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The New Grandbux Site – A Guide to Advertising and Earning


It is very easy to make money with Grandbux.  So easy in fact that it is now my favourite PTC website.

I started using this site back in December 2016, so I have now had several months to use and check it out.  Just like most other PTC sites you can start using the site for free, and from clicking ads you earn a small amount daily.  Unlike most other PTC sites however Grandbux has several membership options to choose from which greatly increase your income.  The membership options do require an investment, but having tried this out myself I am very impressed with the results.

Basically each membership provides free rented referrals which allows you to build a team very easily.  The first time I came across the rented referral option was on Neobux and it took me a bit of time to work out how to make a profit on there.  It was a little complex on Neobux, though I must admit I enjoyed the challenge of it.  With Grandbux the membership upgrade practically guides you through the process step by step.

Memberships Available

Standard – Free, but no rented referrals are provided.

Silver – Usually $90 but currently on sale at $39.  150 free rented referrals

Golden – Usually $120 but currently on sale at $79.  250 free rented referrals

Ultimate – Usually $150 but currently on sale at $89.  300 free rented referrals

Ultimate+ – Usually $480 but currently on sale at $249.  500 free rented referrals

Superior – Usually $400 but currently on sale at $199.  500 free rented referrals

Superior+ – Usually $1000 but currently on sale at $599.  1000 free rented referrals

Exclusive – Usually $4000 but currently on sale at $1799.  2500 free rented referrals

Note that the rented referrals are filtered according to activity level.  This means the higher memberships get the most active rented referrals.  In my opinion there is no point in renting referrals with the free standard membership due to this filtering and a better strategy is to save earnings for an upgrade.

My Experience

I opted for a Golden membership upgrade which cost $79 (approximately £60).  I did look at the Ultimate level but this is only for 90 days rather than the 365 days duration of the other memberships.

My earnings so far are $169 (approximately £127).  I have just added the last of my free rented referrals to my account.

When I add the free rented referrals to my account I immediately extend the rental period.  My plan is to keep them all over 100 days and recycle those with an AVG under 7.00.  So far this plan is working very well and I am earning around $2 per day (approximately £45 per month).

My Personal Plan

I could opt to maintain my account at this level and withdraw the monthly cash but I prefer to work on a longer term plan towards upgrading again.  The Ultimate+ membership is my next step which should double my monthly earning.  I should be able to purchase that from my earnings within the next few months.

Allowing for ongoing costs of extending and recycling this will provide me with a permanent monthly withdrawal income of £60, or £720 per year, every year.  That is a great return on my initial £60 investment i’m sure you will agree! It certainly beats the pennies of interest I would get from putting £60 into a bank savings account 😉

Would you like to join Grandbux?

If you would like to join Grandbux and create your own monthly income please click here to join my team. 

You can start with a free account and build up to an upgrade or, as I have done, use surveys sites to earn the initial £60 investment.

I advise keeping the autoprofit setting enabled as this gives a nice bonus every couple of months.

Note :- Your account will reset after 10 days of inactivity and you have to open a support ticket.  You can buy Vacation Mode to prevent this if required.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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