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How to Earn with Reward Shopping

Reward Shopping (Previously Superpoints) is a casual earning site I have been using for a few years now.  It did close for a while, but I don’t have any issues with recommending it.  The website got a bit of an overhaul and the earning levels changed a little, but overall it is still a reasonably sound site for earning on.

It has several earning options available, some of which I’ve not come across anywhere else.  I detail these below.

Joining Reward Shopping

First of all I should state it is a members only site, so you need to have a sponsor.  This link   is my referral link so will give you access to the site.  It is only available to people in United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

It is free to join.

When you use my referral link the first thing you will see is this:

super 1

Just enter your details, give yourself a password you will remember and hit the continue button.  This will take you to the choose your first reward screen as shown below:

super 2


I would advise you choose either the £1 amazon voucher or the SuperSurprise to start with.  Earning on this site can be very slow to start with, however it builds up considerably as you progress.   If you choose the £5 voucher just be prepared to be working on this for a little while – I will explain later how to speed the process up a lot!

Next step is to confirm your reward choice:

Super 3

As you can see the £1 Amazon Voucher will take 3,000 reward points.  If you choose a different reward the number of points required will be displayed.  Now just confirm the reward you have chosen by clicking on the red set reward goal button and you will get to your home screen:

super 5

Start Earning


It is very easy to start earning, and I recommend you simply click on the Superlucky Button on the bottom right corner.  This will take you to a larger button image which you simply click 20 times.  With any luck this will get you some points added to your account. You could be extremely lucky and win a large number of points here (anything up to 50,000 points with one click), but it is more likely you will win 1, 3 or 7 points on your first day…don’t worry if you only get a small win, it will build up as you progress.

Don’t forget to confirm your email address with the link you get sent as well or you will not be able to keep earning if you don’t.


Now you have started earning – yes it is as simple as that! Personally I recommend you at least click the superlucky button every day. It takes around 3 mins to do that and it will earn you enough to claim rewards.   There are several other earning options available on this site, which you can access via the homepage.   I will explain each of those in more detail later.  First I want to explain a bit about the membership levels on Reward Shopping.

Membership Levels

There are several levels of membership: Basic, Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Diamond all of which have their own benefits and requirements.  You will start off as a basic member and to progress through the levels  you will need to complete various tasks.  More information about this can be found here

Earning Options
The SSuperluckyuperlucky Button

This earning option is probably the easiest as you just click the button to win points.  The number of clicks you have available is based on your Membership Level and should you be lucky enough to win, you will be notified on the screen.


Complete Offers 

Very similar to Swagbucks if you have used that site before.  There are several Offer Walls to choose from.  Some offers are paid and some are free.  As always if signing up to this style of offer be careful to read the small print as some can be subscriptions.  Also I would recommend using a ‘sign up’ email as you will get a lot of spam emails.

Answer Surveys

Again, very like swagbucks, you can earn from completing surveys.  You will get awarded points if you screen out though.

Recruit New Members

Once you are a member you can promote your referral link and you will earn points from active members.

One Click Reward

Simple way to add a single point per day.

Lucky Mail

You will receive a daily update email from Reward Shopping.  Sometimes you will be awarded points just for opening these emails.

All earning options are viewable via the homepage which also provides links to them as well.

Superpoints Home


There is a huge catalogue of rewards to choose from, they are available in specific tiers though so as you progress through membership you unlock new reward tiers. Options include physical gifts, amazon vouchers and even a Lamborghini according to the site.  I haven’t claimed this yet though lol!


More information about Reward Shopping can be found in the Help and Support Section.  Or do feel free to ask me any questions and I will try my best to answer them!

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  1. Thanks for you very informative post. I am going to give the site a try now I can see how to earn from it.

  2. I have never heard of this site and it sounds great. I have been using Swagbucks for several years off and on and have had good luck with it! Thanks for sharing about this!

    • I really like Superpoints Jamie, it was a little slow for me to start with until i figured out the various ways of earning on the site. I would definitely recommend giving it a try and am happy to help should you have any questions etc 🙂

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