One of the main factors that helps with increasing site visitors is how attractive the website is to them.  A site covered in adverts is really not attractive to anyone, so you do need to use them with caution.

Thankfully there are many ways to earn advertising revenue from a blog and is not all about having adverts from programs like Adsense.  Other options include writing reviews about products or writing sponsored blog posts for example.  This is one of the main advantages of writing a blog rather than having a static website as writing reviews fits in very well with the blog format.  Actually writing reviews about products can really increase reader interest and the number of visitors to your blog too.  If you are interested in doing this then Awin is a great provider to check out.

Is this for you?

Programs like Adsense can be quite easy to join, though some do have traffic level requirements.  You do need to have a blog already started before you apply AND you can be turned down quite easily as well.  Program managers tend to want to work with people who have a well designed blog with a clear aim which is generating a good level of organic traffic.  If you would like to start a blog and get personalised assistance with it my Blogging Mastery free e-course will be of interest to you.

Adding the adverts is very easy, and just takes being able to copy and paste programming scripts into your blog dashboard.  You need to know how to add widgets usually, but this is easily learned.

The main thing about using this type of program to help you make money blogging is knowing it will only provide a small amount initially.  Some sites do not make any revenue at all for many months from the adverts on their blogs.  It is NOT a fast cash option.

For the product reviews I must point out it is vital that they are written well for this to work.  Posts that just say this is a good product and buy it here with a link don’t quite make the cut.  There is a huge amount of competition in this area so to make money blogging through review options takes a lot of hard work.

In my opinion unless you are very good at writing reviews, can do them in an unbiased fashion, and can generate highly targeted traffic this is not for you.  Luckily I teach how to do all of those things in Blogging Mastery   😉


When you work from home many opportunities involve recruiting others to join your team.  Recruiting is the main way to develop a higher level income with most of these opportunities because you earn a small amount of commission based on the activity of your team members.

Recruiting others can be quite a difficult task at times.  It can involve having to talk to a lot of people and also dealing with a lot of rejection.  Due to both the level of skill needed to do this and the amount of competition on social media sites it is no wonder that some people can struggle with it.

When you use a blog for recruiting the whole process can be automated.  You simply write blog posts that will attract people interested in working from home and that post works on your behalf on a never ending basis.

Is this for you?

If you are involved with any work from home opportunity that requires recruiting others to build an income a blog is a great way to do it.  It is a lot easier and more satisfying than posting adverts like a robot on social media, and it is much more effective as well.  Because a blog attracts people interested in the topic you write about it works to filter your audience to those most likely to join your team.  It does take time and effort to get a blog to work for you in this way, but once it is working it literally never stops.

To get a blog that will recruit team members you need to be willing to spend several months writing blog posts before you see results.  You will also need to learn how to generate traffic.  Again I teach all those things in Blogging Mastery   😉


I have included planning in this section simply because it is something that has made a big difference to my own earning.  By writing a blog that tracks my progress it has helped me to plan and to adjust those plans to create a higher level income.  Without writing this blog I am not sure I would have been so good about tracking my progress and planning how to move forward.

Is this for you?

Of course it is possible to plan without writing a blog.  The fact it is published online however makes you more accountable.  To be honest the planning side of things has been a bit of an additional benefit that I was not really expecting when I started blogging.  It has increased my own earning a lot though so should not be underestimated.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales is something I have been dabbling with for a month or two and I do intend to work on this income source quite a lot more.  I know that it can provide a great level income but also that it isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be.  Personally I have taken a few training courses all about affiliate marketing and already am making money from small campaigns.  I have some larger campaigns planned now too and I look forward to running plenty more.

Affiliate selling is basically an agreement between yourself and a company to promote their products for sales based commissions.  There is a lot of competition but also a lot of scope for building your own customer base.

Is this for you?

Affiliate selling is very flexible and can suit a lot of different people.  The main problem that people starting out in this type of work face is finding a product that they enjoy promoting.  There is a huge range of products available, so pretty much there is something for everyone.  Once you decide on a product to promote you do need to create an audience or customer list to be successful.

Obviously having a background in sales and/or marketing can be a big benefit for this type of work, however it is not necessary.  Being able to create a business page or profile on social media would certainly help as well.  If unable to do those things you would have to be willing to spend time learning.  You could also use affiliate sales as part of a blog strategy for building income.

 Have you ever thought about making money from blogging?

If the answer is yes, or you would simply like to find out more about it I highly recommend signing up for Blogging Mastery.  That is a free course I offer which guides you through all aspects of blogging and I provide lots of support as well.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Reasons Why The Future Net Scam is Not a Scam.

The Future Net Scam is Not a Scam and in this post I explain the reasons I say that.  It is quite a long post because there is a lot of evidence to provide.

What Is Future Net?

Future Net is a site that pays its members in several different ways:

  • There is a social media section that pays people for their activity of posting, sharing and commenting.
  • Revenue sharing is paid to those using the Ad Pro section.
  • Members are paid commissions for making sales of various products.
  • There is a forced matrix payment option.
  • Members earn commission for promoting the site to others.

The Future Net Scam?

If you have been reading reviews online you will no doubt have found some that talk about ‘The Future Net Scam’.  I would like to provide the evidence to the contrary, and there is a lot of that available.  So why are others warning against the Future Net Scam?

To be honest there are several reasons for that:

  1. Some people have no idea how to actually tell the difference between a scam and a real company.
  2. There are a few similarities between Future Net and other sites that have failed (such as Traffic Monsoon).
  3. Telling people that sites are scams is a ploy sometimes to promote a different company.
  4. Using the words Future Net Scam is a technique used to generate search views to a website (and yes I am using that option for this post!)

In this post I will cover all of these reasons to provide you with the evidence I have available to show the Future Net Scam is NOT a scam.  You can then make up your own mind about the site… lets start with talking about how to identify scam sites:

How to Identify Scam Sites

One of the main ways to identify  scam sites is to investigate where the money is coming from that is used to pay its members.  If the only visible source of revenue for the site is coming from the payment members make, it is highly likely to be a Ponzi (or Pyramid) Scheme. That means the money new members pay is used to provide the money paid out to the people who joined the site earlier.

Sites using this structure are absolutely destined to fail.  Very simply they will run out of money to pay people after a certain time.

Click here for more detailed information about Ponzi Schemes. 

For this reason I focus mainly on how Future Net makes its money in this post.  If you are unsure about this being the best indicator to help identify a scam site I suggest you google the terms Ponzi Scheme, and Pyramid Scheme.  If that doesn’t clear things up for you then you can contact Action Fraud to ask for their advice on the matter 😉

The Similarities Between Future Net and Other Failed Sites

One of the main reasons I believe some reviews talk about the  ‘Future Net Scam’ is because of the similarity with other sites that have failed.  The revenue sharing model has certainly had some very bad press, and I am happy to say I was one of the people warning against Traffic Monsoon.

Sadly scam sites have always used the similar to technique to confuse people.  Its not just scam sites either.  Phishing emails are sent in a way that tries to deceive people into thinking they are from a particular company.  Burglars pretend to be utility engineers to gain access to homes.  Others pretend to be builders, plumbers, kitchen installers etc etc to get people to hand over money.

Unfortunately scammers are always developing more advanced techniques to fool people out of their cash.  They nearly always use the similar to technique though.

The Scam Ploy

The scam ploy to me is quite disgusting.  That is when people deliberately say that something is a scam in order to gain trust and promote another opportunity.  In my opinion that is perhaps the worst form of deception.  It is underhanded and it targets vulnerable people as well.

The scam ploy is becoming much more prominent online with the growing rise of google research popularity.  Everyone turns to the internet first to do research these days and the scam ploy takes full advantage of that.  The scam ploy also takes advantage of those who are trying to do some research into earning sites, which is the right thing to do.  It does however take advantage of the fact that most people do not know how to do in depth research for themselves.

The Words Future Net Scam

Search engines such as google use the words people type into the search box to generate relevant search results.  Using the words Future Net Scam therefore increases the likelihood of a particular page or site showing up in search results.  As I said already I am making use of this technique to help this post get seen too.  I think it is important to provide actual evidence to people who are searching for information about sites and so I provide that evidence below.

Lets Look At the Evidence

Evidence The Future Net Scam is NOT a Scam

The majority of evidence is related to where the money is coming from to pay site members profits.  I have identified many income streams that are obvious on the Future Net Site and I detail them below:

External Advertising

The first thing that I notice about Future Net is the presence of external advertising.  I know already that a lot of sites generate the majority of their revenue through external advertising sources.  In fact I even make money from external advertising on this blog.  It is a very common way for sites to generate revenue.

On Future Net the external advertising is highly obvious.  There are adverts from a lot of big brands shown on various parts of the Future Net website, including the social media platform, the sidebars of the Ad Pro section and on pop up ads as well.

App Development

From doing a bit of research and from watching the website itself I know the Future Net team are deeply involved in app development.  This is a very popular method of income generation now, and one that is highly effective and profitable.  Some apps are generating millions in revenue for the developers.  On the download page for these apps Future Net is identified as the developer, and these are just 2 examples of apps they have produced.

Sales of Business Tools

Future Net has a wide variety of business tools available to members, such as blog hosting, landing pages, e-books, videos, e-learning, website templates,  webinar software, cloud hosting and more.  All of these items are clearly available on the site and there are payment plans for each.  The sale of business tools is another highly profitable market online.

Sales of Physical Future Net Branded Products

On site there are several product lines of Future Net branded goods.  These include, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, umbrellas, perfume and much more.

Affiliate Sales

Another extremely common form of revenue generation online is through affiliate marketing.  Again this is something I am familiar with myself and personally use it to generate income as well.  On Future Net there is a shopping section where products from other companies are available to buy.  This is obviously another source of revenue for Future net.


Future Net has recently opened a restaurant and cafe which is located in Kiev.  Plans to open more across the world are also underway.  Giving this online business a ‘high street’ shop front is an extremely savvy move for the company and sets it apart from its main competitors like Facebook.  What better setting than a cafe to use a social media site?


Percentage of Revenue Returned

Within the Future Net system there are automatic funding payments made from all members.  A 5% of profits made by members goes back into the Future Net site through an automated system.  The automatic payments are used to fund advertising and upgrades on the site which creates a constant form of revenue back to the company.  This is extremely important as the Ad Pack purchase system can mean members do not deposit funds to increase their account levels, and instead use a rebuy option.   By having the 5% automatically cycling through it overcomes this potential problem.

Levels and Payment of Revenue Share

The revenue share model used by Future Net is of a reasonable and sustainable level.  The $10 profit on $50 packs and $2 profit on $10 packs is not an over-inflated amount, and importantly it is paid back daily based on the profits made each day.  The fact the revenue shares do fluctuate on a daily basis show there is a calculation taking place.  Paying out a percentage of profits made rather than a set amount per day means this is sustainable over time.




Although the crypo-currency revenue side of the company is not actually available right now (November 2017), it is certainly well underway.  The value of crypo-currency and the benefits of offering this demonstrates another business savvy decision that is obvious to anyone to understands crypo-currency markets.

Non Revenue Related Reasons

In addition to multiple revenue sources as detailed above there are a few non-revenue related reasons I trust Future Net as well:

  • The fact Future Net has been up and running and paying consistently for over 3 years
  • Stephan Morgenstern, CEO of Future Net has been in this industry for over 25 years.  There is no history of him being associated with any companies which have failed, or any dodgy dealings.
  • The company is developing and growing on a consistent basis. Development plans are fulfilled when they are announced.  
  • Any negative reviews online are all stating that Future Net is a Ponzi Scheme which is obviously not the case.  Many people do not have a clear understanding of what a Ponzi Scheme is or how to identify one.  Many of these reviews are also promoting alternatives.  Sadly there are various companies who encourage the use of the ‘scam review technique’ simply in order to promote their company.  One company in particular encourages all their members to use this technique, and several of these reviews are promoting that company.
  • Customer service representatives are contactable and do provide support with any issues.
  • Having been with Future Net myself now for over a year, I have no reason to doubt the company.  I have received payments without delays or problems, I understand the revenue generation model being used and can easily show evidence to support my findings.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this post and have considered the evidence provided carefully.  If you wish to join Future Net you can click here to join my team.

I do provide full support to team members and also to people from other teams.  If you would like to receive my earning guides about Future Net to help you increase your earning on there please subscribe to my Future Net Income Builder email list by adding your details below.  PS, you can also win $10 codes on there just for subscribing!

Future Net Income Builder

I ALWAYS respect your email privacy

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Get paid to do Quick Surveys with One Poll

Get paid to do Quick Surveys

You can get paid to do quick surveys with a website called One Poll, a company I have used for several years now.  In fact I think it was one of the sites I joined right back at the start of my work from home only experience several years ago.

Why Join One Poll?

Personally I think there are lots of reasons to join One Poll:

Bonus Payments

I remember joining One Poll and seeing the claim level was £40 and the surveys were paying about 10p.  To be honest if I hadn’t been desperate to find something that worked back then I am not sure I would have done much on it.  The first thought is how long is it going to take to get to £40 right?  I am still using One Poll today though so I am glad I didn’t write it off when I saw that myself.

I’m not going to say you will get to the £40 limit fast on this site, but it also doesn’t take as long as you might think either. That is because of the bonus payments offered:

  • You get a £2.50 bonus for signing up
  • Another 50p is paid for new referrals
  • When you get to £10 worth of surveys completed you get another 50p bonus
  • You get another 50p bonus for linking your Facebook account
  • Another 50p bonus is paid when you hit £20 worth of surveys completed

All of those can add up quite quickly to help boost your account.

Survey Frequency

Although the claim limit is quite high on One Poll they are a site that tends to have several surveys available daily.  There are not many at the weekends usually however so it is worth noting that if the time you have available is mostly at the weekend.

Cash Payments

They are a highly reputable company who pay cash directly into your bank account or through Paypal.  Some survey sites do not pay in cash so this is a definite plus if you need to boost your bank balance rather than getting gift vouchers.

Quick Surveys

One of the main reasons I personally like One Poll is because the surveys are usually really quick.  Quite often you get paid 10p just for answering 1 or 2 questions for example.  Some surveys are a bit longer and you do get paid more for them.  You can usually judge the length of the survey just from the payment amount being offered to complete it.

Today for example you can see from the screenshot below there is a survey paying £1 as well as some for 10p, 20p etc.  I know before I start this survey is going to be more than a couple of questions.

The length of the surveys is also indicated by the progress bar One Poll use.  This is really good as you know how close to finishing the survey you are, and unlike some other sites it is accurate.

Attractive Survey Layout

As you can see from the pic above the surveys on One Poll are also provided in an attractive format.  Some surveys can be quite cluttered and difficult on the eye.  One Poll use a single question to a page option and mostly multiple choice answers that are easy to select.

Research Panels

One Poll do provide invites to longer research options such as research panels.  I have secured several research panel places via One Poll that paid £50+ for more detailed feedback.  These panels took place online and lasted around 30mins.


After using One Poll for a little while I got to like the fact it has a higher claim level.  It is a great site to use for saving up for a bigger purchase for example.  There are also benefits in my opinion to using a range of sites that pay different amounts, such as spreading your income out over the month.  Things like that don’t really become apparent until after you have a bit of experience earning this way.

No Time Limits

A further plus for One Poll is the fact they do not have a time limit or anything on your account.  Some other sites will re set your account to zero if you don’t log in within a certain time scale for example.  I don’t think that is a very fair practice to be honest, and I am very glad to say that One Poll doesn’t do that.  Once you earn money with One Poll it is yours and will be held in your account for you regardless of how long you don’t log in for.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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