Earn cash from searches

Yes you can earn cash from searches on the internet.

I’m all in favour of earning cash in easy ways and the easier and quicker the better in my book. ¬†Its always good to know how to earn more cash isn’t it? And to earn more cash from what you do already, well thats a no brainer I think ūüėČ

One of the easiest ways of earning online is from doing searches.  Searching for things online is almost second nature to most of us now.   If you are like me you will have a search engine as your main internet page, but which one do you use?

If you opt for Google every time you search online you are generating money for Google.  Did you know that? In fact every search engine generates money from searches completed on their site.  How? Well its very simple actually.  Many companies pay advertising fees, and for other search related services.  Its a paid service provided by google etc to allow companies to increase their changes of being top of the search listings.

How can you earn cash from searching?

Companies like Google choose to keep all the search related revenue for themselves.  It is part of their income strategy, but by being a little more selective you can get paid by some companies to use their search engine instead.   Basically these companies agree to share their revenue with you for completing searches as a bit of a bribe to use them instead of the more popular ones.  There are a lot of paid search options available including Swagbucks, Inbox Pounds, Inbox Dollars, Bing and many more.

How can you earn MORE from searching?  

Well thats easy, you can use 2 or 3 of these paid search engines per day, or even at the same time….

Most of the paid search websites have a limit on the number of searches you can do each day.  Inbox Pounds limits paid searches each day, and Swagbucks has a limit of around 4 or 5 as far as I know.  So if you are a really keen searcher you can earn more by using different websites each day.

Personally I use Inbox Pounds, Inbox Dollars, and Swagbucks.

How much can you earn from searching?

It is pretty hard to calculate exactly how much you can earn from searches.  Just as an example, if I guestimate with 3 search wins per day on Swagbucks @ an average of 6 SB per search = roughly £2.50 per month.  This is a low guestimate as most search wins are higher than 6SB, but getting 3 per day every day is a bit difficult to achieve.

From my own experience just from using these sites for searching you can earn around ¬£10 per month. ¬†That is just under ¬£140 per year, which is a nice amount for something you already do. ¬†You could of course increase this by using more sites, but it can get time consuming and tiring. ¬†Personally I don’t think I could manage to use more sites than I do already for searching.

How much time does it take?

As I said above, it can get time consuming doing all of those searches (its over 2000 searches per month). ¬†If you do a lot of searching already then its money for doing the same as you do already. ¬†You can conduct various searches on different sites at the same time to reduce the time it takes (by opening different tabs), or even do the same search on different search engines. ¬†You should be aware the latter could be considered to be somewhat of a ‘cheat’ however and could result in your accounts being suspended.


Have you ever tried paid searches?  I would love to hear about your favourite sites for paid searches, or your opinions and experiences of this method of earning.  It can be a little controversial to use different sites so I would especially love to know what you think about that Рis it ok or not?

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