The Most Important Business Tool

As someone who works from home, and specifically online, I see thousands of adverts promoting the ‘Best Business Tool Ever”.  The thing is they can’t all be the best can they?

Yes I am sure a lot of them are useful in certain ways, however chances are none of them will ever make you successful! Sorry if I have just burst your bubble and you are on the hunt for some tool that guarantees success.  Let me assure you such a tool does not exist on the internet, regardless of the claims made about them.

There are some tools that can be helpful, and I am happy to recommend those I have found of most benefit to me at the bottom of this post.  Remember though that no tool can guarantee success.

Good News About The Most Important Business Tool

Although no tool online can guarantee success, the good news is you already have the most important business tool you need to be successful.  That business tool is your mind!

Now your mind may not have all the information it needs just yet, to make you successful.  It also might not have the right attitude.  When you don’t have the right information, and the right attitude, your mind is the barrier that stops you from becoming successful.  Learning that information and attitude though unlocks the door to success like nothing else can.

Your Belief System

The first thing you need to be aware of is your belief system.

You might believe for example that there is an opportunity or a business tool out there that will make you rich overnight.  About the only thing that actually can do that is the lottery, and you know the chances of winning that already.  If you are searching for that get rich quick scheme online, then you are what is known in the online business world as a sucker.  You listen to the hype and spend a fortune trying to get rich.

Trust me, the scammers love people who fall for the “this is the thing you have been searching for” line.

Having the attitude  “if you can just find the best business tool you will be successful” will also lead you one way – towards bankruptcy.  Don’t get me wrong, there are business tools that are very useful, but the point is you need to learn how to use them.  Tools are there to enhance and make easier, there is nothing that can replace knowledge and do it all for you.

Finding the Right Information

The internet is the most wonderful place for information and learning.  Information literally oozes out of web pages doesn’t it?.  Finding the right information though is tough in that online minefield, and you need to be selective about what you take on board.

Part of the problem with the internet is it is full of contradictory information.  People use it to promote various products for their own gain, and so may not always tell the truth.  For this reason I recommend using several sources to check the information you read, preferably using trusted sources.

Personally if I come across something that sounds interesting I will look for BOTH positive and negative reviews about it.  This can help you to understand what the product or tool does, and what it does not do.  You will always find positive reviews from people trying to sell something, and usually you will also find negative reviews from a dissatisfied customer as well.  Be warned though negative reviews can also be used as a way to promote alternative items from a competitor! I did say it is a minefield out there!

As well as looking for positive and negative reviews try to look for training information.  “How to use” searches can reveal a lot of information, and these tend to be a lot more consistent.  Look for screenshots and detailed descriptions that show someone has actually used the item.  Training videos on YouTube can also be very helpful!

Personally I also like to look for training information direct from the source.  A good developer will make sure there is plenty of information about how to use the item they have created 😉


Mindset is something people who work from home tend to go on about a lot. I bet this is not the first time you have heard the term if you do much reading about working from home. I know people go on about it, but thats because it is important.  For example, having an “I can’t do this” type mindset will influence the amount of effort you put in.  That is because an “I can’t do this” mindset also comes with a “there is no point in trying” attitude.  In psychological terms the mindset idea is called the Self Fulfilling Prophecy and that is well worth reading about.

The Entrepreneur Mindset is also something that works to build success in a very specific way.  I suggest you also read about that if you want to become successful.

Thankfully you can work on your mindset daily.  Doing that will allow you to become more aware of what your specific mindset is doing to hold you back, or move you forward.

Wondering how to work on your mindset? The main way is to read.  Read posts like this one, take courses about business, and most importantly be open to what they say about mindset.  Try to identify the belief systems you have about yourself and your business, and do something to change those that are holding you back.

Business Tools I Recommend

Really there are only 4 things I can report that have made a massive difference to my own success.  I detail those below.

Disclosure: Links below may be affiliate links which means I may earn a commission for any purchases made through my links.  Please be assured I only ever share links to companies I have personally used and am happy to recommend!

Online Courses

For online courses I have found Udemy to be extremely good in terms of both value and content.  There are a huge number of courses available on practically any topic you could need to help with your business.  The home based business coursesFacebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest marketing courses are of particular benefit to those running an online work from home business.

Please note: Due to the quality of the courses I have found there, I have decided to promote them as part of my own business plan.  I therefore do get paid a small commission on any courses purchased via my Udemy Links.  There are plenty of other course providers available, so you might like to check for others.  I have tried many other online courses myself and to be honest a lot are not worth the money.  I have not found that with Udemy.

PS there are lots of special offers available on Udemy courses, such as the £10 deal that has just ended.  As a promoter I now get many unique special offers made available to me.  If you would like to find out about those please feel free to subscribe to my Special Offers Announcements emails.


Aweber is one of the main business tool I use and has made a big difference to my income.  If you have never heard of Aweber it is the top rated autoresponder available, and comes with extremely powerful and flexible resources (like capture page creation for example).  My blog posts Internet Marketing Basics; What is an Autoresponder? and What is a Capture Page and Why You Need One!  will explain more about those if you don’t know what they are.

It took me a little time to learn how to use Aweber effectively, and I will say the courses they provide are well worth the time and effort.  Again due to my own experiences with it I now promote it as part of my business plan.  I earn commission for any subscriptions purchased via this Aweber link.

Online Traffic Sources

Online traffic sources are vital to any online business and can be used for team building and making sales.  There are some very good free traffic sources and some terrible ones, and the same goes for paid sources too.   The main thing to remember is different sources work for different things, and you need to know how to use them too.

I provide free how to information, and details of those traffic resources I have found to be successful to subscribers of My Ultimate Recruiting Guide and my Sales Booster Guide email lists.  If you also wish to subscribe then click the relevant link.  (Join both if you wish!


My Blog

Without a shadow of a doubt this blog is the best business tool I use.  It does so many things I wrote a post all about the benefits of blogging  and now offer a free Blogging Mastery course too.  I have to admit when I first started writing a blog I had no idea how powerful it could be and didn’t really understand it either.  Thanks to training from big names in this industry however, now I get it.  Guys like Ray Higdon and Eric Worre have a blog for a reason too 😉

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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