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How does a free blog setup service for WordPress blogs sound to you?

After working on this blog, and setting up several others I know quite a bit about using WordPress these days.  I also remember just how overwhelming it all seemed to me right back at the start.  All I wanted to do was to start writing and it seemed like I needed a degree in blogging or something before I could write my first post. It was so frustrating!

Now that I feel like a ‘real blogger’ and Love Love Love what I do, I’d like to help any other budding bloggers to get started too.  So if you have been wanting to start blogging but not sure where to start this is perfect for you.  If you just want to get stuck into doing the writing bit then why not let me take care of the other bits you need to get going?

What I Can Offer

To allow you to just focus on the writing side of things straight away I will:

  • Research the name you want for your blog and provide recommendations if required.
  • Create the blog site with basic specifications as discussed with you (name, colours, menus etc).
  • Add your own photos if available, or use the most suitable alternatives.
  • Install some of the most popular plugins such as sharing to social media buttons.
  • Basic SEO settings to help your blog get seen by more people.
  • Advice about writing your first few posts.
  • Advice about monetising your blog.
  • Ongoing blog related information, training and advice.

I will do all of this at no cost to you.

Note: To qualify for my free blog setup service you will need to sign up with my recommended hosting service.  I can offer the free setup service free to you because they pay me instead 😉

Are There Any Other Costs?

There is a initial cost of $10 per month to use my recommended hosting service.  However due to the unique program they offer,  combined with my personal strategy this cost will reduce to $5 per month which is around £2.50 – £3 per month.  I can also coach you to make a great income from using it if you wish to do so.

Why Use a Paid Hosting Service?

When you start blogging there are basically 2 options to choose from.  There are 100% free blog platforms available and there are options you have to pay a fee for.  Often what happens is people try the free platforms for a while.  After learning more about blogging however it becomes clear just how limiting the free platforms are.  For example:

  •  There can be limits such as not being able to use Adsense to monetise your blog.
  • You find you are not actually in control of your blog, and it can be deleted at any time.
  • There are ‘hidden’ costs, for example if you want to have a fully personalised blog address you will have to pay for that.
  • Experienced bloggers do not use free platforms so it is difficult to be taken seriously when using them.

These things only become apparent after you have spent the time and effort creating your blog and writing quite a lot of posts.  By that stage it is more difficult to move your blog to the paid self hosted option, and you realise you should have used that in the first place.  Yes I am talking from experience here – my first blog got deleted and I lost months and months of work…

Due to the limits of free platforms I feel I cannot recommend them for anyone who is serious about blogging.

I HIGHLY recommend using the paid option of self hosting your blog straight away so you can skip the whole having to move it thing and other issues.  If you still want to use one of the free platforms however is in my opinion the best one to choose.

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