The Future Net Scam is Not a Scam and in this post I explain the reasons I say that.  It is quite a long post because there is a lot of evidence to provide.

What Is Future Net?

Future Net is a site that pays its members in several different ways:

  • There is a social media section that pays people for their activity of posting, sharing and commenting.
  • Revenue sharing is paid to those using the Ad Pro section.
  • Members are paid commissions for making sales of various products.
  • There is a forced matrix payment option.
  • Members earn commission for promoting the site to others.

The Future Net Scam?

If you have been reading reviews online you will no doubt have found some that talk about ‘The Future Net Scam’.  I would like to provide the evidence to the contrary, and there is a lot of that available.  So why are others warning against the Future Net Scam?

To be honest there are several reasons for that:

  1. Some people have no idea how to actually tell the difference between a scam and a real company.
  2. There are a few similarities between Future Net and other sites that have failed (such as Traffic Monsoon).
  3. Telling people that sites are scams is a ploy sometimes to promote a different company.
  4. Using the words Future Net Scam is a technique used to generate search views to a website (and yes I am using that option for this post!)

In this post I will cover all of these reasons to provide you with the evidence I have available to show the Future Net Scam is NOT a scam.  You can then make up your own mind about the site… lets start with talking about how to identify scam sites:

How to Identify Scam Sites

One of the main ways to identify  scam sites is to investigate where the money is coming from that is used to pay its members.  If the only visible source of revenue for the site is coming from the payment members make, it is highly likely to be a Ponzi (or Pyramid) Scheme. That means the money new members pay is used to provide the money paid out to the people who joined the site earlier.

Sites using this structure are absolutely destined to fail.  Very simply they will run out of money to pay people after a certain time.

Click here for more detailed information about Ponzi Schemes. 

For this reason I focus mainly on how Future Net makes its money in this post.  If you are unsure about this being the best indicator to help identify a scam site I suggest you google the terms Ponzi Scheme, and Pyramid Scheme.  If that doesn’t clear things up for you then you can contact Action Fraud to ask for their advice on the matter 😉

The Similarities Between Future Net and Other Failed Sites

One of the main reasons I believe some reviews talk about the  ‘Future Net Scam’ is because of the similarity with other sites that have failed.  The revenue sharing model has certainly had some very bad press, and I am happy to say I was one of the people warning against Traffic Monsoon.

Sadly scam sites have always used the similar to technique to confuse people.  Its not just scam sites either.  Phishing emails are sent in a way that tries to deceive people into thinking they are from a particular company.  Burglars pretend to be utility engineers to gain access to homes.  Others pretend to be builders, plumbers, kitchen installers etc etc to get people to hand over money.

Unfortunately scammers are always developing more advanced techniques to fool people out of their cash.  They nearly always use the similar to technique though.

The Scam Ploy

The scam ploy to me is quite disgusting.  That is when people deliberately say that something is a scam in order to gain trust and promote another opportunity.  In my opinion that is perhaps the worst form of deception.  It is underhanded and it targets vulnerable people as well.

The scam ploy is becoming much more prominent online with the growing rise of google research popularity.  Everyone turns to the internet first to do research these days and the scam ploy takes full advantage of that.  The scam ploy also takes advantage of those who are trying to do some research into earning sites, which is the right thing to do.  It does however take advantage of the fact that most people do not know how to do in depth research for themselves.

The Words Future Net Scam

Search engines such as google use the words people type into the search box to generate relevant search results.  Using the words Future Net Scam therefore increases the likelihood of a particular page or site showing up in search results.  As I said already I am making use of this technique to help this post get seen too.  I think it is important to provide actual evidence to people who are searching for information about sites and so I provide that evidence below.

Lets Look At the Evidence

Evidence The Future Net Scam is NOT a Scam

The majority of evidence is related to where the money is coming from to pay site members profits.  I have identified many income streams that are obvious on the Future Net Site and I detail them below:

External Advertising

The first thing that I notice about Future Net is the presence of external advertising.  I know already that a lot of sites generate the majority of their revenue through external advertising sources.  In fact I even make money from external advertising on this blog.  It is a very common way for sites to generate revenue.

On Future Net the external advertising is highly obvious.  There are adverts from a lot of big brands shown on various parts of the Future Net website, including the social media platform, the sidebars of the Ad Pro section and on pop up ads as well.

App Development

From doing a bit of research and from watching the website itself I know the Future Net team are deeply involved in app development.  This is a very popular method of income generation now, and one that is highly effective and profitable.  Some apps are generating millions in revenue for the developers.  On the download page for these apps Future Net is identified as the developer, and these are just 2 examples of apps they have produced.

Sales of Business Tools

Future Net has a wide variety of business tools available to members, such as blog hosting, landing pages, e-books, videos, e-learning, website templates,  webinar software, cloud hosting and more.  All of these items are clearly available on the site and there are payment plans for each.  The sale of business tools is another highly profitable market online.

Sales of Physical Future Net Branded Products

On site there are several product lines of Future Net branded goods.  These include, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, umbrellas, perfume and much more.

Affiliate Sales

Another extremely common form of revenue generation online is through affiliate marketing.  Again this is something I am familiar with myself and personally use it to generate income as well.  On Future Net there is a shopping section where products from other companies are available to buy.  This is obviously another source of revenue for Future net.


Future Net has recently opened a restaurant and cafe which is located in Kiev.  Plans to open more across the world are also underway.  Giving this online business a ‘high street’ shop front is an extremely savvy move for the company and sets it apart from its main competitors like Facebook.  What better setting than a cafe to use a social media site?


Percentage of Revenue Returned

Within the Future Net system there are automatic funding payments made from all members.  A 5% of profits made by members goes back into the Future Net site through an automated system.  The automatic payments are used to fund advertising and upgrades on the site which creates a constant form of revenue back to the company.  This is extremely important as the Ad Pack purchase system can mean members do not deposit funds to increase their account levels, and instead use a rebuy option.   By having the 5% automatically cycling through it overcomes this potential problem.

Levels and Payment of Revenue Share

The revenue share model used by Future Net is of a reasonable and sustainable level.  The $10 profit on $50 packs and $2 profit on $10 packs is not an over-inflated amount, and importantly it is paid back daily based on the profits made each day.  The fact the revenue shares do fluctuate on a daily basis show there is a calculation taking place.  Paying out a percentage of profits made rather than a set amount per day means this is sustainable over time.




Although the crypo-currency revenue side of the company is not actually available right now (November 2017), it is certainly well underway.  The value of crypo-currency and the benefits of offering this demonstrates another business savvy decision that is obvious to anyone to understands crypo-currency markets.

Non Revenue Related Reasons

In addition to multiple revenue sources as detailed above there are a few non-revenue related reasons I trust Future Net as well:

  • The fact Future Net has been up and running and paying consistently for over 3 years
  • Stephan Morgenstern, CEO of Future Net has been in this industry for over 25 years.  There is no history of him being associated with any companies which have failed, or any dodgy dealings.
  • The company is developing and growing on a consistent basis. Development plans are fulfilled when they are announced.  
  • Any negative reviews online are all stating that Future Net is a Ponzi Scheme which is obviously not the case.  Many people do not have a clear understanding of what a Ponzi Scheme is or how to identify one.  Many of these reviews are also promoting alternatives.  Sadly there are various companies who encourage the use of the ‘scam review technique’ simply in order to promote their company.  One company in particular encourages all their members to use this technique, and several of these reviews are promoting that company.
  • Customer service representatives are contactable and do provide support with any issues.
  • Having been with Future Net myself now for over a year, I have no reason to doubt the company.  I have received payments without delays or problems, I understand the revenue generation model being used and can easily show evidence to support my findings.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this post and have considered the evidence provided carefully.  If you wish to join Future Net you can click here to join my team.

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