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I have now written my own personal plan to earn £2500 per month online and have had lots of requests for the details.  I am very happy to share my plan with you, and indeed for you to monitor my progress.

As I always use a multiple income stream approach this plan has several parts to it.  I will provide details of each part of the plan so you can see exactly how I am building up my income to hit the target amount.

Please note that each section of my earning plan can be followed independently of the other parts.  This means my readers can use a pick and choose approach to following the plan if preferred.

Clicking Sites

Target Earning – £50 per month

Current Earning – £25-£30 per month

Time Spent Daily – 30 mins – 1 hr

This is my daily earning income stream.  I spend around 30mins to 1 hr on this every day and I consider it to be the most important part of my system.  Although it provides the lowest monthly income of each of the sections I use, it provides a guaranteed amount each month from very simple clicking tasks.  This money I then use to fund the higher income options.  In other words without this I wouldn’t have a regular and increasing monthly income at all.

In addition to using these sites for earning, I also use several of them for advertising and recruiting.  This obviously can increase my own earnings exponentially.

The sites I use for this part of my earn £2500 per month plan are:



Inbox Pounds


Reward Shopping


My Paying Ads

Note all above are affiliate links.

For details of the earning activities I use on each of these sites please check out My Own Daily Earning Routine post.

My plan for increasing income to target level is mainly via referrals.  I have also recently added Grandbux and My Paying Ads to my daily routine as both offer a further investment option which I will be utilising later for a further income increase.

Survey Sites

Target Earning – £100 per month

Current Earning – Varies but I usually hit at least £50 – £100 per month

Time Spent Daily – 10 mins – 1 hr

This is mainly a back up income stream that I use in the same way as the clicking sites.  I have this as an optional booster which I do when I feel able to.  Personally I enjoy doing some surveys most of the time, and I find it helps my health quite often too.  They allow me to rest while still feeling like I am achieving something 😉

The main survey sites I use are:


One Poll


Populus Live

Green Panthera

Survey Network

Global Test Market


My plan for increasing income to target level is simply to do surveys on a more regular basis.  For this target I need to aim for just over £3 per day from doing surveys.


Target Earning – £500 per month

Current Earning – $100 per month (£80)

Time Spent Daily – 2 mins

This is the site I am focusing on at the minute to hit target level.  To achieve this I will be purchasing more ad packs from my earnings on site.  I have worked out the average earnings are approximately 50p per day from each $50 ad pack and 5p per day from each $10 ad pack.  To hit my earning target of £500 per month therefore I am aiming for 25 x $50 packs and 100 x $10 ones.   I currently have 5 x $50 and 16 x $10 ad packs.  This means I can purchase a new $10 pack every few days directly from my account balance.


Target Earning – £250 per month

Current Earning – £100 per month

Time Spent Daily – None.

This site was the one I was focusing on previous to Futurenet.  The aim was to reach 5000kg of waste being recycled through my account and I reached that this month.  From the calculator on site my earnings are now at the 140 Euro level per cycle (5 weeks) and will increase with each cycle as shown.  No further action needed to hit earning target in a few weeks.

Personal Sales

Target Earning – £250 per month

Current Earning – £100 per month

Time Spent – Few hours at the weekend mainly

My personal sales earnings do tend to fluctuate quite a bit just depending on my activity levels.  By this I mean listing items for sale on Ebay or Facebook usually.  I have started to do some car boot sales as well when I am well enough to do so.  The personal sales side of things can be quite difficult for me to manage a lot of the time, but I want to clear out my house ASAP.   I will monitor this part of the plan closely and may reduce the target earning if I continue to struggle with it.

My plan to increase personal sales income is to list job lots on Ebay each week.  Also to attend car boot sales more frequently if possible health permitting.  I am hoping it will get easier in time.

Affiliate Sales

Target Earning – £750 per month

Current Earning – £0

Time Spent – Zero

I have not actually started working on affiliate sales very much as yet.  After my other income streams are in place I will focus specifically on some affiliate programs which I have joined already.  Several other sources I am using are perfect for advertising affiliate programs.  I will be writing a detailed plan for my affiliate income very soon which I will publish in another post.

My Paying Ads

Target Earning – £200 per month

Current Earning – £0.80 per month

Time Spent – 2 mins daily

I have just returned to using My Paying Ads this month.  From the daily clicks only I am earning approximately $0.03 per day but plan to purchase some ad packs at the end of the month to get this account starting to build up.  I will monitor the earnings and decide on a target number of packs when I can do some calculations with these.

Matched Betting

Target Earning – £300 per month

Current Earning – £50 per month

Time Spent daily – 15 mins

I have had my Profit Accumulator account for a while now and have used it a little.  My earnings plan for this account is to include it in my daily earning routine which I will be doing from now on.  I have kept my monthly earning target quite low for this one at the minute but intend to increase it over time.


Target Earning – £100 per month

Current Earning – £0.50 per month

Time Spent – Zero

I have had my Zopa account since 2006 but withdrew most of my balance from it recently.  As part of my earning plan I will be adding funds to this account again on a monthly basis.  As a rough estimate I believe I will need around £2000 in this account to hit my target earning of £100 per month.

That is everything in my current earning plan.  As you can see from the calculations when I hit target on each of these I will be earning £2500 per month.  Most of this plan is without any referrals, or can be achieved without any recruiting involved.  I will also be earning at least £1000 per month without any selling involved.  This is a deliberate plan to show how to make a good income that does not depend on either recruiting or sales.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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