December 2017 Online Earning Plan Update

I have been building my business and income levels up for a while now.  Its been around a year since I changed my approach in fact, and it has made a massive difference.  I started following my £2500 per month income plan in January 2017 and despite health issues have made pretty consistent progress towards that goal.

The process of earning online is, in my opinion, a never ending learning curve that creates a slow but sure plan.  Today I provide my monthly earning update.

Disclaimer: Please note site links are provided throughout this post.  You can click on any of the site names to be taken directly to the website.  Some of these are referral links and I may receive a bonus of some kind if you use those links to join.  Please be assured  I ONLY share referral links of sites I have a positive experience with.

My Wealth Report

I started adding a wealth report to my monthly update just last month, after all earning each month is only part of the picture.  Investing is an important part of my plan and so the value of my investments needs to be taken into consideration.

For my own protection I do not report my full wealth value every month and instead provide an increase or decrease amount.  This month I am reporting an increase of £6,052.15.   That sounds much more impressive than it is and I certainly have not managed to raise that in a month.  Most of it is actually related to the value of my house, which I had no idea of the value of last month.  After some checking, and more payment off my mortgage I am very pleased to find a decent amount of positive equity.  Finally all those years of struggling to pay my mortgage are starting to feel worthwhile.

My Income

Next I move on to my personal income level which involves using multiple income streams as usual.  I continue to have an earning target for each type of income I am working on.

Clicking and Survey Sites

As always the first section I focus on for building income is Clicking and Survey Sites.  I use these because they provide a GUARANTEED method of earning a small amount of money.  Then, using my  Zero2earninghero System I invest this small amount to create a great monthly income.

I do try to aim for around £50 per month from these sites but recently I am not managing anywhere near that.

I have hardly done any earning on these sites again this month.  Too many other things have required attention, however, as I always say, a small amount earned on these sites multiplies later anyway.  I could do with trying to be a bit more productive on these again so will try to focus again in January.

For this section of my income I am still using various sites as and when I can manage it.  I made a few claims in December:

Clixsense – withdrawal of $11 is now on its way to my online account which is nice!

Swagbucks – As always Swagbucks is one of my top earning accounts in this section.  In December I claimed a £10 gift voucher on here.

The rest of my casual earning sites I didn’t use at all, so no point in going through them all.   In fact I may stick to mentioning sites I have made claims from now on to make it easier for reporting 😉


As I hardly used these sites in December its not surprising my progress was not great with these.  Regardless another £18 is certainly better than nothing!



This month I had quite a lot of re-buying to do to get my account back up to 50 x $50 packs and did not make any withdrawals.  It is the first time that has happened since hitting 50 packs and has helped me to review and adjust my plan a bit more.  As I have a monthly income requirement from Future Net to help me pay my mortgage I have made the decision to build the account up to 100 x $50 packs now.  I have been considering it for a while and now think it would be best to increase my daily earning again.  If I wasn’t relying on this account to pay my mortgage I could be more content with my current level of earnings.  However I want to make sure I can withdraw each month as well as maintain my account level.

Taking my account to 100 x $50 packs will more than cover my monthly withdrawal requirements and allow me to continue building the account too.  I estimate hitting this new target by April 2018.

Although I did not make any withdrawals this month the value of my account has still increased quite a bit.  Commissions have increased from $4950.11 to $5511.36 = $561.25.  A little off my £500 per month target then at £414.47.



Personal Sales

I am slowly managing to sell a few things at the minute, still mostly on Ebay.  In December I made an extra £142.37 from selling off some more old items which is certainly better than nothing.  I would like to get a lot more cleared out this year though so need to get my finger out on this.

Affiliate Marketing

Unfortunately I didn’t make any affiliate marketing sales this month.  I really need to sort my marketing strategy out for this as so far its been a bit hit and miss.  Long term I do have a plan in mind, and I think I just need to start working on it each month from now on.



My  little Zopa account is still ticking over and earning me pennies at the minute.  I am really looking forward to making some nice deposits into this account in 2018 and getting it up to my £1000 target.    There is currently £129.85 in this account which is an increase of 68p.



My Bitcoin income is still growing slowly but surely.

BTC Clicks account still ticks along for me daily and account balance is 0.24500 mBTC today.

USI Tech I now have 10 packs in  my own account and  earnings in December were £215.93.  My mums account is now up to 2 packs and earnings in December were £46.87



My house is empty right now as I work on the refurbishment plans, so no income from it.


Global Domains International

As a result of my work on this account last month I received a payment of $131.  After conversion that gives me another £95 to add to the earnings balance this month.

Jackpot Joy

I have done a little gambling with minimum risk again this month,  and added £135 to my income from doing that in December.


Total income for December: £1068.32 which is up again a little from my earnings of £1005.37 last month.  I know I could have done a lot more in December to be honest, however I like focusing on one thing at a time when I am building an income up.  That gives me more motivation I think, and certainly more clarity of thought.  As long as my income levels keep going upwards I am happy.

I would still like to try and aim for the £1500 level by the end of Jan/Feb.  Am maybe a little behind schedule with that right now but it is doable.  Let see what January brings 😉

January Planning

During January I will:

  • aim to earn £50 from my clicking and survey sites
  • allow USI to build itself now
  • increase Futurenet to around 60 x $50 packs
  • continue to write blog posts using my current schedule
  • clarify my marketing plans for affiliate earnings
  • focus quite a bit on building GDI some more.  Would like to aim for 75- 100 team members really.
  • increase use of free and paid traffic sources

No doubt it will be another interesting month!

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Ellie xx

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