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How to Earn More From Surveys

How to earn more from surveys

Today I would like to tell you how to earn more from surveys.  Completing surveys online is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash, and is one of the main parts in My Personal Plan to Earn £2500 per Month Online.  Some people can find it a little difficult to earn a sufficient amount from surveys however, so these hints and tips should help.

Note this post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small amount if you join the sites using these.  That said, I never promote sites unless I happily use them myself!

Do More

I know this one is a bit obvious, but it is worth mentioning anyway.  As surveys provide a way to earn a bit of cash in a spare 10 mins it can be a mostly now and again activity.  if you are making some money from completing surveys already, then doing more might be all that is required.  Try to give yourself a time to sit down and do some surveys if possible.  Instead of 10 mins here and there try giving yourself an hour time slot per day to work on them.  This can really make a huge difference.

Use Higher Paying Sites

Although this might seem like another obvious thing to do its not always easy to find them.  In my experience Panelbase, Populus Live, Prolific Academic, Global Test Market and Clixsense tend to offer some higher paying surveys.  Note however that using a higher paying site might not always mean you earn more overall.  Populus for example may offer around £2 for a 5-10 min survey, but invites can be limited to 1 survey every few days.  Sites like Panelbase, Global Test Market, Clixsense, Swagbucks and Gifthulk usually have several surveys available daily.

Use Sites that Pay for Screen Outs

When completing surveys for cash a lot of time can be spent trying to qualify to take part.  If you find you often get screened out and don’t get to complete many surveys this is a great tip.  There are some sites that do pay you a small amount when you attempt a survey but don’t get to complete it.  I recommend Mintvine, Gifthulk, Swagbucks and Inbox Pounds for people who struggle to qualify.

Change Your Timing

Some sites release a lot of surveys in the morning.  If you always work on surveys in the evening you may be missing a lot of opportunities.  If possible try to change the time of day you work on surveys to see if that helps.

Try Different Timezone Sites

If you cannot change the time of day you work on surveys it can be worth looking at sites that are based in a different timezone to where you live.  If you live in the UK for example try using some US based sites such as Clixsense and Green Panthera.  Due to the time difference your evening is morning for these sites.

Have a Routine

I really can’t stress enough the difference it can make to have a regular routine.  My own income increased a huge amount when I developed My Own Daily Earning Routine.

Refer Others

Many survey sites will pay a little bonus to you for sharing the opportunity with others.  Some sites offer a fixed payment of say 20p per person, and others offer a percentage of their earnings.  These bonus payments can really make a big difference to the amount you earn.  In my opinion Swagbucks, Clixsense, Mintvine and Green Panthera offer some of the best referral programs.

If you have tried all of these tips and are still not making as much as you want to please do contact me for some individualised advice!

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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  1. Hey, which survey sites is best to earn some extra money.
    Keep sharing.

    • Hi Charmi, it depends on which country you live in and on you personal profile. Some sites are great for those who are parents for example and some are better for young professionals. I have various posts about surveys and some of my favourite sites but if you tell me where you are based I can recommend based on that 😉

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