create-an-earning-planYou can create your own earning plan quite easily when you know how to do it.  The knowing how is where most people fall down, so this is how I do it!

Creating an earning plan is exactly the same as creating any other plan really – you start by knowing your goal.  You need to make sure your goal is clearly defined or you won’t know when you have reached it.

For example, lets say your goal is to earn an extra £1000 per month…. this is my own goal at the minute, so I can talk you though my process.

To earn a monthly income is a bit different to earning a one off amount as you need to look at recurring income.  So the questions I ask myself are:

What options do I have?

Personally I have hundreds of options to consider so I like to break that down into types of earning.  If you don’t have any options yet you might like to check out my A-Z of Earning Sites or read on for my own options.

Do those options meet my needs for recurring income?

Each option I can think of I will then consider individually to look at the potential for income.  I will remove any that don’t provide recurring income.

What ACTION can I take related to boosting my income with these options?

I look at what I can do with each option to increase income. This becomes my plan.


Affiliate Sales – (marketing products for others)

Amazon Associates – Huge amount of products

  • Could add more posts with product links.  What sort of products posts would be relevant to my blog?  Perhaps items related to motivation and learning? I love reading network marketing books which I buy from Amazon myself, so those would be relevant.

PLAN –  Write some blog posts which review various network marketing books that I read

MLSP – Training products

  • Could write blog posts about this.  This training system has a lot of options that I can blog about, in fact I could nearly write a whole blog just about MLSP.

PLAN – write a review of this site as a whole, and review some of the individual training courses as well.

MLM Gateway – Referrals for MLM

  • Could write blog post about this

PLAN – Write a training post about how to use this site.

Aweber – Autoresponder

  • Could write blog post about this.

PLAN – Write a training post about how to use this site.

Individuals offering affiliate programs – Courses

  • Need to check when courses are coming out

PLAN – Check the details of these

Network Marketing

Skinny Body Care – Diet Products and Skin Care

Stiforp – Online Marketing Training and Tools

GDI – Website Hosting

  • The plan is pretty much the same for all of these network marketing earning options.  To boost income on these I need to recruit new team members or sell more products.


Recruiting – Work through my prospecting list to update, contact those I haven’t chatted to for a while.  Check out current needs and see if any of my opportunities fit.

Sales – Work through Time to Plan for Making More Sales with the MLM products in mind.  Personally I like the recruiting side of things more than the selling, but I also know having customers is vital for having a stable business.

Casual Earning Sites (See A-Z for large list)



One Poll,

Populus Live,



PLAN – very simply to use each of the sites daily.  I would like to monitor my earnings for each of these sites and calculate an average monthly income from using them.

Selling my own items

Although this does not usually fit into the recurring income category I will include it for now.  I’m guessing i have enough to have regular sales for at least several months.
Boxes of household items – I want to focus on selling as much of this as possible over the next few months.

Clothing – will consider after the boxes of household items are gone.

I can sell these items in various ways – as individual items or job lots for example.  I also have the option to sell on various online sites such as Ebay, Gumtree, Preloved or Facebook.  My preference is Facebook.

PLAN – Start my auctions again.


This is something I have been considering for a while.  I am writing a few email courses at the minute and I have had others suggest I do some paid courses.  I don’t think I am ready to do that yet, and I am enjoying providing the free ones.  Currently I am going to put this aside as another option to consider for the future.


Blogging is one of my main focus points at the minute.  There are various ways I could increase my income from this blog, however I don’t want to change it too much right now.  Working on the affiliate income side of things is sufficient for now really.  There is one simple thing I can do and that is to put Adsense  back on to the blog.

PLAN – check what is happening with my adsense account.   Check which platform is earning and how.  Update my blog settings to allow Adsense ads to show on it again.

Having worked through all of my current options I have decided to:

  1. focus mainly on the affiliate earnings and the selling own items first of all.  This will provide me me with an income while I work on the other areas.
  2.  continue with using the casual earning options daily.  These don’t take long and am in the habit of doing them in the mornings already.  
  3. work on my prospecting list by aiming to chat to at least 1 person per day from the list.

Thats my plan for now sorted out.  If you follow my blog then you will see how I implement the affiliate earnings via blog posts.  I will also post earnings updates again, to help me stay on track!


Will you be developing your own earning plan? I’d love to know how you get on with it!


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