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Working At Home When You Have Depression

Working At Home When You Have Depression

Working at home when you have depression is a great option.  In fact it is great for those who have all sorts of health problems.  It does however come with its own set of issues that can be quite difficult to overcome.   As someone with both physical and mental health problems I feel like I have experienced them all, yet I have also managed to over come them.

Today I would like to talk about working at home when you have depression.  Depression is one of the main conditions I am diagnosed with,  and I have had it for over 25 years.  Due to additional complications my own depression is medication resistant and I have had some extremely difficult times with it.

For example, I just came across a journal entry from 2015 which says:

“I’m really fed up at the minute and am struggling a lot with my mood. I think its mainly since the doctor changed my medication, which he did because of the pain I was experiencing in my legs. For the past week however I have had to take another medication which affects my moods a lot. This medication I take for 10 days every 3 months so its hard to have a clear picture of whats going on right now.

I feel completely de-motivated, like life is pretty pointless and I’m worried about my health, and the impact that will have on my future. I have no interest in speaking to people, doing anything is a real chore and I just have no enjoyment from anything. I am very familiar with these symptoms.  They are classic signs of depression.  Usually I can do some things to help me cope with them a bit better, but not this time. I’m trying really hard to do these things, such as focus on goals, but I am not feeling any sense of achievement at all.

I think the problem is I have felt low now for several months and I’m just tired of it.  I just want it all to go away, but I don’t know how to make it stop”

Then and Now

I remember this time in my life very well.  I had been doing ok-ish in terms of working at home, though I was limited to rather basic things.  I found a little relief in fact by doing surveys online, as they gave me something else to focus on.  Keeping the brain engaged in activities that require thought really helps my mood at times, but there are also times when I am just not able to focus long enough to do these activities.  2015 was one of those times for me.

I have to be honest here and say I really thought I was going to loose any progress I had made the previous few years.  There is a large gap in my blog posts and I wasn’t able to earn anything for months at a time.  The thought of loosing everything yet again was devastating for me.

Yet here I am in 2017 and my income is building again nicely.  I can honestly say I am very happy with the progress I have made, especially over the past year.  It has been far from easy.  Now however I have managed to put some plans in place that mean even if my mood drops to this level again, my income will not fall.

Financial Freedom

The fact I know now that my income will continue to build regardless of my health problems has given me so much hope for the future.  It is a drastic change from not knowing how I am going to get through the day.  Financial freedom means a lot of different things to different people, but surely it is always around hope? Hope to spend time with the ones you love, or hope that you will not have to struggle again for every penny.  Hope to have the freedom to do the things you love to do, or hope to provide a good quality of life for your family.

The hope that I now feel I want to share with the world.  It is magical, it is motivating and it is simply too marvelous to keep to myself.  I want everyone to know the feeling of financial freedom!

That is the reason I do this.

If I can do it, then so can you.  Turn your life around if you are struggling, and start to work on it today.  It doesn’t matter how small a step you can take right now, just do it.

Working at home when you have depression is not easy, yet it also can give you a whole new sense of purpose.  There is nothing better for your mood than doing something you know is worthwhile!

Need Help?

If you need help to build your income then I am here.  I will not stop helping you work towards your goals.  If you don’t know where to start then just contact me and I will help you to plan.  Regardless of which opportunity you use already, or even if you don’t think you can do it.  My specialty is finding a way…

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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The Most Important Business Asset You Have

If I asked you what the most important business asset you have is, what would you say?  Think about it now before you read on…

I recently asked this very question in my Work From Home Network Viral Network Marketing Group and the answers were very interesting indeed.  Some people said it was their Facebook page, others said it was their products and others said it was them.  When I asked other people some said it was their car or their machinery.  All of these things are indeed great assets, however no-one mentioned the most important business asset you have, hence this blog post 😉

So What is The Most Important Business Asset You Have?

Well I don’t know any business that would survive without good relationships.  Every business, big or small, needs to have a good relationship with its customers, with potential customers,  with any workers it has, and with other businesses it may use.

Now that doesn’t mean to say there are never any problems in those relationships, of course there can be issues at anytime.  The number one factor however that influences the outcome of any problems arising, is quite simply the relationship that is built between the two parties.

If you are running a small business, and working from home the relationships you have with others become all the more important.  You are not a big faceless company who can hide behind policies and procedures etc.  The relationships you build with others is the single most important business asset you have.  As a small business person you need to value and nurture the relationships you have above everything else or you will fail.  It is that simple.

The Pre-Business Relationship

The pre-business relationship is the one that starts from the moment the two parties become aware of each other.  It is all about first impressions.

Every business has a pre-business relationship with others.  There was a time when you first discovered each other.  As a small business owner, or someone who wants to work from home this is the first thing you need to think about.

What impression do you want to give to others? and How can you give others that impression?

Sometimes it can be easier to visualize yourself at a party.  You are just about to walk in to a room full of people you don’t know, so how are you going to act?

For many people starting a business or trying to develop one, especially by using social media, their first impression is not good.   The number of people who just post adverts everywhere is quite shocking to be honest, as is the number of people who send a PM with a link, or just add people to groups without asking.  These tactics are pretty rude and aggressive and those same people wouldn’t dream of acting this way normally.  Posting adverts everywhere is the equivalent of practically trying to slap everyone at a party in the face with a flyer.

Then, after doing this small business owners on social media wonder why no-one comes to visit their place of business…

I am sure you can relate to this experience somehow if you use social media at all.  I get PM’s and added to groups constantly without any initial contact.   It would be so much better if they just said hello instead, right?

Building the Relationship

Ok so you have managed to become aware of each other somehow.  Hopefully not by slapping someone in the face with a flyer 😉 Now imagine yourself as having just found out that a new business exists – a new shop in your local town for example.  You know nothing about them at all.  What do you do?

You might do nothing at all except register the name in your head.  Another thing you might do is ask others if they have heard of it or been there yet.  The chances are if you know nothing about this new business you might be curious to know more about them.  Who are they? What do they sell? Who is the owner?

All of these things are involved in building the relationship with that business.  You may not even think about them again until you hear the name a few times, or you are walking past.  If you are doing that and they started waving a flyer in your face what would you do? If they invited you in for a look around and were pleasant and chatted to you instead, then what would you do?

Building the relationship you have with others in a pleasant way, and taking the time to get to know them is a slow process.  It is however what will make the difference between them even remembering you or not though.  As a small business owner it is vital you take this time to build up trust with those you have connected with in the pre-business relationship stage.

Converting the Relationship

In business terms the process of moving someone from the building relationship phase into them becoming a buyer or team member is called a conversion.  Not everyone you have built a relationship with will ‘convert’.   It depends of course if what you are offering fits with their needs.

Knowing the needs of those you have build a relationship with is actually the best way to ‘convert’ them into a buyer or team member.  When you know what someones needs are, the way you present the item or opportunity becomes a helpful action, and they are much more likely to try it.  In fact they may even thank you for your help!

Maintaining the Relationship

This is another area where small business owners can fall down, and it is a very important stage.  Those who have made a purchase or signed up to your team need to be remembered in your whole business approach.  Yet I see it happen all too frequently where small business owners are much more focused on finding new customers or team members and forget about those who made a purchase or joined the team already.

Large businesses understand that it is easier to maintain a relationship than start a new one.  Without marketing knowledge and experience this point can be lost for many small business owners, and it contributes to the struggle to build a business.  Always remember you should be adding to your customer base or team rather than replacing them! When working on replacement all the time your business will just not grow.

Have you found this post useful or inspiring? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting below or you can contact me directly if you prefer! 

Please feel free to share this post with others who might enjoy it too!

Ellie xx

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The Work From Home Network – My Vision

The Work From Home Network

What is The Work From Home Network?

The Work From Home Network is a vision I have for the future, but am building day by day.  It is a group of people who all work from home, and between us all use many different income sources.  There are people using network marketing companies, and there are people using online marketing methods.  Some of us work as affiliates and others write blogs or create websites.  In fact we welcome people who use practically any type of work from home option. We do draw the line when it comes to illegal and unstable schemes though 😉

All in all the fact we come from many different backgrounds makes us a pretty diverse bunch.  Yet we are all striving for the same thing: To achieve financial freedom though work from home activities.

Our Ethos

The Work From Home Network members recognise there is value in sharing knowledge and in supporting each other.   In other words, The Work From Home Network is all about professional networking.

Our aim is to develop our skills through teaching each other about different methods of working, and to provide a supportive environment.


The Work From Home Network provides access to a considerable amount of training.  As a qualified life coach, combined with years of experience in the work from home industry,  I believe that personal development is vital for all who work from home.


The Work From Home Network runs a weekly event to help group members with achieving their own goals.  Those events will be designed to help with goal setting, motivation, planning, learning, recruiting and making sales.  There is no obligation to join these events, but to do so will be of benefit to all who take part.

Application Process

If you would like to Join the Work From Home Network and receive our free training and information emails Please Click Here To Join

Your application will be processed as soon as possible, we have a waiting list for joining.



Work From Home Network VIP’s

For those members of the Work From Home Network who want to take things to the next level we have an exclusive VIP membership.  Our VIPs recognise it is both possible and valuable to actually work together as a team, even when involved in different work from home opportunities.

This is for those who wish to really build deeper relationships with other professionals and get involved in more in depth training.  VIP’s are also much more involved in the events side of things we run.

Our VIP’s are provided with many additional benefits.  For example there is an exclusive VIP group where we share not only more detailed information but also resources.  This allows for more economical use of things like paid advertising.  VIP’s are also provided with many additional promotional activities – being able to present their business opportunities to those taking part in our events and in our main Work From Home Network group for example.

Work From Home Network VIP’s are also added to a VIP directory on this blog and get free listings in our work from home opportunities board.

VIP Costs

Unlike other VIP or upgraded memberships there is no membership fee to become a Work From Home Network VIP.  Instead, in true work from home style, all VIP members of The Work From Home Network agree to work on a joint project.  This project provides mutual benefit of everyone who becomes a VIP.

The joint project we have compliments any other work from home opportunity, as it is designed to assist with business growth.  It is a global program which also provides a stable and increasing income stream to each member.  The program was established in 1999 and is extremely robust.

The joint project is in place so we can ensure the success of all VIP members of The Work From Home Network.  In addition, it helps to fund many resources such as paid advertising, training and administration costs.  It is our alternative to charging a fee to join and it is a required condition of VIP membership.

The initial cost of the joint project is $10 (£7) per month, however this cost is then turned around to generate a monthly income through activities of the team.

VIP Application Process

Applications to become a VIP are strictly by invite only.  You must be a member of the Work From Home Network to receive an invitation to become a VIP.

If you would like to Join the Work From Home Network and receive our free training and information emails Please Click Here To Join


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How to Build your Audience on Facebook

You can build your audience on Facebook in so many ways now, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.  There are also different places too and these are suited for different types of activity.  To help you get the most out of using Facebook to build your business it is worth learning more about using the platform effectively.

The first thing you need to consider is the place or places you use, and how.  By that I mean your personal profile, a business page, a group or an event.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile is the one you use for friend requests and building connections with people.  It is against Facebook rules to use this for selling or to give it a name that is not your own.  They are clamping down on this a lot now, so if you have a personal profile you need to make sure you use it correctly.  Breaching Facebook rules means you could get your account closed without notice and I know some people this happened to.  They lost all their contacts and customers, and it affected them very badly so do take this issue seriously!

If you are building a network marketing business for example, and that involves both team building and selling, you can use your personal profile for connecting with people but not for selling.  A personal profile gives you some great tools to use for connecting.  Tools such as being able to filter your posts to a specific group of people and the messenger option are both perfect for getting to know people better.

Business Page

Your business page is the one that people ‘like’ to follow your page and see your updates.  Although it is a business page it is important to remember that you are posting on a social media site.  A business page will only thrive if it is helpful, entertaining and attractive to others.  Do NOT make it all about business and sales.


Groups on Facebook can be used for all sorts of things, and this is reflected in the options you have to choose the type of group.  Different types of group have different features so it is worth choosing the right type for your purpose.  For example a selling group will have the sell an item feature but a team group will not.

Please do remember to ask for someone’s permission before you add them to the group however.  It is common bad practice to add everyone to a group in the hope more people will see your posts.  This actually has the opposite effect.


As the name suggests event pages are there to help you promote an event.  This could be either online or offline and can help you sell tickets etc if there are any.  The event page itself is not really geared up to use for hosting an online event, but instead can be used to encourage people to attend an event you hold.

It is highly likely you will use a mixture of all of the places identified above, however it is very important that you distinguish between them.  In other words do not just post the same thing in all places.

How to Build your Audience on Facebook

To build your audience on Facebook the main thing to remember is it is about doing 2 things.  You need to reach out to other people, but you also need to engage with them.  I see people, especially those with business pages, just trying to get more and more likes all the time.  They join in with like ladders, post their page link everywhere, and do not take the time to actually engage with those they do attract.  Those pages are doomed to failure.

Not only are pages grown this way not attracting the right type of people to their page, they are creating a major problem for themselves.  That problem is having all their posts limited by Facebook.  Facebook analytics take a lot of things into account, and that includes how fast a pages ‘like’ number increases.   If it does not happen in a time frame that is consistent with the expected norm, it is flagged and limited.  It also takes into account the people who like the page: Where are they from? Do they have similar interests? Is there a connection to explain why each person likes this page? ,

The main way to build your audience on Facebook is to actually chat to people.  Spend some time getting to know those you connect with, and don’t be in a hurry to build a big audience.  A small and active following is much better than a large inactive one.  Think about the words BUILD an audience.  It is about adding to the audience that exists, not swapping one person for another.

In terms of business success, the factor that will distinguish you from others is building relationships.  People buy from people, and join people, and stay with people they know, like and trust.  Focus on the latter and the business part will pretty much take care of itself.

Useful Facebook Tools

I have to say there are a load of Facebook tools you can use to help build your audience! My favourite ones are:


Just commenting on other peoples posts is one of the best ways to connect with them.  If you are using Facebook for business you should always provide this opportunity on your personal profile or provide a link to your business page.  Its amazing the number of people who don’t have either option, yet they obviously use Facebook for business purposes.  You don’t have to have your full profile open to all, but do provide a few posts that are public!


If you come across someone you would like to connect with the follow button is a great way to do it.  I like to see it as letting someone know you are there! When you follow someone 3 things usually happen:

  • You get to see their posts in your timeline, so lets you get to know them better, and gives you the opportunity to comment.
  • They often pop over to visit your profile to find out more about you.  If they like what they see they might start a chat with you, or send a friend request.
  • If they see you are involved in a business etc they often check it out.  I get loads of visits to my blog this way.

For this reason I advise anyone who uses Facebook for a business to enable the follow button.


The hashtag tool is used to group posts together around a particular topic.  For example, if I use #workfromhome that becomes a link to other posts which also have this hashtag.  Its a great way to find other people who are talking about similar topics as yourself!

Friend Lists

As someone who works from home and connects with others who do as well I use the friend lists tool all the time.  It allows you to sort your friends into categories.  A great way to use this is to add a list for your own team members for example, or for those who work with the same company.  It can also be used to highlight people who have expressed an interest in your opportunity, or even current customers.  You can use this tool to communicate with a specific selection of people in a few ways:

  • It allows you to post updates that are directed specifically at those people.
  • You can filter your timeline by the lists as well, allowing you to stay in touch with their updates.

It is perhaps one of the most effective tools to use for building your audience.  For example, you might see updates regarding favourite products, or even questions about a product you sell.  If you are the one to answer their questions there is a good chance you will get a new like for your business page 😉

Lifestyle Groups

As groups tend to have a particular focus they are a great place to meet like minded people.  In fact they have often done a lot of the work for you in terms of finding an audience.  Sadly a lot of people use groups in the wrong way so people are added without permission, but those who are active in the group are obviously interested in the topic.  This gives you a great opportunity to connect with them.


Those are just a few of the ways to build your audience on Facebook.  The main thing to remember is to be selective about who you are trying to attract – it is not a numbers game, it is a relevancy game.  Make sure you know who your audience is and it gets a lot easier to find them.

If you have enjoyed this post you will love our Free Facebook Hints and Tips Email Course! Just register below:



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Have you found this post useful or inspiring? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting below or you can contact me directly if you prefer! 

Please feel free to share this post with others who might enjoy it too!

Ellie xx

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How to Get the First Visitors to Your Blog

Get Visitors to Your Blog

If you have just started a new blog and written your first post you may now be wondering how to get the first visitors to your blog.  After all it is no fun writing a blog if no-one is there to read it right?

If you think you just need to publish a blog post and sit back to watch people flocking to read what you have written, then I’m afraid you are in for a shock.  Writing a blog is only one small part of the process, and learning how to get the first visitors to your blog is another part.  Luckily there are lots of ways to do it!

Friends and Family

I think every new blogger relies on friends and family to be the first visitors to your blog.  Unless your blog is something you really don’t want them to read then just ask them to check it out.  I would also ask them to leave a comment too if possible.  This will help you get off on the right foot, and it encourages others to comment too!

To get friends and family to visit it is best to share your blog link (URL) with them because it can be difficult to find a new blog without it.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most wonderful inventions when you are a new blogger.  Chances are you share your blog link and you will get some people going over to check it out.  Do be careful about over sharing  though as people don’t like seeing the same thing over and over again!

On Facebook there are lots of blog related groups that can be useful to use.  Each will have its own rules regarding sharing links and there is a lot of reciprocation expected in them.  Don’t forget you can share your blog posts in my Blogging Mastery Facebook Group too if you wish 😉


Forums are a bit of a funny beast these days.  In some ways social media sites have done away with a lot of forums, after all you can discuss pretty much anything you like on those.  However, social media sites do tend to be quite disorganised and chaotic.  Even if you are in a group specifically for a particular topic it can be difficult to find information you want.  For those of us who like to have our information a bit more structured, forums are the place to find it.

To get visitors to your blog from forums is quite easy.  Most of them allow you to add your blog link to your profile or signature.  If you post in a forum with your links added in the proper way the chances are high you will get some visitors! DO NOT just join forums and share your links everywhere – that is called spamming and no one likes it.

Search Engines

This is the biggie when it comes to getting visitors to your blog.  People use search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc daily to find specific information.  They do that because of course it is the search engines job to match what they are looking for to posts on the internet that answer their particular questions or relate to their search.  For this reason as a blogger you need to learn more about how search engines work.

Sadly it is not a case of just writing a blog post and search engines will send hundreds of people over to read it.  In fact one of the main reasons why bloggers give up is because they don’t get visitors.  If you are going to be successful as a blogger you are going to have to learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Personally I recommend checking out Yoast to help you with that!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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Using Facebook to Recruit New Team Members

If you are using Facebook to recruit new team members you are certainly in the right place to do it.  If however what you are doing is posting ads in lots of Facebook groups, not only are you not using the most effective way, you can also get banned from posting.   Facebook are constantly adjusting the settings to stop these posts being seen and to inflict bans too.  That means if this is your only recruiting method you need to learn another way, and fast.

Now I am not saying posting ads in groups does not work.  I know that it does, at least for some people.  However I get many questions asking me how to get people to actually work after they join, and the answer I always give is “just do not recruit in this way”.   In my opinion all you are doing is recruiting people who do not know how to recruit, and they are highly likely to be struggling with something else already.   What are the chances of them doing better with you?

The Most Effective way for Using Facebook to Recruit New Team Members

The most effective way to recruit new and high quality team members on Facebook is to follow this process:

Step 1: 

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to connect with the right kind of people and do it in the right way.  There is no point in connecting with everyone and anyone in the hope they might join your team.   The people you want to connect with are those who know the key to recruiting on Facebook.  They are people who network.

Networking is NOT sending people links.  It is building relationships with people and generally getting to know them.

If you need help to do this you are very welcome to join my Work From Home Network – Free Coaching For Success Group.  In this group we run both daily networking opportunities and training.

Step 2:

Once you have made some connections you need to build a relationship with them.  It is important that you do this is a genuine way and aim to get to know them and nothing else.  It is from forging genuine relationships with people that you build trust.

To do this on Facebook is very very easy.  First of all share something about yourself on your timeline, a photo is best if possible.  Then visit the timelines of those you have connected with and comment on their updates.  Again be genuine and do not consider this to be a chore or something you do just to build your team.

Step 3:

The next step is to share knowledge.  Show that you know what you are talking about and you are happy to give that knowledge to others.  Be supportive and approachable and people will naturally come to you with questions.  If you do not have a lot of knowledge then spend some time reading and learning.  You will always know more than those who don’t give time to learning.

Step 4:

Step 4 is to share results.  By that I don’t mean bragging about your income or anything.  I mean posting celebration posts and pictures of the lifestyle you are able to have.  Celebrate getting new team members and congratulate them on their achievements too.  I guarantee people will be watching…

Step 5:

The final step is to simply provide people with the opportunity to join you.  If they know you are friendly, knowledgable, supportive and approachable they will join you as and when they are ready to.  They will take no convincing, in fact they are likely to ask you to sign them up 😉

Of course this process takes a little longer to work properly than just posting in groups.  Doing it however will help you to build a much more stable team and to recruit people who will also get results!  It is certainly worth a little extra time to learn about using Facebook to recruit team members initially and then have people will come to you!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx




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Building Assets For A Better Financial Future

Planning for The Future

The idea of building assets is an interesting concept, and one I have only begun to think about recently.  Over the past couple of years I have noticed a big change in the way I think about money.  I was focused on doing everything I could to clear my debts for years, then it was an income to live on for now.  As my income plan is falling into place as well, it is perhaps time for me to look to the future.

It occurred to me that my health problems have had a massive impact on my ability to prepare for the future.  For example, I have worked rather sporadically over the past 30 years.  That has given me the opportunity to do a lot of different things, but one thing it has not provided is a pension plan.

Strangely, at the age of 18 I had more pension plans in place than I do at the age of 48.  It has begun to bother me somewhat that I have practically nothing to show for my life so far.  Perhaps it is the fact that 50 is just around the corner, or maybe it is just a by product of my changing financial situation.

Negative Equity

The fact I am in this position also makes me think about others.  It makes me think about older people who struggle to pay for heating and have no quality of life.  I wonder too about people in a similar situation as myself who have few financial assets.  How many people in the UK alone are in negative equity?

Negative equity is a term I heard a lot several years ago when the housing crash wiped out the value of property.  That was when people owed more for their mortgages than the property was worth.  I was one of the people affected by this when the value of my house almost halved.  Thankfully that situation has improved for many of us.

Negative equity however goes much further than the value of houses.  Looking at the bigger picture it is any imbalance between assets and debts!

If for example I have no assets at all and a debt of £200 that equals a negative equity of £200.  As it stands right now I am starting to move into a positive equity situation where my assets are worth more than I owe.  Finally I am building assets that will provide for me in later years.

Turning the Scale

I can see now that I began to turn the scale the day I lost my job.  The irony of that is not lost on me at all, and I recognise how strange it must sound.  Yet the day I lost my job is the day I took stock of my financial situation and put the wheels in motion to improve it.

Taking stock of where you stand financially is the single most important factor when it comes to turning the scale.  It is the moment of truth and for many a very painful moment.  It means writing a list of your debts and weighing those against your savings or assets.  The difference between these two figures is your net worth, or how much money you really have.   If you are very lucky you will be either at a zero balanced position, or in a positive equity situation.

Building Assets

The only way to have a secure financial future is through building assets.  For some that is through buying property and for others it is through savings or investments.  Now that I am thinking about assets rather than debts I realise I have both property and investments on my list of assets.  Even though I have had my house now for well over 10 years it has only really struck me that it is an asset.  I guess that is because it was always a major struggle to pay my mortgage before.

I am now on the other side of this equity equation and will be focusing on building up my assets from now on.  It is quite an exciting place to be after the drudgery of dealing with debts.  I realise too this is where my feelings of financial freedom are coming from.  I know for sure I am now looking at a better financial future….and it feels wonderful!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Earn More Online – Are You Doing Too Much to Be Successful?

How To Earn More Online

If you want to earn more online you need to ask yourself this question:  Are you doing too much to be successful?

That seems like an odd question to ask those who work from home doesn’t it? Surely if you want to earn more online there is no such thing as doing too much. When you are trying to build a business or income from home you have to be prepared to work hard and juggle 101 different things don’t you?

Well actually if you feel like you are really busy all the time and not earning enough then the chances are you are doing too much!

I know it can be really hard to juggle the demands of trying to make money from home with a home life.  Yet if you do it right it gets easier and easier with no need to feel like a headless chicken.

There is this really prevalent belief that the more you do the more you will be successful.  If you do more you will earn more online….

Everyone knows if you are not making enough money then you need to work harder, right?


This idea stems from the exchange time and effort for money principle. That is the very thing that most people who work from home want to get away from, so my advice is set it aside.  In a world where working 60 hours and more per week is becoming normalised don’t forget the reason you want to work from home in the first place.  For a lot of people that is so you can spend more time with family, be less stressed and have more time for yourself.

So I ask you again…

Are you too busy to be successful?

If you feel like you are meeting yourself coming round the corner, the answer is yes.

When you are spending every wakened moment glued to your phone or laptop doing some form of ‘work’ the answer is yes.

If your children can’t play with you because you are busy working, the answer is yes.

When you feel like you never get a break, the answer is yes.

Working from home does not mean being a slave to the business, it does not mean never thinking about anything else.  If you do it right then you should be wondering what to do with all the free time you have available.  You are in control of your time and what you do with it, not an employer, not an upline or anyone else.

If you are feeling this way and you are wanting to earn more online then I suggest you do the following:

Step Back

Of course you want to provide well for yourself and your family.  Working from home means you have the potential to earn an unlimited amount of money.  You do not need to try and earn it all at once though.  Step back from the whirling, spinning constant rush and constant work and something amazing happens.  Your brain has the space to stop and consider what it is you are doing.  You can start to evaluate what is working and what is not.  The fact you are doing everything the same but just more of it is not going to make you successful, you need to be selective in your approach.

Better is a handful of rest than two handfuls of hard work and chasing after the wind….

When you step back from the situation and rest you have time to think clearly and consider your goals properly.  You can plan an activity that relates to your goal and you can carry it out with focus.  You have time to acknowledge the result from that activity and to witness what went well and what didn’t.

This is exactly what happened for me when I stopped working constantly on surveys and other casual earning sites.  I realised I had given myself no time to enjoy life and all I was doing was working.  When I needed a good distraction from my anxiety etc I found this worked well and of course it was beneficial too.  However, when I set myself the limits of working for just 1 hour per day I made more progress than I ever had before.

Do One thing Well

Have you ever heard the saying “Jack of all Trades and Master of None”? When you try to do lots of things at once you just can’t do them well, its that simple.  When you work from home you do need to be able to do a lot of different things, but don’t try to do everything at once.  Focus on learning how to do one thing well instead of 10 things badly and you will see much better results.

Building a business is not an overnight mission!

Make Sure Your Actions are Goal Related

If you do not have clear goals set then the chances are you are just doing a lot of things in the hope that some of it will work.  By taking the time to give yourself particular goals to work on you can make sure you are moving in the right direction.  Only about 5% of work from home activities will guarantee that you will earn more online, the rest is fluff that clogs the engine!

To make sure you are working on the right goals to move you forward and help you earn more online you need a goal related plan.  I explain how to do that in How to Make Sure You Make Progress Towards Goals.

Stop Wasting Time and Energy

We all do the whole faffing around thing – I am as good at procrastination as anyone else.  However I am also good at knowing exactly when I am doing it! Only when you are aware of your actions and can identify the things you do that waste your time and energy will you be able to stop doing it.  Ask yourself on a regular basis “Is what I am doing right now helping me to earn more online?” If the answer is not a resounding yes then it is getting in the way.  For some things you could think what you are doing will help you earn more online, but how do you know for sure?

Monitor Your Progress

You will know for sure if what you are doing is moving you forward only if you monitor your progress.  I have provided a Daily Earning Tracker Downloadable to assist you with this!

in summary, the best thing you can do to help you earn more online is to make sure that your actions are getting results.  If you are too busy running around doing 101 things without giving yourself the time to stop and plan and monitor your progress you are wasting a lot of time and energy getting no-where.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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The Most Important Business Tool for Success

The Most Important Business Tool

As someone who works from home, and specifically online, I see thousands of adverts promoting the ‘Best Business Tool Ever”.  The thing is they can’t all be the best can they?

Yes I am sure a lot of them are useful in certain ways, however chances are none of them will ever make you successful! Sorry if I have just burst your bubble and you are on the hunt for some tool that guarantees success.  Let me assure you such a tool does not exist on the internet, regardless of the claims made about them.

There are some tools that can be helpful, and I am happy to recommend those I have found of most benefit to me at the bottom of this post.  Remember though that no tool can guarantee success.

Good News About The Most Important Business Tool

Although no tool online can guarantee success, the good news is you already have the most important business tool you need to be successful.  That business tool is your mind!

Now your mind may not have all the information it needs just yet, to make you successful.  It also might not have the right attitude.  When you don’t have the right information, and the right attitude, your mind is the barrier that stops you from becoming successful.  Learning that information and attitude though unlocks the door to success like nothing else can.

Your Belief System

The first thing you need to be aware of is your belief system.

You might believe for example that there is an opportunity or a business tool out there that will make you rich overnight.  About the only thing that actually can do that is the lottery, and you know the chances of winning that already.  If you are searching for that get rich quick scheme online, then you are what is known in the online business world as a sucker.  You listen to the hype and spend a fortune trying to get rich.

Trust me, the scammers love people who fall for the “this is the thing you have been searching for” line.

Having the attitude  “if you can just find the best business tool you will be successful” will also lead you one way – towards bankruptcy.  Don’t get me wrong, there are business tools that are very useful, but the point is you need to learn how to use them.  Tools are there to enhance and make easier, there is nothing that can replace knowledge and do it all for you.

Finding the Right Information

The internet is the most wonderful place for information and learning.  Information literally oozes out of web pages doesn’t it?.  Finding the right information though is tough in that online minefield, and you need to be selective about what you take on board.

Part of the problem with the internet is it is full of contradictory information.  People use it to promote various products for their own gain, and so may not always tell the truth.  For this reason I recommend using several sources to check the information you read, preferably using trusted sources.

Personally if I come across something that sounds interesting I will look for BOTH positive and negative reviews about it.  This can help you to understand what the product or tool does, and what it does not do.  You will always find positive reviews from people trying to sell something, and usually you will also find negative reviews from a dissatisfied customer as well.  Be warned though negative reviews can also be used as a way to promote alternative items from a competitor! I did say it is a minefield out there!

As well as looking for positive and negative reviews try to look for training information.  “How to use” searches can reveal a lot of information, and these tend to be a lot more consistent.  Look for screenshots and detailed descriptions that show someone has actually used the item.  Training videos on YouTube can also be very helpful!

Personally I also like to look for training information direct from the source.  A good developer will make sure there is plenty of information about how to use the item they have created 😉


Mindset is something people who work from home tend to go on about a lot. I bet this is not the first time you have heard the term if you do much reading about working from home. I know people go on about it, but thats because it is important.  For example, having an “I can’t do this” type mindset will influence the amount of effort you put in.  That is because an “I can’t do this” mindset also comes with a “there is no point in trying” attitude.  In psychological terms the mindset idea is called the Self Fulfilling Prophecy and that is well worth reading about.

The Entrepreneur Mindset is also something that works to build success in a very specific way.  I suggest you also read about that if you want to become successful.

Thankfully you can work on your mindset daily.  Doing that will allow you to become more aware of what your specific mindset is doing to hold you back, or move you forward.

Wondering how to work on your mindset? The main way is to read.  Read posts like this one, take courses about business, and most importantly be open to what they say about mindset.  Try to identify the belief systems you have about yourself and your business, and do something to change those that are holding you back.

Business Tools I Recommend

Really there are only 4 things I can report that have made a massive difference to my own success.  I detail those below.

Disclosure: Links below may be affiliate links which means I may earn a commission for any purchases made through my links.  Please be assured I only ever share links to companies I have personally used and am happy to recommend!

Online Courses

For online courses I have found Udemy to be extremely good in terms of both value and content.  There are a huge number of courses available on practically any topic you could need to help with your business.  The home based business coursesFacebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest marketing courses are of particular benefit to those running an online work from home business.

Please note: Due to the quality of the courses I have found there, I have decided to promote them as part of my own business plan.  I therefore do get paid a small commission on any courses purchased via my Udemy Links.  There are plenty of other course providers available, so you might like to check for others.  I have tried many other online courses myself and to be honest a lot are not worth the money.  I have not found that with Udemy.

PS there are lots of special offers available on Udemy courses, such as the £10 deal that has just ended.  As a promoter I now get many unique special offers made available to me.  If you would like to find out about those please feel free to subscribe to my Special Offers Announcements emails.


Aweber is one of the main business tool I use and has made a big difference to my income.  If you have never heard of Aweber it is the top rated autoresponder available, and comes with extremely powerful and flexible resources (like capture page creation for example).  My blog posts Internet Marketing Basics; What is an Autoresponder? and What is a Capture Page and Why You Need One!  will explain more about those if you don’t know what they are.

It took me a little time to learn how to use Aweber effectively, and I will say the courses they provide are well worth the time and effort.  Again due to my own experiences with it I now promote it as part of my business plan.  I earn commission for any subscriptions purchased via this Aweber link.

Online Traffic Sources

Online traffic sources are vital to any online business and can be used for team building and making sales.  There are some very good free traffic sources and some terrible ones, and the same goes for paid sources too.   The main thing to remember is different sources work for different things, and you need to know how to use them too.

I provide free how to information, and details of those traffic resources I have found to be successful to subscribers of My Ultimate Recruiting Guide and my Sales Booster Guide email lists.  If you also wish to subscribe then click the relevant link.  (Join both if you wish!


My Blog

Without a shadow of a doubt this blog is the best business tool I use.  It does so many things I wrote a post all about the benefits of blogging  and now offer a free Blogging Mastery course too.  I have to admit when I first started writing a blog I had no idea how powerful it could be and didn’t really understand it either.  Thanks to training from big names in this industry however, now I get it.  Guys like Ray Higdon and Eric Worre have a blog for a reason too 😉

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Building My Business – November Income Report

Online Earning Plan Update

As many of you know I have been building my business and income levels up for a while now using my £2500 per month income plan.  Todays post is to provide you with an update about my progress towards this goal.

In my Online Earning Plan Update – Oct 2017  blog post I reported having an amazing month where everything just felt like it was falling into place.  November has been equally exciting for me and I have some major updates!

The first update is a little change to how I will be reporting my progress.  In that October report I added a few extra things and took away a few too.  By doing that I realised there are some things I am not taking account of by only talking about income.  My house for example is not going to be providing me with an income for a little while, however it will be increasing in value.  Also because I am using some of my earnings to invest into other things it is the value of those that is changing first, then they provide income.  For this reason I am going to start including a Wealth Report.

My Wealth Report is also a way to help motivate me to use my increasing income in a productive way.

Disclaimer: Please note site links are provided throughout this post.  You can click on any of the site names to be taken directly to the website.  Some of these are referral links and I may receive a bonus of some kind if you use those links to join.  Please be assured  I ONLY share referral links of sites I have a positive experience with.

My Wealth Report

I have to say it is a little difficult to know what to include in a wealth report at first.  Basically it will be the overall value of my assets minus any liabilities (or debts).  There are a few things I have no idea what the value is right now however, so my first step is to find out, and I am working on that already.

House – I have very little idea of the current value of my house so I have contacted the rates office to come and do an inspection.  This also has the added benefit of opening the door to potential grants for repair.  I could get a valuation done by some estate agents too and I will look into this as well.  I do still have a mortgage to pay on my house so when I find out the current value I can compare the two figures (and hope for a positive value).

Property Partner – In addition to my own house I did join a company called property partner a while ago and I got £50 free to invest in that.  I have not added any more to this account and I had forgotten about it before I started thinking about my assets to be honest.  I was delighted to find my free £50 has increased in value to £53.32.

Car & Bike – My car and motorbike are both certainly assets but I have no idea of the value right now.  Those are on my list to check!

Online Accounts – I am in the process of checking these and so far I have found £1367 with others yet to check.

That makes £1420.32 my current baseline measurement.  For my own protection I will not report my full wealth value every month and instead opt for an increase or decrease amount.  As this is my first time counting I will count this as an increase (as I have £1420.32 more now than I knew I had 😉 )  Ok so I know thats cheating a little bit but hey its good to start on a positive!

My Income

Next I move on to my personal income level which involves using multiple income streams.  I continue to have an earning target for each type of income I am working on.

Clicking and Survey Sites

As always the first section I focus on for building income is Clicking and Survey Sites.  I use these because they provide a GUARANTEED method of earning a small amount of money.  Then, using my  Zero2earninghero System I invest this small amount to create a great monthly income.

I now have a target of £50 per month from clicking and survey sites.   I have to admit I am struggling a bit to keep track of earnings again so have a bit of a plan… you will now see screenshots below.  This of course allows you to see my earnings from each site rather than just me tell you what it is 🙂 .  Not sure why I didn’t do this before actually!

For this section of my income I am now using:

Clixsense – target is $5 per month.

In November I earned  $0.57 which is down considerably from $4.84 the previous month.  I am just not using Clixsense at the minute.

Gifthulk – target is now $5 per month.

In November I made $3.73 on Gifthulk by 25th Nov so that is increasing a bit I think!

Swagbucks – target is £10 per month.

In November I earned  £15 which is down a bit from last month.  I just got tired of doing surveys this month!

Inbox Pounds – target is £2 per month.

In November I earned £0 which isn’t surprising when I didn’t even visit the site this month.

Mintvine (now changing to become Branded Surveys)– target is $5 per month.


In November I don’t know what I earned on this site.  I was planning on doing at least the daily poll each day on here to get the bonus and just didn’t manage it at all!

One Poll – target is £3 per month.

In November I earned £2.85  .  I think I was most consistent on this site in November and logged in most days.  I have my eye on the £40 claim from here to add to Zopa 😉

Populus Live -target is £10 per month.

In November I earned £3 .  I even ignored invites for populus surveys this month as wasn’t in the mood to do them.  Thats quite unheard of for me as populus is so well paid!

Panelbase – target is £10 per month.

In November I earned nothing on Panelbase as I didn’t log in here either in November.

You Gov – target is £5 per month.

In November I earned 50p on You Gov.  I am close to making another claim on here so want to aim for that in December!

Global Test Market – target is £5 per month.

In November I earned £0 as this is another site I didn’t use this month.

Valued Opinions target is £5 per month.

In November I earned 75p which is also quite far under target.

Maximiles is another site I use sometimes to watch videos and complete surveys.  I did a little earning on this one during November – around £2 earned and claimed £25 from it.


As you can see my targets and my income on these sites varied quite a bit as usual.  I did just get a bit fed up with surveys this month and could have made a lot more had I pushed myself, but I don’t like doing that too much.

My total earnings from clicking and survey sites was $4.30 = £3.22 + £23.35 .  A total of £26.57 then was made on these sites.  Obviously way off target this month for this part of my income, but its still another few pounds I can invest to help me make more 😉  Thats the beauty of my zero2earninghero system, it all builds up over time anyway!



Target Earning – £500 per month which is around $650.

I had several packs mature again this month and my total went down to 44 x $50 packs and 6 x $10.


I am still working on maintaining 50 x $50 packs and 10 x $10 packs which is my target for this site.  In November my earnings were $577.67 or £428.77 as shown below.  I did have a lot of packs mature and so put the majority of my earnings back in.  Thankfully this should even out next month however, as I have very few packs due to end then.  I am still considering increasing my pack total but have not decided yet.

I think I would like to get my packs spread out a bit to avoid the same thing happening in another few months.  Its a good idea to stick to purchasing 1 pack at a time on here in my opinion, to stop a lot maturing all at once.  It is a bit of a shock when they do!



My Future Net Commissions Nov 2017


Personal Sales

I finally have made a small start on personal selling again now.  Its been rather difficult with moving house and trying to work on the refurbishment of the house I own.  I have now added the shop feature to my Truly Quirky Me Facebook page and hope that will help me manage things a bit better in terms of selling my own stuff. Just some small sales on Ebay to report this month but hopefully it will be better next time 😉

Total earned: £127

Affiliate Marketing

During November I began working on my affiliate marketing plan.  I have made arrangements with a few specific companies which compliment my blog very well and I have started to see some results from these already.  It is a slow process to update posts and links etc, however the fact I am getting positive results so quickly is very reassuring.

This month I made £19.65 via Awin and $7.85 via Panthera

My plan for December is to continue to focus on 3 affiliate programs and write some blog posts about them.  I will also be updating old posts with links too.

I have to be honest here and say I could make a lot more money by promoting things for sale on this blog and my Facebook page etc.  It just doesn’t fit with my own ethos for the blog though so I can’t see me going down that route any time soon.  I might add some things to my Facebook Page as I will be selling on there again anyway.  For the blog though I prefer to stick with promoting items to help people earn more from working from home. I am quite happy with the limits that places on my affiliate income.


My poor little Zopa account is still earning me pennies at the minute and is set to automatically re-invest any money repaid from loans.  I feel a bit like I am neglecting one of my kids with this account right now lol!!  It will get a nice deposit soon though 😉  There is now £129.17 in this account.


My Bitcoin income is growing slowly but surely as I expected it would.

BTC Clicks account has now been upgraded for 180 days, earning me double from my clicks and referrals.  I have done a bit more clicking on ads this month to get me to the upgrade.

USI Tech I now have 5 packs for me, and I bought one pack for my mum on here.  The earning is getting faster daily and I am sure I will be up to 10 packs for myself very soon.   My plan is still to get to 10 packs through investment and repurchasing and then let the account build itself.  I should be on 10 packs by next month without any problem as I will be investing from Future Net withdrawal.


My house is empty right now as I work on the refurbishment plans, so no income from it.   I am now overpaying my mortgage though so this is adding to my overall financial health.

Global Domains International

This month I have started working on GDI again and this is where my main update is this month.  I originally joined GDI about a year ago now and added a few team members at the start.  Due to my health and my focus on building other income sources I let this account go and was left with just 2 team members for quite a long time.  This month I have implemented a brand new plan which I call my Viral Network Marketing Plan and as a result the team has exploded almost overnight.

I started working on the Viral Network Marketing Plan on 21st November and within a couple of days I had a lot of new team members, and some previously registered accounts reactivated.

GDI downline on 29th November


I did not make any withdrawals this month, but I expect to have a nice amount to withdraw next month 😉

Jackpot Joy

I have done a little gambling with minimum risk on JPJ this month,  and added £160 to my income from doing that in November.


Total income for November: £1005.37 which is up quite nicely from my earnings of £740.03 last month and double the previous month.

Now I have hit my £1000 target it is time to aim for £1500 .  I should be hitting that around January I would think.  The fact my income has increased steadily over the last few months is very re-assuring I must admit.  Gone are the days when my income was badly affected by my health, and I know it is just a matter of time before I hit my £2500 per month target.  Onward and upwards!


During December I will:

  • aim to earn £50 from my clicking and survey sites
  • continue to invest into USI until I have 10 packs
  • increase Futurenet back to 50 x $50 packs
  • write blog posts using my current schedule
  • continue with my marketing plans for my affilate earnings
  • focus quite a bit on building GDI
  • increase use of free and paid traffic sources

I’m really looking forward to it all, and of course seeing the results!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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