As you probably know by now I am working on my own £2500 per month plan at the minute.  Todays post is to provide you with an update about my progress towards this goal.

My personal plan involves multiple income streams.  I have an earning target for each type of income I am working on as follows:

Clicking Sites

The first section I focus on is Clicking Sites.  I use these because they provide a GUARANTEED method of earning a small amount of money.  They are also simple to use and work worldwide (so maximise the potential for referral option).

My target for earning using only these clicking sites was £50 per month.  Most of my clicking sites are in US dollars so the conversion is approximately $65 per month.

For my clicking income I am now using:

Clixsense – target is now $15 per month on there,  last month = $18.40

Grandbux – target was $30 per month, currently earning average of $1.40 per day = $42

Gifthulk – target is now $5 per month, currently earning average of $0.10 per day = $3 per month

Swagbucks, – target is now £10 per month, currently earning average of £0.35 per day = £10.50 per month

Inbox Pounds – target is now £5 per month, currently earning average of £0.07 per day = £2.18 per month


I am meeting my £50 per month target quite easily using these sites. In fact I am making over £60 now.  I am doing a few surveys on Clixsense as well as clicking to reach my new $15 target on there, but that means I can boost my income quite a bit.  Last month I made over $18 and am already up to $10 made on there this month (in 7 days).  I might increase my target to $20 per month for Clixsense as I am finding that so easy.

Survey Sites

Target was £100 per month on these.


I have started using survey sites a bit more again, however I am not up to target on them as yet. Last month I made just over £20 so I have decided to drop my target down to £50 on survey sites for now.  The reason is I want to stick to around 1hr of earning activities per day and surveys can be a little time consuming at times.

As I am also doing surveys on some of the clicking sites I will now combine the two targets.  From June then I will have a combined target of £100 from clicking and survey sites.

The main survey sites I use are:


One Poll


Populus Live

Green Panthera

Survey Network

Global Test Market


Target Earning – £500 per month which is around $650.  According to my observations on this site I tend to earn around $0.50 per day per $50 pack on average.  This means when I get to 43 x $50 ad packs I will be earning approximately $645.  I am now up to 40 x $50 packs.  I want to aim for 50 packs on here which will take me over target.  Once I hit that level I will review my plan


My earning for this site is currently around $600 per month with 40 x $50 packs.  I am now also making a monthly withdrawal as detailed in My FutureNet Plan.

I am very happy with my progress on FutureNet and will soon be over my earning target.

Personal Sales

My target for personal sales is £250 per month.  After struggling with this target quite a bit I have now developed a daily routine to assist me with it.  I focused on this a lot in May and as a result managed to make £230 from personal sales.  This was via a combination of car boot sales, and sales on Facebook and Ebay.

I will continue to work on my routine during June as I am still not quite on top of it.

Affiliate Sales

Target Earning – £750 per month


I have now made a start on building my affiliate income using my Facebook page, Daily Deals Direct .  Thanks to this I did make a few affiliate sales during May, but not as many as I had hoped for.  I intend to write a specific affiliate sales plan this month to help me focus on it.

Matched Betting

I still have not done any work on Matched Betting.  I am going to write a plan for this during June as well which should help a lot.

Target Earning – £300 per month

Current Earning – £0

Time Spent – Zero


Target Earning – £100 per month

My earning for Zopa hasn’t changed much as yet as I haven’t added any more money to my account yet.  It does tick over on its own pretty much so I just need to start my investment routine with this site now.  I haven’t done any calculations yet regarding current income from Zopa so my first step with this account is to monitor the earnings.


I have now added an income stream specifically in Bitcoin.  My first target is £10 per month which is currently around 0.005 Bitcoin.

I have just started working on this income stream using BTC Clicks.  My daily average earning is currently 0.01 mBit per day so I have a long way to go, though I do have a plan 🙂


I now have several of my income streams either on or above their individual targets.  These are:

Clicking Sites – Over Target

Future Net – On Target as soon as 3 more packs are purchased (which I will do within the week).

Personal Sales – Close to Target

This means my monthly income is now a regular £750 and higher than my estimated £500 – £600 per month by the end of May.

I continue to work on reaching target for the following income streams:

Survey Sites

Affiliate Sales

Matched Betting



This month I will be focusing mainly on the survey sites and affiliate sales.  I will be aiming for a monthly income of £1000 per month by the end of July.  This is to take account of my lack of experience regarding affiliate marketing.  I am looking forward to getting stuck into building this income stream especially as many bloggers earn a great income from it.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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