Creating the right impression about your business is a vital step in your branding process.  You may think that the company you work with has already done that for you, but you would be wrong.  Your business is exactly that.  It is your business and your association with another company has very little to do with your success.

Brand Yourself

The thing that most people who work from home don’t understand at first is the importance of branding yourself.  The company you work with has a brand, but this is not your brand.  The only thing that tells your potential customers or team members about you is the fact you have an association with that company.  News flash…. so does every other person who works with this company!  So why should they buy from you or work with you?

You need to know the answer to that, because the branding process when you work from home is all about you.

It is you who makes your business different to the thousands of other people all doing the same thing as you are.  You are your unique selling point (USP).  The fact that all of us are individuals means you don’t have to try and create a USP, all you have to know is who you are and what you believe in.  For some of us that is easier said than done.  Thankfully there are ways to figure it out…

What Impression do You want to Create?

First of all you need to know what impression you want to create.  Is it a fun-loving one or a strictly professional one? Do you want people to know that you care or you are carefree?

Knowing what impression you want to create says a lot about you… try writing a list of words you want people to use when they describe your business.  Then look at those words and know that these are the words you want people to use to describe you too.  A business is simply an extension of yourself, so they will be very similar.

What Do You Do Well?

This is another difficult question for a lot of people to answer.  If it is easier consider what topics you feel passionate about.  We tend to be good at things we are passionate about so use that as a starting point.  These are the things that you should be using to brand yourself and your business.  For example, I am passionate about thinking outside of the box, not seeing the obvious.  I am quite an analytical person and I like to think about what things mean.  It is common that I ponder the meaning of life and peoples behaviour for example.  My brand therefore reflects those things.  It is all about doing things a little differently to others and understanding the meaning.  I am a learner and a teacher.  My passions and my business branding are the same.

Creating False Impressions

Creating the right impression about your business is not about creating false impressions.  It is fine to include your dreams and plans in your business – those are what you want to do.  Creating an impression that you are happy go lucky, when actually you are a very serious and thoughtful person however, is a clash.  False impressions create conflict and problems.  That is because you are marketing yourself in a way that you cannot produce.  Or at least you cannot maintain.

A lot of people teach the “fake it till you make it” approach.  Personally I don’t think that works very well to be honest.  In my opinion people tend to sense when there are inconsistencies between what you are saying and doing, even if they don’t know what it is.  You are better to be honest about things.  That creates trust.

What Do You Want To Develop?

This is another way of asking what you are not good at yet.  It is ok to acknowledge these things, in fact that can help with your humanness.  For example I know that I have struggled with consistency a lot due to my health problems.  Acknowledging that,  and working on it over the years has gained a lot of support for my business.  Others can relate to the fact that I am ‘practicing what I preach’ and the fact it is not always easy too.

Being open and honest about this also has created a degree of understanding from my audience.  Usually if I go a little quiet my readers know that I will be back soon for example.

Creating the Right Impression about your Business

Creating the right impression about your business therefore is about matching your brand to your own values and strengths.  It is not about trying to make out to be something you are not.  By creating the right impression about your business you will attract people with the same values as you, and this makes business a lot easier.

Most of the time business relationships develop through attraction, just as friendships and romantic relationships do.  There is something about this person or business that you like and can relate to.  Attraction is simply a natural filtering process and as a business person it is important you understand that.  It is not about trying to attract everyone, but attracting the right fit of person for you.

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