If you would like to improve your productivity the hour of power is a simple tip that can make a big difference.  I use this strategy a lot myself.  It is probably the number 1 reason that I get results now with my own work from home activities to be honest.

Let me ask you something….

How many times have you got to the end of the day feeling like you have been really really busy but not achieved very much?

I used to feel like this almost on a daily basis.  Those were my headless chicken days.  I was just running around all over the place, hardly the finding time to stop and see that I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Thankfully my health problems meant I was forced to stop and change what I was doing.

I have to admit that my various health conditions can really impact on my ability to plan and focus on anything.  That combined with low motivation means it is vital that I work in small chunks of time.  What I discovered from that though is just how effective it can be.

Especially when you are working from home it is often the case that there is no real clear schedule to work to.  You might need to work around a lot of other things too.  Home life and caring for children frequently takes priority over work related tasks right? Yet it can also feel like you are constantly working and getting no where fast.  The hour of power can really turn that around.

How to Start with the Hour of Power

For the hour of power to work properly it is important that you have identified a specific goal to work on.  Would you like to earn more? Make more sales? Recruit more team members etc etc.  Take a few minutes to really think about what you want to achieve.  Once you have a clear goal in mind I advise writing it down.  I also advise writing down a list of activities that you think will help you to achieve that goal.  For an example of how I have done that you can read my plan to make more sales post.

Once you have identified the activities to help you achieve your goal you have a few options.  You can spend 1 hour on 1 of those activities or a few of them.

My Suggestions

  1. Make sure you have a very clear goal in mind.
  2. Use some kind of a timer/alarm to help you monitor the time spent working.
  3. Stick to the 1 hour time limit.
  4. Don’t try to do too many activities at once – focus on 1 or 2 if you can.
  5. Try to use the hour of power daily.
  6. If you can, give yourself a specific time to have your hour of power.
  7. Turn off social media if that is not part of your activity.
  8. Tell others you are not available during this hour, unless it is an emergency.
  9. Repeat the same activities daily for a week or a month etc.
  10. Monitor your results.

If you can’t set aside 1 full hour to focus on your activity without stopping you can divide it up into smaller chunks of time.  If you do this I do advise you still spend 1 hour doing the activities.  For example if you can only find 10 mins here and there in the day count them up so you have 1 hour in total.

What are your productivity tips? I would love to hear them!

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