Are Your Dreams Worth The Effort?

What kind of a question is that you might wonder…

Well I woke this morning with no idea what to write about… I try to write daily now if I can. Then I read something that said a lot of people give up on their businesses at this time of year.  I guess there are those who only started to make some extra money for Christmas, and there are the post holiday blues.  In addition to that however there are people who really want to change their lives.  January is a time of new beginnings and thoughts about the future too.

I Love January

I am one of those people who loves January.  The days are starting to stretch once again, and we have cold crisp days with sunshine.  Its a time when I love to really embrace my dreams and decide what I want to work on for the year ahead.

For me January is not about making New Year resolutions, it is simply a time when I renew my efforts to life the life I want to live.  2017 has been an amazing year for me because each day I make a little effort to work on my dreams.  Of course there are still struggles, and days when I want to hide under the duvet.  My health problems do not go away.  Health issues mean that I can’t work on my dreams in the same way as other people.  My mental health is frustrating to deal with, and it often gets in the way of my plans.  Yet I continue to try…

Making The Effort

The progress I am making now is down to one thing: The effort I put in.

I refuse to let my health get in the way of living my dreams as best as I can.  Thinking about what I can do, and putting in the effort to take action, has given me my life back.  It has created a life that I am proud to live.

Today I feel a kind of freedom that I never felt when I was well.  That freedom is knowing that I can do it, no matter what life throws at me.  It is knowing that my dreams are worth the effort and I should never give up on them.

Your dreams are precious, your life is precious, your time is precious.

Live everyday trying to be the best you can be.  In my opinion your dreams are ALWAYS worth the effort!

Ellie xx

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