Get paid to do Quick Surveys

You can get paid to do quick surveys with a website called One Poll, a company I have used for several years now.  In fact I think it was one of the sites I joined right back at the start of my work from home only experience several years ago.

Why Join One Poll?

Personally I think there are lots of reasons to join One Poll:

Bonus Payments

I remember joining One Poll and seeing the claim level was £40 and the surveys were paying about 10p.  To be honest if I hadn’t been desperate to find something that worked back then I am not sure I would have done much on it.  The first thought is how long is it going to take to get to £40 right?  I am still using One Poll today though so I am glad I didn’t write it off when I saw that myself.

I’m not going to say you will get to the £40 limit fast on this site, but it also doesn’t take as long as you might think either. That is because of the bonus payments offered:

  • You get a £2.50 bonus for signing up
  • Another 50p is paid for new referrals
  • When you get to £10 worth of surveys completed you get another 50p bonus
  • You get another 50p bonus for linking your Facebook account
  • Another 50p bonus is paid when you hit £20 worth of surveys completed

All of those can add up quite quickly to help boost your account.

Survey Frequency

Although the claim limit is quite high on One Poll they are a site that tends to have several surveys available daily.  There are not many at the weekends usually however so it is worth noting that if the time you have available is mostly at the weekend.

Cash Payments

They are a highly reputable company who pay cash directly into your bank account or through Paypal.  Some survey sites do not pay in cash so this is a definite plus if you need to boost your bank balance rather than getting gift vouchers.

Quick Surveys

One of the main reasons I personally like One Poll is because the surveys are usually really quick.  Quite often you get paid 10p just for answering 1 or 2 questions for example.  Some surveys are a bit longer and you do get paid more for them.  You can usually judge the length of the survey just from the payment amount being offered to complete it.

Today for example you can see from the screenshot below there is a survey paying £1 as well as some for 10p, 20p etc.  I know before I start this survey is going to be more than a couple of questions.

The length of the surveys is also indicated by the progress bar One Poll use.  This is really good as you know how close to finishing the survey you are, and unlike some other sites it is accurate.

Attractive Survey Layout

As you can see from the pic above the surveys on One Poll are also provided in an attractive format.  Some surveys can be quite cluttered and difficult on the eye.  One Poll use a single question to a page option and mostly multiple choice answers that are easy to select.

Research Panels

One Poll do provide invites to longer research options such as research panels.  I have secured several research panel places via One Poll that paid £50+ for more detailed feedback.  These panels took place online and lasted around 30mins.


After using One Poll for a little while I got to like the fact it has a higher claim level.  It is a great site to use for saving up for a bigger purchase for example.  There are also benefits in my opinion to using a range of sites that pay different amounts, such as spreading your income out over the month.  Things like that don’t really become apparent until after you have a bit of experience earning this way.

No Time Limits

A further plus for One Poll is the fact they do not have a time limit or anything on your account.  Some other sites will re set your account to zero if you don’t log in within a certain time scale for example.  I don’t think that is a very fair practice to be honest, and I am very glad to say that One Poll doesn’t do that.  Once you earn money with One Poll it is yours and will be held in your account for you regardless of how long you don’t log in for.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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