How to Earn with New Grandbux is actually very easy. If everyone follows this guide then everyone will start to make money….

There are just 3 simple steps:

Step 1 View Ads
Step 2 Create Ad
Step 3 Use purchase balance to pay for ad or RR’s


To View Ads

– Click on earn xp at top of the page, click survey ads
– on the ad box around 1/4 way down is an arrow on right side
– click arrow until you get to question
– choose response to question

If you do this right you get a notification on screen to say earned XP and ad credit
XP moves you up the levels and ad credit lets you advertise something for free

Create Ad
– Click on Advertise at top of page
– Click on survey ad box
– Click on add new survey
– on page click on left side images to edit (where it says preview)
– make sure you click on visit here button to add your website referral link if have one
– on right side of page complete details
– agree terms
– save ad

– On list of ads under advertise tab look for new ad just created
– Click on little world symbol
– Under ad views choose either free credits or number of views
– Number of views price comes out of purchase balance so best to use this to get everyone started earning
– Add filters if you want
– click confirmation and save

You now just need to click arrow to activate it

Doing this will give you more XP to move you up levels quicker


To Earn you have to have referrals who make a purchase
Everyone has a purchase balance from old earnings to allow them to do this
If you have no referrals you can rent them

Rent Referrals

– Click on account tab at top of page
– Find referrals box and click on number
– right corner box has add referrals option
– click add referrals button
– choose add 1, 5 or 25 refs
– agree terms of service
– click rent now

Only when everyone starts to do this will the earning cycle begin for everyone 

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