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I’ve been blogging now for several years, and I really love it. I love it so much that it is now my main work from home activity in fact.  Everything I do to earn money now circulates around my blog and there are many ways I personally make money blogging:


I use Adsense to monetize my blog from advertising.  Adsense is a program that pays you for displaying adverts on your website, and there are many similar programs.  You can see my Adsense ads just over to the right on this page.

Personally I don’t make a lot with Adsense.  It ticks along giving me a few extra pounds each week which is fine by me right now, I know it will build over time.  That is my own goal and the reason I use Adsense at all.  I have no desire to have a blog that is covered in adverts just to make a few extra pounds to be honest.  Instead I prefer to let it tick over and build up slowly but surely.  To cover a site in adverts when you use these programs I think is very easy to do.  I see it all the time, and I know it can be counter-productive:

Many people think it is easy to make a full time level income with programs such as Adsense, but to make decent money you do need to have a lot of site visitors.  One of the main factors that helps with increasing site visitors is how attractive the website is to them.  A site covered in adverts is really not attractive to anyone, so you do need to use them with caution.

Thankfully there are many ways to earn advertising revenue from a blog and is not all about having adverts from programs like Adsense.  Other options include writing reviews about products or writing sponsored blog posts for example.  This is one of the main advantages of writing a blog rather than having a static website as writing reviews fits in very well with the blog format.  Actually writing reviews about products can really increase reader interest and the number of visitors to your blog too.  If you are interested in doing this then Awin is a great provider to check out.

Is this for you?

Programs like Adsense can be quite easy to join, though some do have traffic level requirements.  You do need to have a blog already started before you apply AND you can be turned down quite easily as well.  Program managers tend to want to work with people who have a well designed blog with a clear aim which is generating a good level of organic traffic.  If you would like to start a blog and get personalised assistance with it my Blogging Mastery free e-course will be of interest to you.

Adding the adverts is very easy, and just takes being able to copy and paste programming scripts into your blog dashboard.  You need to know how to add widgets usually, but this is easily learned.

The main thing about using this type of program to help you make money blogging is knowing it will only provide a small amount initially.  Some sites do not make any revenue at all for many months from the adverts on their blogs.  It is NOT a fast cash option.

For the product reviews I must point out it is vital that they are written well for this to work.  Posts that just say this is a good product and buy it here with a link don’t quite make the cut.  There is a huge amount of competition in this area so to make money blogging through review options takes a lot of hard work.

In my opinion unless you are very good at writing reviews, can do them in an unbiased fashion, and can generate highly targeted traffic this is not for you.  Luckily I teach how to do all of those things in Blogging Mastery   😉


When you work from home many opportunities involve recruiting others to join your team.  Recruiting is the main way to develop a higher level income with most of these opportunities because you earn a small amount of commission based on the activity of your team members.

Recruiting others can be quite a difficult task at times.  It can involve having to talk to a lot of people and also dealing with a lot of rejection.  Due to both the level of skill needed to do this and the amount of competition on social media sites it is no wonder that some people can struggle with it.

When you use a blog for recruiting the whole process can be automated.  You simply write blog posts that will attract people interested in working from home and that post works on your behalf on a never ending basis.

Is this for you?

If you are involved with any work from home opportunity that requires recruiting others to build an income a blog is a great way to do it.  It is a lot easier and more satisfying than posting adverts like a robot on social media, and it is much more effective as well.  Because a blog attracts people interested in the topic you write about it works to filter your audience to those most likely to join your team.  It does take time and effort to get a blog to work for you in this way, but once it is working it literally never stops.

To get a blog that will recruit team members you need to be willing to spend several months writing blog posts before you see results.  You will also need to learn how to generate traffic.  Again I teach all those things in Blogging Mastery   😉


I have included planning in this section simply because it is something that has made a big difference to my own earning.  By writing a blog that tracks my progress it has helped me to plan and to adjust those plans to create a higher level income.  Without writing this blog I am not sure I would have been so good about tracking my progress and planning how to move forward.

Is this for you?

Of course it is possible to plan without writing a blog.  The fact it is published online however makes you more accountable.  To be honest the planning side of things has been a bit of an additional benefit that I was not really expecting when I started blogging.  It has increased my own earning a lot though so should not be underestimated.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales is something I have been dabbling with for a month or two and I do intend to work on this income source quite a lot more.  I know that it can provide a great level income but also that it isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be.  Personally I have taken a few training courses all about affiliate marketing and already am making money from small campaigns.  I have some larger campaigns planned now too and I look forward to running plenty more.

Affiliate selling is basically an agreement between yourself and a company to promote their products for sales based commissions.  There is a lot of competition but also a lot of scope for building your own customer base.

Is this for you?

Affiliate selling is very flexible and can suit a lot of different people.  The main problem that people starting out in this type of work face is finding a product that they enjoy promoting.  There is a huge range of products available, so pretty much there is something for everyone.  Once you decide on a product to promote you do need to create an audience or customer list to be successful.

Obviously having a background in sales and/or marketing can be a big benefit for this type of work, however it is not necessary.  Being able to create a business page or profile on social media would certainly help as well.  If unable to do those things you would have to be willing to spend time learning.  You could also use affiliate sales as part of a blog strategy for building income.

 Have you ever thought about making money from blogging?

If the answer is yes, or you would simply like to find out more about it I highly recommend signing up for Blogging Mastery.  That is a free course I offer which guides you through all aspects of blogging and I provide lots of support as well.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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