Getting ahead of posting on your blog is really quite difficult to do to be honest.  Its a bit like trying to run up an escalator that is going down! No longer have you finished writing a post and scheduled it when it gets posted and you are back to square one again.

This month I decided to really focus on getting ahead of my posting schedule by at least 1 month, and I am just about up to 8 posts prepared and scheduled now.  Doing that has taken a lot of hard work but I am very happy to be at least a bit further ahead than I was before.

How to Get Ahead of Posting on Your Blog

In my opinion there are several ways to get ahead of your posting schedule.  You can choose to focus on one of these methods or a combination of them, just whatever suits you! To be honest the easiest way is to write several blog posts before you actually start publishing at all.  That way you are building up a stock of posts ready to go, and you are doing it without the escalator feeling.  If you have already started posting though you will need to keep running uphill for a little while and do some of the following:

Change Your Schedule

The first option available to you is to change your publishing schedule.  If you post daily then you could take it down a notch and only post every other day instead.  If you are used to writing a post each day you will soon build up a stock of posts ready to go.  It does take quite a bit of discipline to keep writing on a daily basis if you are not actually publishing the posts though!

Increase Your Productivity

The second option is to go up a notch with your writing.  Personally I like this one because I think the more you write the easier it gets.  I have certainly seen a difference in my own creative process just from writing more frequently.  I now write daily unless I am having a very bad health day, and even then I tend to write a little.  This has had quite an unexpected effect in terms of coming up with ideas for new posts, and I seem to have more topics in mind than ever before.  I did worry about being able to come up with fresh content each day, but actually I find myself with several ideas daily now.

Shorten Your Posts

Another option to consider is to write shorter blog posts than you usually do.  If you tend to write quite long posts with several sub-headings for example you could divide these up into a few posts, perhaps even a series of posts.  If you do this it is a good idea to link them later so readers can choose to read on if they want to.

Re Purposing Old Posts

If you do find it difficult to come up with more content on a regular basis you could look at old posts and update them.  Adding more information and perhaps giving an old post a slightly different slant does provide you with the chance to bring new life to a post that might not have got a lot of attention before.  Because you have already written about the topic does not mean you can’t cover it again.  Doing this also has the added benefit of not taking so much time and effort as starting a post from scratch.

Guest Posts

There are always people who are interested in writing guest posts for a blog.  This obviously has the benefit of giving you more content to publish without you needing to spend time writing at all.  If doing this do make sure to search online to check the post has not already been published elsewhere.  A guest post can sometimes be submitted to several places and this can lead to duplication which will affect SEO levels.

Research Posts

Pretty much every blog post involves some degree of research, but a research post in this sense is more of a focus on what someone else has written.  By that I certainly do not mean plagiarizing content, I mean giving the background as provided by another source, along with your own opinion.  A post like this should always have links, quotations and acknowledgement of the original source or sources along with some additional viewpoint.

More Blog Tips

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