Earn £1000 per month Challenge

Earn £1000 Per Month Challenge

My Earn £1000 Per Month Challenge is a New Year project I am now offering.  It is available to everyone who works from home already, or those who want to start.  It is also a bit of a cheeky celebration for my own earnings accomplishment I have to admit 😉

The plan is to start the challenge on 1st January and continue it throughout the year.  It is open to all who work from home, regardless of the company, or method of earning you may already use.

I do want to point out that this is a challenge, unfortunately I cannot magic £1000+ incomes up out of thin air ( or I would do it for everyone 😉 ).  It will take quite a lot of work for those taking part, and for myself as well.  I have deliberately kept the challenge open to those using all sorts of different companies and methods of earning.  That is because the process involved in getting to this level of income is what is important, not the company or method.  During the challenge I will be talking a lot about the processes involved.  Things like goal setting, planning, tracking and review.

Training and Support

There will be quite a lot of training available to anyone who needs it too, to help build your skills and knowledge.  Topics such as Marketing basics, How to use Facebook more effectively,  and How to work with specific targets will all be included.  We will also be discussing How to stabilize your income and Team Building strategies.  Other topics may be made available depending on demand.

To assist with staying on track with your earning targets I will provide a weekly forum for discussion, problem solving and advice.  This will be in our Work From Home Network Free Coaching For Success Group and is scheduled for each Monday.  This means you will be able to ‘drop in’ as and when you choose to.

Work From Home Network VIP’s

In addition to discussing these processes and topics I am pleased to say The Work From Home Network currently has over 40 VIP team members who work with many different companies.   I am also personally experienced in working with different types of income generation. This will provide those attendees who would like to know about different options available, with a lot of choices.   There is no obligation at all to join other companies, this is available to those who wish to know more about what our VIP’s are doing.

Join The Challenge

Would you like to join in with the Earn £1000 per month 2018 Challenge?  Details of training and support events will be sent to all email subscribers.

Have you found this post useful or inspiring? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting below or you can contact me directly if you prefer! 

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Ellie xx

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