Having a daily earning tracker is, in my opinion, a vital tool for everyone who works from home.  I have been using one for a long time now and it really increased my earning levels.

Why You Need a Daily Earning Tracker

  • It really increases earning levels if you use it consistently.  With all my house moving and renovations I have fallen off the daily earning routine and it shows in my income.  This will get me back on track 😉
  • A daily earning tracker will provide you with a routine to follow each day and therefore assists with a consistent approach.  When I first started using casual online sites I was all over the place and it took me ages to claim any cash because of that.
  • If you use it consistently you will find out which sites work best for you.  Often the sites with lower paid surveys actually provide more income because of the frequency of availability.  By using this you will be able to see where your earnings are coming from.
  • The daily earning tracker also helps with motivation levels.  You can see progress and that keeps you going.
  • It also provides you with a simple record of your earning.  Should you need to provide information to the tax office or if applying for a loan etc this is perfect to hand in.

How to Download and Print the Daily Earning Tracker

Click HERE and you will be taken to another screen to download and or print my daily earning tracker. This screen looks like this:

To download or print simply click on the button in the top right corner:

How to Use my Daily Earning Tracker

Its pretty simple to use the daily earning tracker:

  1. Add the week beginning date to the top right corner
  2. Write the names of the websites you will use this week down the left side column
  3. Under the day of the week I suggest you write the start balance of each site for that day.  You can add the finish balance if you prefer.  For this part simply use the currency used by the website, so for Swagbucks for example you would enter the number of Swagbucks in your account.
  4. At the end of the week calculate the total earned, still in site currency.  To do this use the figure under Sunday and minus the figure from Monday.  Write that number in the total column.
  5. If you want to know exactly the amount in £ (or dollars etc) you need to convert the number of points earned (from the total column) into your own currency.  This is a bit more complicated as it involves some extra calculations.  If you prefer not to do this you don’t need to.  I personally like to know how much money I have earned each week though so I have provided a conversion guide below.
  6. If you want to know exactly how much you have earned in the week simply add up all the totals in the £’s Total Column.  Note you cannot do this without converting all points into the same currency.

How to Convert Site Points into Currency

To convert the site currency into pounds (or dollars etc) you need to know the value of a point or dollar etc.  Please follow the calculation below:

Number of points needed to make claim = ?  (For example on Swagbucks you currently need 700SB to claim a £5 Amazon voucher or 800SB for £5 paypal payment, so use whichever point value is needed to make the claim you want)

Value of claim being made in pence = ?  (For example £5 = 500p)

Divide the value of claim being made by the number of points = ? (For example 500/700 = 0.71428…. This means 1 point is worth 0.7p)

Now you multiply the number of points you have earned in the week by the value of each point.  This is the amount of money you earned on that site during this week.

Worked Example

Website = Swagbucks

Number of swagbucks I have in my account on Sunday = 455

Number of swagbucks I started with on Monday = 155

This week I earned 300 swagbucks  x 0.7p = 210p or £2.10

Now I know I made £2.10 this week towards a £5 Amazon voucher on Swagbucks

Additional Notes About Daily Earning Tracker

  • In this daily earning tracker I have limited the number of websites to 15 maximum.  Although you can use multiple sheets I advise against it.  Limiting yourself to 15 sites over the course of a week is to help you get to the claim level faster.
  • You can use different sites each week if you choose to.
  • The notes and to do sections at the bottom are for your own reminders, use those as you wish.  I personally write the total earned in the notes section and what I need to do to help me hit my earning target in the to do section.


If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx



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