Is PTC dead? I must have had at least 10 emails this week asking that question.  It comes on the heels of Clixsense and Grandbux both changing their websites to remove the paid to click option.  I must admit I have been thinking about it too…

What is PTC?

PTC or Paid to Click is just as it sounds.  The members of PTC sites are paid a small amount of money to click on ads.  The ads are submitted by other members of the site who pay a fee in exchange for visitors to their website.  This revenue is then shared with the people who click the ads as an incentive.

What Led to the Change?

As Clixsense was the original PTC site it was certainly quite a shock for them to change their platform.  Grandbux is a much newer site, however that site was purely PTC whereas Clixsense also had several additional earning options.

So what happened to make them take such drastic action?

Mainly the changes seem to be a result of Paypal introducing a new policy that they would no longer provide payment processing services for PTC websites.  Why they did that we can only guess…. my guess is because of the number of new PTC sites or similar that popped up and then closed again leaving Paypal to deal with the fall out.  In order to answer the question Is PTC Dead? we need to look at the reasons so many new sites failed:

Why PTC Sites Fail?

First and foremost there are some earning websites that are actually designed to fail.  The owners deliberately or mistakenly create a program that is not sustainable.  It runs for a while then money to pay the members is either taken by the owners or it simply dries up.

In addition there are a lot of things to manage as an owner of a PTC site.  There are advertisers demands that need to be juggled with the demands of members who are there to earn.  Payment processing, anti cheat software, forums, technical aspects of the site, helpdesk provision etc etc.  Lots of people who set up PTC websites just do not have the capacity to deal with everything they need to manage.

An imbalance between advertisers and clicking members will also cause problems.  If there are not enough ads then clicking members will go elsewhere.  If there are not enough members to click then advertisers will go elsewhere.  It can be difficult to get the right balance.

External forces such as hackers and competitor sites will also have an impact on the success of a site.  Competitor sites that pay more to clicking members will draw people away from a site, as will too many technical problems.  Payment processors are another external force that will impact on a PTC to a huge degree.  All payment processors have the power to implement limitations on the accounts of any website that depends on their services.  A limitation that leads to payment delays can lead to a mass exodus of members.  It can also cause negative reviews which then affect the trust levels members have.

These are just a few of the reasons PTC sites can fail.  Suffice to say it is not easy to keep a PTC site profitable and afloat.

Is PTC  a Stable Revenue Model?

At first glance it seems obvious that PTC is a stable revenue model.  The fee paid by the advertisers is supposed to cover the costs associated with paying members to click them.  It should be simple maths to make sure the costs are covered.

However as discussed in the why PTC sites fail section above, it soon becomes apparent that it is not as simple as it sounds.  From the announcements made by both Clixsense and Grandbux it seems apparent that any sites offering PTC services face numerous problems.  The owner of Clixsense even stated recently that the PTC part of the site was costing them money. That to me sends an alarm that anyone involved with PTC websites need to pay attention to.  If the oldest and most stable PTC site acknowledges there are problems with the model then I suggest they are the ones to know for sure.  As someone who has used PTC sites for years it certainly made me sit up and listen.

Is PTC Dead?

I know whatever I say here there will be people arguing the opposite.  If I say PTC is dead there will be many comments relating how much people are making with various sites.  If I say it is not dead others will say it is.

In my personal opinion, after many years in this business you start to notice tell tale signs that there is something going on.  We can never predict the future accurately regardless of the amount of information we have at hand.  There are too many factors that can sway the outcome one way or the other.  That being said I have accurately predicted the closure of several sites while they were at their peak and suffered much abuse for posting warnings about them.  Sadly I have that feeling again.  It seems that change is on its way with regard to PTC sites.

For that reason only I advise caution.

Although it is very difficult to answer the question Is PTC Dead? Remember that online earning sites can close or change at the drop of a hat.  It does not matter how long they have been paying for, and it does not matter what members of the site are saying.  None of us on this side of the fence really know what is going on in the background…. The changes may turn out to be the best thing ever, or they may not.  The changes may stop with Clixsense and Grandbux but I think that is unlikely.  Take heed and take precautions to protect your income if you rely on PTC sites, because I really think big changes are on the way.  The best way to do that in my opinion is by having multiple and varied income streams.  You can see how I do that in My Personal Plan to Earn £2500 per Month Online.

Remember ripples can reach far and wide….so buckle up!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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