How to Earn $10 on Clixsense

If you want to know how to earn $10 on Clixsense you are probably working on Step 1 of my $1000 per month strategy.

There are many ways to earn $10 on Clixsense including:

Clicking Ads
Completing Surveys
Completing Offers
Watching Videos
Playing Clixgrid
Completing the bonus checklist
Referring others

Recommended Activities

To make it as simple as possible for you to hit that $10 per month target here are my recommended activities:

– Add the clixaddon app to your browser. This means you will earn more from the PTC ads as you get notified when new ones are available to click.  The link is:

– Click all ads daily.  The link is:

– Check for videos on Offer Toro wall. The link is:

– Attempt surveys on Peanut Labs offer wall. The link is:

Note it is usual for you to get screened out of surveys frequently as a particular type of participant is required. The screening process checks if you meet the specific criteria for each survey and you will get screened out if you are not suitable.

– Attempt surveys on Personaly offer wall.  The link is:

IF you have managed to complete 2 offers (including surveys on the offer walls) play the clixgrid game and visit the forum to complete the bonus checklist.  The links are:

Using these recommendations you should easily be able to earn at least $10 per month. If you struggle to earn with surveys you may like to complete the tasks instead.  The link for these is:

I hope this post helps you to earn $10 on Clixsense and helps you towards making $1000 per month.  If you are still struggling to hit target please do contact me so I can assist you further.

PS if the links in this post do not work for you simply copy the end section and add it to the address in the top bar when you are on the Clixsense site.  The links vary a little in different countries.

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