I am very pleased to share this earning guide for Gifthulk with you today. It is the first of many guest posts I hope to add to my blog.  Guest posting is a little perk I am now offering to my Online Earning Team Members to help with their own team building on various sites.  This post was written by Leigh who is a very active team member.

Earning Guide for Gifthulk By Leigh

I have not earned online for very long but GiftHulk is fast becoming one of my favourite websites to earn on.  Earning is quite easy and takes just around 10 – 15 minutes a day for the basics.  You can spend longer on the site and earn more if you wish to.

Joining Up

Joining up is free, you need to give a bit of personal information but don’t have to give your address if you don’t want to.  You can just put in your PayPal email and name if you prefer. I would highly suggest you use a spare email address as offers etc can lead to a lot of emails.

Click here to join using my referral link

Getting Started

Once you have joined up you will see a screen similar to this:

page 1

In the middle there is some information to read from GiftHulk.  This will get you started and you can earn Hulk Coins (HC) for doing some of the activities.  For example you will earn for setting up survey profilers, setting a goal and adding a profile picture.

Make sure you set a goal for yourself first. To do this click on  set goal.  There are many things you could aim for but I would suggest you either go for a £3 UK Amazon voucher (5000HC) or set yourself a Paypal amount such as $5 (5000HC).

Next  go back to the page above and click on ‘Win 10% more at Guess the Card.  This will take you through how to switch on your social updates and initially will give you more ‘chips’ to play with.  At the beginning you only get 5 chips so it is great to get some extra to get started.  As this shares to social media accounts and your referral link is embedded in it this can get you some referrals.

Levels on GiftHulk

When you first start you are a ‘basic member’ and through different activities you earn upgrades. I have recently become a diamond member and this has had several benefits:

  • more chip coins,
  • an extra gift card
  • extra rewards

To access your level and look at the benefits click on the arrow at your name, and you will see this drop down menu: Bottom of page 2

Click onto levels to see your current level and more about the benefits of progressing:


Guess the Card and Fountain of Youth

Next I suggest you play guess the card. (Accessed on the front page at the right hand corner). In fact this is always the first thing you should do when you go on the site each day.  You can win a boost on here which increases your earnings for the day on anything you do after you win the boost.  As well as that you can win a joker card worth 100 coins and Fountain of Youth codes from this game.

You will have the choice of 3 different games to play, each with a different  number of HC you can win. Once your level improves you win more coins, 55, 15 and 5 HC depending on the
game you play.  I play ‘Guess the Suit’ as although it’s the lowest, you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning. If you are lucky enough to win, you will get a notification just below the coins.

Middle of page 3


Sometimes you might guess wrong but still win something else such as a ‘boost’  to earn extra HC on other activities:

Bottom of p3

In this example i have won a Fountain of Youth Code (FOY) worth 15 HC which can be used by 4 people:

middle of page 4


Once you have used all your chips, if you have won a FOY click on the blue bar where it says win and then Fountain of Youth. You can copy and paste your code and click on submit code. I share my codes in our Facebook Group (as do others) to help boost income. Codes are also sometimes released on their Facebook page and through their newsletters that they send out occasionally.

Surveys and survey check ins

After playing Guess the card I suggest you use the ‘earn’ tab and click on ‘surveys’.  Here you can check in once every 24hrs to earn 5 HC,  You don’t have to do a survey to do this.

Top of page 5 first Top of page 5 third bit

I don’t do surveys very often but the survey 2 section is the one to do them in as they are worth more. I frequently find surveys that are 1 minute (yes, really!) and are under 10mins so doing these are a nice little boost when you have the time. You also get 20HC for each disqualified survey (limited to 3 a day).  The progress bar when it is completed will give you 25 extra HC.




Other ways to earn

Front Page:

On the front page screen there are always two bold sentences, one about videos and one about apps. Click on the video one and you will sometimes see a  ‘launch targeted videos’ section.  Here you will get some videos where you need to click, wait for a count down and move on.  If you click launch player, this takes you to a new webpage for radio loyalty.  You can play the radio for 10 minutes, then enter and submit a captcha for credit.  This can take a while to credit, but you get 12HC for it.




For the Apps earning simply access the site from your mobile device and download one of the apps. Some credit instantly, others take a little while and you may need to use them for a while. There are also more apps available if you go back to the earn tab and pick apps. On the right hand side it will tell you what has credited last.

On this page are also click offers if you don’t use the same wall on another site.


Located at front of first page, get 4 HC per search.  This pays every hour– I suggest you do click on results though otherwise you can lose the option to get paid for searching.

Earn Tab

It is worth having a look at the offers walls.


Good walls to check for surveys are Persona.ly and Peanut Labs (although other sites can pay more).  Super Rewards and Matomy tend to be good for videos.

EZ coins is also under the earn tab.  I don’t use this as I have found things just don’t credit for me (but some have for others).  Be very careful if you try an offer where you need to deposit anything.

If you do a download offer I suggest you either use Shadow defender or Sandboxie (the former is better) to protect your computer. Also don’t give out your mobile number as you are likely to be charged for texts.

Gift Hulk TV

You can earn 25 HC per 5 videos. This part of the site can be a bit glitchy and it can have lots of videos which don’t play.



These are from Crowdflower and GiftHulk.  3 tasks from Gifthulk can get you some coins for writing a blog, doing a You Tube video, and creating a forum thread. Crowdflower tasks pay much better on Clixsense and InstaGC however.


I wouldn’t bother! Keep the coins for yourself.

Point Targets

You can earn an extra boost by completing a point target each day, for a set number of days.  This creates a nice hole in your weekly punch card.  You can win an extra bonus (although it is small) if you have enough punches at the end of the week:

5 days: 100HC, 6 days: 150HC and 7 days: 250HC will be your bonus.

page 7 middle image


Like other sites you can earn from referrals.  This gives you a nice ‘boost’ but it isn’t the best reward program out there. You initially get 100HC for the sign up, and then a further 500HC for a referral reaching silver level.   Your referral link should be on the home page under ‘My Invite Code’.  If you click the ‘Invite Dashboard’ it will give you an invite link such as mine: http://www.gifthulk.com/invite/LB882110 and also show you how your referrals are doing.


How to cash out


Ah yes, the most important bit!

When you are ready to cash out you can request your ‘prize’.  When you do this for the first time you will need to verify your account. To do this click on the verify button and enter your mobile number.  Keep the screen open and wait to receive a text from them.  You will get a pin number you need to put in.

I have never received any unsolicited calls from them so this is OK, nor have I been charged for this.

Depending on your level, you should receive your prize in a few days. Paypal is generally best to cash out Saturday or Thursday but I found as a diamond member it doesn’t really matter.  Lower levels have different payout times.

Amazon will be delivered by email.


Once you reach diamond level you can get a free £7 gift card. Different levels also get a rebate of coins in their account, so once you get to gold you get 2.5% of your order back.  Platinum account holders get 5% and diamond get 10%.

Below you can see the number of coins you need for Amazon or Paypal.


£3 = 5,000 coins, £5 = 7,500 coins, £10 = 15,000 coins


$5 = 5,000 coins, $10 = 10,000 coins, $25 = 25,000 coins, $50 = 50,000 coins

How much can you earn?

This really depends how much you do on the site and how much time you have. It can be a slow or a fast burner. Personally, I don’t use this site everyday but when I do I tend to do a variety of activities. If you want you can do the very basic activities: play guess the card, put in FOY codes if you win/find them, do survey check in (s) and a quick search clicking a result. With more time, you could perhaps download an app, ‘listen’ to the radio and play a video. If you have more time you could also do the odd survey.

It is really up to you how much you do. Sometimes all I do is guess the card but I find it still adds up and often still cash out weekly.


I hope that you have found this earning guide for Gifthulk helpful, there is also an information section on Gift Hulk here and an FAQ section here which you might find useful.

Good Luck with your earning!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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