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Swagbucks Surveys – Earn £25+ per Month with this Information!


If you want to earn £25+ per month on Swagbucks chances are you will need to complete some surveys.  Luckily there are a lot of opportunities to do this on the site. Some of the options are not very obvious though in my opinion.  This post will tell you how to find all the Swagbucks surveys, and hopefully help you to earn a bit more.


The main parts of the website where you will find surveys are:


This is the page with all the boxes showing on it.  You will need to have a look for the following boxes on that page:

SB survey Survey boxSurvey box


These boxes are a shortcut, the first one goes direct to a survey, usually from Global Test Market, and can vary in duration. It will award you 80SB’s as shown  The second will take you directly to the survey dashboard, which can also be accessed via the Answer Tab in the top blue bar.   Please see below for more info about the survey dashboard.

The third will take you to a survey usually from Toluna.   If you don’t meet the criteria for the first survey you will be likely to be offered another Toluna survey via this link.  You will be awarded 70SB’s for surveys completed via this box.


The Survey Dashboard


Surveys Surveys 2


This dashboard will provide access to Gold Surveys, Partner Surveys, Peanut Lab Surveys and the Daily Survey. These surveys can vary in duration and in the amount of SB’s that are awarded for completion.  The highest award i have received from this area is 510 SB’s for one survey – the highest paying ones tend to be available via the Gold Surveys link.

The daily survey link via The Survey Dashboard will take you to a survey of any duration, and you will be awarded 60SB’s for completion.


There are also profile question surveys available on The Survey Dashboard.  When these are available you can earn 2SB for each 2 questions completed here.  The profile questions will be used to help select surveys that you are more likely to be able to complete so it is worth taking the time to do these.


The Offer Walls

Swagbucks has 12 different Offer Walls which can be accessed via the Discover Tab on the blue bar and then each individual offer wall tab.  All surveys on offer walls can be of various duration and reward.

Special Offers

The walls which can have surveys available on them are:

Trial Pay Wall – has a survey filter button but usually there are no actual surveys on this wall, it often has offers with multiple page sign up forms which show under this filter but to be honest these only seem to be a sign up for spam emails .  This wall can have the very occasional actual survey on it so i have included it in this post. Wall – this can have a link to Opinion Surveys on it quite often.

Peanut Labs – this is the main wall with surveys available on it.  There can easily be 10+ surveys available on this one.  Quite frequently you can be awarded 1SB if you get screened out of a survey on this wall.

Sponsor Pay Wall – This one can occasionally have a survey on it which can be found with the surveys filter.

Toro Wall – Usually has several surveys available from various companies and these can be accessed via the survey filter.  Currently the companies providing surveys on this wall  include Give us your 2 cents, Global Test Market, Opinion Surveys and Say So for Good.  Others can also be available on this wall at times.

The other walls do not usually have surveys on them.

 Via Email

Swagbucks regularly sends surveys via email, but only if you actually sign up to receive them.



If you regularly (daily or thereabouts) visit all of these sections on the Swagbucks website and attempt 3-5 surveys each time there is a much higher chance of earning at least £20 a month.  It cannot be guaranteed of course, as completion of surveys always depends on various attributes.  Remember getting screened out of surveys is a natural part of the process, however if you get a very high level of screen outs you might want to consider looking at the general criteria to make sure you are selecting the best option to describe your individual circumstances.

I will be posting about ways to help minimise the chances of getting screened out of surveys very soon.


Do you complete surveys on Swagbucks already? If so i would love to hear about your experiences of earning this way.

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  1. I tried doing surveys on Swagbucks but I would always find that after several minutes I was disqualified for some reason or another. Now I mostly earn by using the SBTV and other short videos. I just start it on my iPad and then go on about my day.

    I am glad to hear that you are doing so well on paid surveys though! :o)

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