This post details my personal Future Net earning plan for making £500 per month.  Future Net is one of several income streams I use in My Personal Plan to Earn £2500 per Month Online.

What is Future Net?

Future Net offers many business related services including:

Blog Hosting

Landing Pages


Business Pages

It also has:

A social media section

An external shopping section

Future Net Branded Products

Why Do I Use Future Net?

I have conducted extensive research into the revenue sharing model of online earning.  In my opinion Future Net is one of the most stable revenue sharing sites available for the following reasons:

  • Future Net was launched early in 2014.  This means it has lasted much longer than all other revenue sharing sites I am aware of.
  • It has a social media site which pays users a small amount for their activities.  Social media sites are highly profitable because they generate revenue through external advertising to their large user base.  By examining the Future Net social media site it is very obvious it generates revenue in this way.
  • The advertising on the social media site is from large companies who are not involved in work from home type activities.   These external adverts are also visible on the other parts of the website.
  • Future Net has several additional revenue generation streams.  The options such as blog hosting, landing pages and the shopping sections provide further revenue to Future Net.
  • During my time using the site it is obvious the owners are working on continual development.

When accessing online earning sites it is important to be able to identify where the site revenue is coming from.  The fact Future Net has obvious EXTERNAL revenue generation provides me with much more confidence in the site than other revenue sharing sites.

More information about this is provided in my post Are All Revenue Sharing Sites Ponzi Schemes?

My Personal Plan

From my own use of Future Net I estimate that $50 ad packs provide a return of around $0.50 per pack per day.  This is an average with quite a bit of daily variation in the amount.

At this rate I need to purchase approximately 43 $50 ad packs = $645.  This converts to around £500 per month.

I have now reached 35 $50 packs.  This was my original target amount and now plan to withdraw a monthly amount.  I have been debating over continuing to purchase packs until I hit 43, or withdrawing some cash now.  Its a tough decision to make to be honest.  I am going with the withdrawal option because I have found a new opportunity I want to check out and I always like to use earnings to fund other options.  Of course I will share my findings on this new one after using it myself for a while 😉

I also highly recommend withdrawing initial funds as soon as possible with any online earning site.  This increases the chances of making a profit.

My estimate is I will be able to withdraw $150 this month (May) from Future Net, and then $250+ each month after that.  I will purchase 5 new $50 packs each month and withdraw the remaining amount.  This will allow me to continue growing my ad pack total while also having a monthly income.  By doing this I will be able to withdraw my initial deposited funds by the end of June.  All monies withdrawn after that will be 100% profit.

Once I start purchasing the 5 packs per month I will know if this is sufficient to keep growing the total number of $50 ad packs.  I will review this plan next month to make sure I am on track.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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