Here is my online earning update for December 2016.  As mentioned in my November Summary my plan for this month was to focus on boosting my passive income.

Today I would like to share how exactly I made £859 from online earning in December 2016.

I do have to admit that figure is a little lower than I was hoping for.  I also have to admit that I have not been working as hard as I could have too.  Basically I spent the majority of the month away from home staying with family.   I know exactly why my income was a bit lower this month than last month too.  I haven’t spent much time doing surveys at all.  I did not do very much matched betting either.

Considering the fact I basically took the month off from doing surveys I am actually pleased with my earnings.  It shows that my passive income is increasing as planned.  I also know I can hit over £1000 again next month.

How I Did It!

I continue to use My Own Daily Earning Routine.  That has made really a big difference to me as I now spend around 2.5 hrs per day ‘working’.  The focus on passive income is starting to reduce my workload while my income is maintained or increased.

I always work on several income streams at once.  Here are the details of how much I made with each option:

Survey Sites and other Casual Earning

This month I made a total of £27.81 from this type of earning.  That was £13.89 from survey sites and £13.92 from casual earning such as PTC sites.  My top earners in this category for December were:

Clixsense £5.26

Mintvine £4.18

Panelbase £3.20

Gifthulk £2.89

Reward Shopping £2.34

Swagbucks £2.27

Considering the earning was mostly from clicking a button on each of these sites, I am quite happy with that.  The only sites I did any surveys on was Mintvine and Panelbase.

Gambling and Matched Betting

Jackpot Joy is still my main income source in this section.  This month Jackpot Joy made me £480.84.  For more information about how I use this site for earning you might like to read the following posts:

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Cashback and Passive Income

This month I made £281.34 from my passive income options.  This is up again on what I made in November which is what I want to see.  I will continue with my Increase Passive Income Challenge until I hit my current target of £350 per month with this type of earning.

For your info the sites I use for my passive income are:

My Own Sales

I have made some sales again this month after my break from it it November.  The total I made from these was £69.  Part of this was from doing some car boot sales which I haven’t done for years until this month.  They were pretty slow I must admit, but I deliberately chose quiet ones to get me back into doing them again.

Plan For Next Month

I will be aiming to earn over £1000 during January.  Again I will be focusing on increasing my passive income during the month.  This will include increasing my investment a little with Recyclix, Property Partner and Futurenet.  This is the last month I will be making investments in these as I will have hit my own investment targets.

I will still be completing surveys each day and will reinvest the earnings from those into advertising.  I have started doing a little of this already, but it is time to step it up now.

My plan is almost complete for this investment stage and I will be moving on to the next stage during January.  I am really looking forward to it as it means I will be able to sit back and let my work  so far continue to pay me.  I will be able to travel a lot more in 2017 now that I have done a lot of the initial work, which was my plan.

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