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Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games?


Is it possible to make money from free games? I get asked this question quite a lot to be honest.  Lots of people would like to earn cash for playing or testing computer games for example.  Although this is slightly different it is the closest option I have found so far.

Several years ago I decided to take up an offer on TopCashBack to join the online gambling website JackpotJoy.  It was not something I had ever tried before, but as the cashback offer was going to pay more than the deposit required I thought I would give it a go.  Little did I know that would be the start of a voyage of discovery for me.  I should start by saying I am not the kind of person who gets involved in gambling at all. Before this I had never even bought a lottery ticket.

After playing through the deposit amount and winning some money I thought this site was worth a bit of a closer look.

I very quickly discovered there are regular free games.  To prevent loosing the money I had just won, I started to play those.  Now, a few years on, and after much research I am pretty familiar with a lot of the workings of these sites.

I will say without a doubt the free games are used as a means of luring people onto the site in the hope they will spend money while they are there.  IF and that is a very big IF you are the kind of person who can resist the temptations of spending more money however, it is my opinion it is possible to actually make money from these free games.  This post will provide you with all the information you need to do that.

Is this Really for You?

Again I just want to reiterate the need to be able to NOT play past the very small limits associated with this and it is not easy.  Don’t forget these sites are very cleverly designed to encourage spending.  If you have ANY doubts whatsoever that you will be able to control your spending I DO NOT recommend trying this.  If you can be very strict with yourself though there are ways to use the free games as an earning opportunity.

Before signing up to this website, or any other gambling website I would highly recommend you visit Gamble Aware.  This will help you make informed choices about gambling.  It can be a fun activity, but it can also become a problem very easily too.  If you think you might have a problem you can get advice and support here or ring the freephone gambling helpline number 0808 8020 133.

Yes, I want to Continue…

If you are sure you want to continue I would recommend the first thing you do after signing up to the website is to set a deposit limit of £10 per week.  This will help you to stay in control of the account and reduce the chances of overspending. To do this click on My Account in the left menu, then Responsible Gaming.  Across the top of the box that opens choose Deposit Limits on the blue tabs and you will see the Set Deposit Limits Box as shown below.  Choose £10 in the drop down menu and click weekly then confirm.

Setting Limits



You will then have to confirm again that you want to set that deposit limit and it isn’t set until you see the Request Successful Box


confirmNew limit


You will need to make a deposit of £10 to be able to make use of the free games.  They are not technically free.  To be able to win from playing them you must wager (play) £2 each week.  If you follow my guidance you should not need to make any further deposits after the first £10.  It is a gambling site however, so I cannot guarantee this.  All I know is it has worked for me for quite a long time now.

Getting Started

First you need to open an account.  If you use my referral link AND meet the Terms and Conditions regarding Deposit and Wagering you will receive a bonus payment of £20 (and I will too, so thank you if you use it 😉 ).

Once you have opened your account and made a £10 deposit you will be able to see the home page.  It looks something like this (it frequently changes with offers etc):



Now you need to play your £2 for this week.  I personally prefer to use Roulette Splendide which you will find under the Casino Games list.  You can choose any of the games you want, but I choose roulette because you can easily increase the chances of winning on this game.   I will post more details about that soon or it will take you all day to read this post. 😉 For now just choose any of the games and play through £2 so you can unlock the free games.  Remember to ONLY play £2!

As its Monday morning and the start of a new week for daily games on Jackpot Joy I will start today with £10 in my account.  I will follow the instructions as I have posted them here.  I will then be able to post my updates and track my earnings for the next month to show you how it works. 😉

Roulette wins

Here is a screenshot of my £2 being played today on Roulette Splendide



I now have £11.20 in my account after playing through the £2



The Free Games

Once you have played through £2 on your chosen game you will now have unlocked access to the free games.

There are many free games available on JackpotJoy but you need to know where to find them.  You can take part in Daily Free Games, Scheduled Free Games and Free Chat Games.  I only use the daily free games for earning so I will explain how to use those today.  I will provide details of the other free games in another post.

Daily Free Games

There are 4 daily free games to choose from.  You can choose 1 of those to play for the week (Mon – Sun).  The games are Tiki Temple, Double Bubble, Tiki’s Catch of the Day and

Show Us Your Balls.  There are a few ways to access these, this is how I do it:

First access the Games Console by clicking on the Play Now Button:



Then in the bottom right hand corner of the screen you should see the Play Our Free Games link:


free games


Click on the green Play Now button and you will be taken to the Daily Play Games screen:

free games1


You can now choose any of the daily free games to play.  I recommend you change the game you play each week as I find that to work best for me.


I will start with Tiki’s Catch of the Day free game.  Once you open the game you will see a grid and you just click in a square to choose it.  You can choose 6 squares per day.  Each square will contain either a ‘good catch’ item from the list (fish, tiki monkey face etc) or a ‘bad catch’ (welly boot).  If you catch enough of the good catch items you will win the related reward.  I didn’t win any of the rewards today.

Catch of the Daytiki


I will post another update soon!

Have you ever used free games to earn money? If so i would love to hear about it.  Any comments or questions? Just use the box below and I will get back to you asap 🙂

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  1. This is a really informative and helpful post about JackpotJoy. Your method of playing £2 a week to unlock the free games is a really good way of doing it. I have no clue on gambling sites or how they work so your post makes it very easy to understand for any newbies who don’t know what all the different terms mean. It all looked so complicated but you have broken it down into easy to understand instructions. I will definitely consider doing this and would use your referral link of course.

    • Thanks Blackpepper, i’m glad it makes sense to a newbie to this kind of site! They can seem quite overwhelming if you are not sure what you are doing. I will be posting several more how to guides with step by step instructions for the other things i have mentioned too, like how to use roulette to minimise the risk and how to find the other free games. If you join and have any questions at all just shout and i will be happy to help 🙂

      • Thanks. I look forward to reading more posts about how to find the various free games etc. It all looks so confusing but when you explain it as you have done in this post it makes it so much easier to understand.

  2. Do you know any sites like this that allow US registration?

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