My Own Daily Earning Routine is something I am asked for a lot.  As it has been over a year since I posted an updated routine I thought I would share that with you today.

Please note some of the site links in this post are referral links.  This means I might get a small reward if you join by clicking through them.  I only refer others to sites I have checked out to be genuine and am happy to recommend.

I split my earning up into a couple of segments:

Daily Clicks

For the daily clicks part of my routine I spend around 30 mins – 1 hr daily.  I currently earn £30+ per month from this which I then upcycle into higher level monthly earnings.

  • My daily routine starts with the Free daily games on Jackpot Joy.  I love the fact I can start my day winning some cash.  Today for example I won over £60 from the free game which gave my balance a nice boost 😉  Note you do need to wager £2 per week to qualify for the free games!

More info can be found about this in my post Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games?

  • Second on my spreadsheet is Gifthulk.   I always start with the card game where I guess the suit.  Sometimes you win a boost on there so its good to do first.  I then check in for the surveys (5 points just for doing that). I do try a survey or 2 some days on here as you get points for screening out as well as completing them.  You also get a bonus after screening out 10 times.   I try to do a few searches daily too . You get some points for those each time but don’t overuse or you can get a block on your account.  I also check for videos to watch.

More info can be found about Gifthulk can be found in this post: Guest Post – An earning guide for Gifthulk!

More Info about using Clixsense can be found in my post: A Weeklong Website Trial – Clixsense

  • Then I check in on Inbox Pounds for paid emails and do a single search.  I do check the surveys for reasonable payment ones as well.  I do also watch out for bonuses for doing offers on here as they can be pretty good.

More info about using Inbox Pounds can be found in my posts: Inbox Pounds and Inbox Pounds Bonus

  • I have recently added Swagbucks back into my daily plan.  Now I complete the daily poll, the search, daily crave, deal of the day and usually try to play a couple of games.  I will also do the watch videos and surveys bits too if I feel like it!

More Info about using Swagbucks can be found in my posts: Swagbucks Surveys – Earn £25+ per Month with this Information! and How To Earn on Swagbucks – Easy System to add 20SB Daily

More Info about using Reward Shopping can be found in my post: How to Earn with Reward Shopping

Passive Income

This is the section I use to upcycle my earnings from the Daily Clicks part of my Routine.

Basically I use my earnings from the previous section to invest in various sites.  I use several sites for this to help maximise my income.  Also I advise the multiple income streams approach to minimize any unexpected risk, and protect income long term.  Quite frankly no-one has a crystal ball and any company can go out of business, so this approach best in my opinion.

It is highly possible to use just 1 or 2 of these, or 100+ passive income options because once they are set up there is very little ‘work’ involved.

The sites I use in this section are:

In addition I obviously use this blog for generating passive income too.

For More Info on these sites please check out the following posts:

How to Earn with Recyclix – A Basic Guide.

Earn £100 per month with Recyclix

Have You Invested in Gold Yet?

Want Cheap Website Hosting Fees? My Provider Pays Me!

Start Earning with Future Net

I will add more posts about Zopa, Futurenet, Property Partner, Stiforp and CB Passive Income as soon as I write them 😉

Income Boosters

This section includes any additional sites or activities that I use on a more flexible basis.  I use them mainly to speed up the income generation from the passive income options.  These include things like selling items for my Junk to Cash Challenge,  or when I decide to Earn £10 Per Day with These Surveys Sites.

I also use these options to help provide information for my readers, such as when writing the post Would you like to Know How to Earn £100 in a Week?.

The money I generate from these activities I tend to use for investing in the passive income options when possible.

Why I use this Routine

The reason I use this routine is because my focus is on creating a monthly income for my future.  I used to work mainly on what I call the income booster options when I first started out with my make money from home journey.  I needed the money there and then to help pay the bills and pay off my debts.  Now that I have paid off my debts and sorted an income though I am able to change from these more time intensive methods.  It is this change that will allow me to earn an unlimited income.

In some ways I wish I had been able to make this change earlier.  It is difficult to change direction though.  It involves a leap of faith in a lot of ways, as it is a bit scary to put money into different things.   Especially when money is short it is hard to take this leap of faith.  Being able to start using passive income methods with a very small amount of cash is great though.  It means they are not out of reach for anyone now.

I thoroughly recommend starting with a passive income option as soon as possible if you really want to create time and financial freedom.  What better way to do it than from using an income booster option to earn the initial seed money?  That is how it is possible to create a full time level income when you start with nothing 😉

I hope you have found this post useful.  If you have please consider sharing it on social media as that allows me to help more people! 


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