Online Earning Plan 2018

I can’t believe it is just a few days really until 2018.  It seems like just yesterday I started getting used to writing 2017…. What a great year that turned out to be though, and I plan to make 2018 even better!

Just a little part of my plans for the New Year involve online earning. I do plan on doing some travelling, spending time with family and friends, and generally enjoying life as well of course.  All funded by my online earning 😉

My Online Earning Plan 2018

Well first of all I do plan on continuing with my Earn £2500 per month plan.  I have already managed to reach the £1000+ per month level from the activities included this year.  Now my online earning plan 2018 is all about tweaking the plan and growing those income streams a bit more.

Surveys and Clicking Sites

I do plan on continuing with my surveys and clicking sites at least in a small way in 2018.  Its very important to me that I don’t loose sight of where I started on this amazing journey.  The surveys and clicking sites are what allowed me to clear my debts, and what fed me when I needed help the most.  For that reason I always want to remember and honor them in some way.  I also love the fact that those sites allow everyone to start on their own journey to financial freedom.  Those who have nothing to spare will never be excluded from my income building activities!

My online earning plan 2018 is to aim for £25 – £50 per month from these sites.  That helps me to build up my investments quicker than letting them build themselves!

Other Free Earning Activities

There are quite a lot of free earning activities available, and I haven’t used many of them yet.  Some I have used in a small way, but I plan to use them a bit more in 2018.  Although I personally don’t need to use these now I still want to include them in my blog.  It is fun discovering free ways to make money and I love sharing them too.

I don’t have an amount in mind for these, it will be a depends on what I find kind of thing.

Personal Selling

I feel like this section should come with a warning. That is because I still struggle with it a lot, but I have so much stuff still to clear out I need to keep going with it.  I have enjoyed having quite a big break from personal selling but 2018 is the year I want to clear out my 2 garages…

Now that I am no longer dependent on selling to pay my bills it frees me up to use this an an opportunity to help others as much as possible.  I will be donating a lot to charity but I also want to give other people just starting out the chance to get items to sell on for profit.  More about that will be announced in a later blog post 😉

I think aiming for around £100 – £200 per month from personal selling is achievable for me if I put my mind to it.  Having a figure in mind will also help keep me motivated (I hope!!)


The investment options I have been using so far are just starting to build up quite nicely.  I plan to continue working on these to increase the income from them considerably.  The investment options I use are for long term financial planning, and aimed at providing an income for me in retirement.  I don’t plan to scrimp in later life at all – I have done that already!

2018 will see me continue to build up my investment portfolio, and diversify it even further.

I have a target of £10,000 in mind for my investments during 2018.  That is a high target and I know I might struggle with it, however it does include positive equity I have on my house.  I want to have the target high enough to push me a bit into working for it.  We will see how that goes soon enough!

Network Marketing

The past month I have returned to some Network Marketing activities and I am really enjoying it this time.  I am working with a company that is extremely established and fits well with my own knowledge and general plans.  This has made a massive difference to my motivation levels and my enjoyment. My online earning plan 2018 therefore is quite detailed for this, and expect Network Marketing to be responsible for a large part of my income in 2018.

The target I have in mind for this is £1500 – £2000 per month.  That is again a high target but I do think it is achievable.

Affiliate Work

My online earning plan 2018 also includes quite a lot of affiliate work.  Considering I have only started earning from this, I know there is a lot more to explore.  I am enjoying the focus I have on training and feel it fits in very well with my general ethos.  Personally I believe in being a life long learner and enjoy learning something new each day.  The courses I am taking myself will be getting reviewed for the blog and I will continue to share my learning as well.

I would like to think I can earn £500 – £1000 per month from affiliate work.  Considering I am still very new to this though I think it will take a little time to build up to that level.  I am happy to take it slowly but surely and learn more about doing it the right way.

Additional Income Streams

I already have started working on a few additional income streams.  The ‘secret project’ continues to grow in the background as and when I have time.  More work will be done on this and I hope to reveal it in maybe 6 months or so.  It just depends on how much time I manage to spend on it really!!

It is something completely new for me so I really don’t know what to expect from it income wise.  I am going to give myself a target of £100 per month and see how it goes from there.


So, that is my online earning plan 2018 in a nutshell.  If and when I make my targets I will be earning £3500 – £5000 per month by the end of the year.  I do think my targets are achievable and in some cases are quite modest.  Should everything go pear shaped with some targets due to my health etc I know I will still be increasing my income from the current £1000 per month level anyway.  I am excited to see what happens in 2018, and I hope you are too 😉

Bring it on!!

Have you found this post useful or inspiring? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting below or you can contact me directly if you prefer! 

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Ellie xx

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