I have had some requests for details of my daily earning plan for Swagbucks since posting my most recent earning update.  This plan allows me to make £10+ per month from this one site, which I then invest to create a higher income.  As always I am very happy to provide specific details of my earning plan to allow others to follow it.

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The current cost of a £5 Amazon voucher is 700SB and £5 via Paypal is 800SB.  This means aiming for a daily target of around 50SB.  Note these are the sale prices on site right now and they may be a little higher when you read this post.

To earn 50SB per day I recommend the following routine:

Navigate to the TO DO list on the left side of the home page as shown below:

  1. Complete the Daily Poll = 1SB
  2. Next complete all Daily Crave activities available.  I am earning 10+SB daily with these.  Most you can allow to run while doing other activities on site. 
  3. While Daily Crave activities are running click on Daily Search via the to do list on the left side of the home page.  If you do not win with this search do something else while you wait for at least 10-15 mins.  Then try searching for a popular trending topic for the day (check the news or social media for topics if required).  I am earning around 5-15SB per day by doing this.  DO NOT search different terms without waiting in between.
  4. Click on Deal of the Day in the to do list = 1SB
  5. Next click on attempt gold survey.  I click on all surveys in the list to see if I get automatically screened out.  You earn 1SB per screen out up to a maximum of 5SB.  If I have time I try to complete 1 survey.  Many Gold surveys are worth 100SB so I do this around twice per week. 
  6. When the Daily Crave activities are completed I suggest opening the Daily Watch activities.  These will run while doing something else, though you can speed the process up by clicking on the next video when the current one playing shows a tick 😉 Personally I opt for a 1SB playlist and a 2SB playlist on here.
  7. Lastly I recommend clicking on the Daily Discover tab.  Navigate to Offer Torro 1 click offers and click on all available.  This can earn you between 1-5SB

By completing this routine you will earn bonus swagbucks every day (for completing the to do list).  This is between 3-6SB – you get a smaller bonus for completing 6 of the 8 items in the list.  You can also earn another bonus for competing your daily goal.

If you struggle with completing surveys I recommend you boost your balance by using the Play option (access via link on left side of home page).  You will earn 2SB for every 2 games you complete up to a maximum of 10SB per day.

In addition to this routine I suggest you watch out for swagcodes and work on any active Swago boards as these can be very quick and easy to do.  Remember to check on our booster post in the Work From Home Network Facebook Group for bonus codes etc 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx





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