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Clixsense Earning Strategy for $1000+ Per Month

Clixsense Earning Strategy

My Clixsense Earning Strategy

My Clixsense earning strategy is very simple and is available to everyone worldwide.  In my last post I mentioned having a new monthly target of just $10 per month from Clixsense.  This is part of my earning strategy to turn that $10 per month into $1000+ per month.

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is what I would call a casual earning site.  By this I mean it offers lots of basic paid online tasks such as clicking adverts, watching videos, mini jobs, surveys and offers.  These tasks pay a small amount for each one completed. That does not mean you can’t make a high income from it, you can.  What I have found however is most people struggle to gain sufficient referrals to make that high level income from Clixsense.  That has motivated me to develop my Clixsense earning strategy to help others to make a high level income from this site.

Why am I focused on Clixsense?

I have used Clixsense daily now for several years.  I must admit I went through some initial hesitation that this site was a genuine way to make money from home.  It seemed impossible to make a decent income from clicking ads for pennies.  I also found it quite frustrating to use at first which you can read all about in my one week trial post.

So why am I focused on Clixsense?  I actually have a lot of reasons:

  1. It is very quick and easy to do the ad clicks each day
  2. There is no charge to use the site for earning
  3. It provides a guaranteed way to earn a small amount of money each month which is all that is needed for my strategy to work
  4. Clixsense is a worldwide site so has a high potential for getting referrals
  5. It is one of the most stable online earning sites I know of
  6. There are many different ways to earn
  7. Commission is paid down 8 levels of referrals
  8. It is possible to raise income on this one site up to thousands per month with the correct strategy
  9. Additional benefits such as high quality advertising are also provided on this site
  10. It has a huge amount of daily traffic from other professional online marketers

I must admit I also want to show that it is possible to earn a great income from using Clixsense.

To show I am following this Clixsense earning system myself here is my first Clixsense $10 per month earnings screenshot:

How to earn $10 per month on Clixsense

I have written a list of recommended activities to help you with earning

From $10 to $1000 per month

As I already mentioned it is possible to make thousands per month just from using Clixsense.  This usually requires having a lot of referrals and this is difficult for most people.

There is a simple way around this though.

By earning just $10 per month on Clixsense you open the doors to a massive range of options.  It is using these options in conjunction with Clixsense that creates an easy way to build up your income to $1000+ per month.

The options that I would recommend are either:

Investing the $10 per month into Future Net.  This site provides a profit through revenue sharing which means for each $10 you invest you get $12 back.  I have done extensive research into revenue sharing sites and find this to be the most stable one available.  As you can see from the screenshot below I have received over $1000 in commission from Future Net.

Or using the $10 per month to pay for blog hosting with Global Domains International.  This site provides the chance to create an income from blogging AND/OR from promoting the platform which can also be done without writing a blog.  In my experience a lot of work from home people want to open a website or write a blog at some point so this is a great earning opportunity on its own.   You may wish to read about the income GDI provides.  I have written about that in post Want Cheap Website Hosting Fees? My Provider Pays Me!

Additionally I advise reading the  Benefits of Blogging post when considering this option.

Higher Level Income

If you choose to follow this Clixsense earning strategy and commit to earning just $10 per month on the site I will also assist you with team building by providing referrals.  This will lead to an income that surpasses the $1000 per month level.  You will need to be in my Clixsense downline team (in any of the 8 levels) for me to provide you with referrals.  If you are already a member of Clixsense on another team please contact me to discuss how I can help.

To qualify please use the following referral links.  These belong to my team members 😉   Once you join your referral links will be added to the link rotation cycle here too.

Clixsense – Click here to Join

 Future Net – Click here to Join

Global Domains International – Click here to Join




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Daily Earning Plan for Clixsense

Daily Earning Plan ClixsenseThis is my current personal daily earning plan for Clixsense.  In my last post  How to Get Back on Track I said I was going to share my new earning plan.  After a little thought I have decided to do a daily earning plan for each site that I use and so I am starting with Clixsense.

I am using Clixsense, along with several others, to help me meet my income goal of earning £2500 per month. I aim to work only online for a total of 1 hour per day to earn this amount.

Each of my daily earning plans will provide full information to allow you to also be able to earn this amount if you wish.  If you prefer to pick and choose to use only some of the sites in my plan you are very welcome to do so of course – each site works independently of the others.

About Clixsense

Clixsense is over 8 years online and I have been using it daily for around 2 years. There are many ways to earn with Clixsense, namely:

Ad Clicking
Mini Tasks
Viewing videos
Completing Offers
Advertising other work from home opportunities

My Daily Earning Plan

Current income goal: $10 per month (£8)or roughly $0.35 per day.
Actions: Complete the ad clicks each day which takes me a couple of minutes. Complete a survey or 2 to reach target when needed.
Notes: Although this is a rather small amount to earn it is fast, easy and guaranteed. Once earned I invest this monthly amount into other sites to boost it further.  I have funded several sites by using Clixsense in this way.

Progress Towards Goal

Daily Ad click earnings are approximately $0.14
Referral earnings are approximately $0.03

To Do

Monitor Survey Income
Promote referral link to boost earning by team members
Upgrade to premier account again

Account Screenshot

Referral Link

If you wish to join Clixsense with my referral link it is

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I hope you have found this post useful, if you have feel free to share it with others. Thanks in advance if you do share it. I always appreciate your help you reach a larger audience.

Ellie xx

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How to Earn with Future Net

There are many ways to earn with Future Net.  Some are free and some require a little investment.  It is of course possible to start earning with the free options and then progress to the others if you want to.  You can also pick and choose which of the options you want to earn with.

The Official Future Net Video


The following are the main ways to earn with Future Net:

Social Media Club

The first free way to earn with Future Net is through the social media club.  It basically has a section that works just like facebook, but with Future Net you earn by being active on there. Basically you earn by posting, liking, sharing videos and photos and by sending other members a private message.  Really anything you do on most social media sites, if you do it on Future Net you will get paid.  My blog post  Start Earning with Future Net provides more details of how you can earn with this free option.

 Affiliate Sales

If you promote the Future Net products and make a sale then you will earn commission for doing that.  You will also receive commission if someone you refer to Future Net makes a sale.  The commission levels are between 3% and 5% depending on what is sold and who makes the sale.   The main products you can make commission on are landing pages, video mail, blogs, cloud storage, website templates and games.

Matrix Earnings

This is one of the paid earning opportunities available on Future Net.  To be eligible for earning you need to invest at least $10 for a matrix position.  It is a forced matrix which means there are limited positions available and new referrals are automatically placed into the next free position.  The Future Net Matrix has 3 free positions under each person who invests.  In other words there are 3 empty slots available for your referrals to be placed.  If you continue to recruit new members who join the matrix after the 3 slots under you are filled they will be allocated to the vacant slots under your own referrals.  This is a great option, because you can help your referrals to start earning while also earning yourself.  You get paid up to 10 levels deep in the matrix plan.

The matrix earning plan provides a huge potential for income as shown in the chart below:


Future Ad Pro

This is the second paid earning opportunity.  To earn from this option you simply purchase an advertising pack that costs either $10 or $50.  You are paying to advertise on the Future Net platform, so this is a great option for those wishing to recruit new team members for another opportunity.  In return for purchasing an advertising package and viewing 10 adverts per day you will become eligible for a share in revenue.  This means for each $10 package you purchase you will be given a return of $12.  For each $50 package you purchase you will be given a return of $60.

The share of revenue you receive daily depends entirely on the income generated by the Future Net platform on that day.

This is a screenshot of my earnings from ad packs:



Matching Bonuses

You will receive a Matching Bonus on the income made by your direct referrals.  This relates to the matrix earnings and is dependent on your own level:

Member (10$) – Receive 10% Matching Bonus!
Basic ($25) – Receive 20% Matching Bonus!
Gold ($50) – Receive 30% Matching Bonus!
Exclusive ($100) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!
Sapphire ($500) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!
Royal ($1000) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!


Future Net continues to add additional features on a regular basis.  For example there is now a shopping section, and they recently added the $10 ad pack option.  In my opinion it is a great site that I am happy to recommend to all.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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The Benefits of using Clixsense


The benefits of using Clixsense are not immediately apparent when you first join this site.  In fact I would say a lot of people join it click a few ads and think its not worth the time.  I even thought the same when I started my weeklong trial of clixsense.  During that trial however I discovered the potential of this website for earning, and I have continued to use it daily.  I have now earned just under $200 (around £160) with this site by using it for a few mins per day.

I have to admit to being lazy with this site.  Basically the only thing I do on it now is the ad clicks, but there is a lot more you can do.  I have detailed all the earning options available on Clixsense in my weeklong trial post which also explains how to use them.  Today I just want to focus on the benefits.


Earning can be quite fast.

For example when I did a little experiment last year I was able to claim $16 (approx £12) in 11 days from Clixsense.  Quite frankly I have never found another site that offers such a consistent way of earning a reasonable amount of money within the first few days of using it.  Swagbucks is close, but not as fast as this is.  Clixsense also offers a higher payment rate than Swagbucks for particular surveys.

Fabulous Potential

In addition to the decent early earning opportunity offered, there is massive potential to increase earnings over time.  Through the team building option on this site you could actually earn a major income from this site alone.  Clixsense pays commission for 8 levels of team members and this makes a significant difference to the amount of money you can earn from it.


Clixsense also offers brilliant flexibility in terms of time you have available for earning,  This is because you can spend 10 mins a day on it or 2/3 hours if you so wish.  Both of these time availability options  (and of course others in between) can actually be used to create a reasonable income.

High Trust Level

Clixsense has been running for 8+ years and is very well established.   Payments are also consistently made within a few days, giving it a high trust level in the industry.

Low Claim Limit

There is a low claim limit of $8 (approx £5) which can be met in a few days.  If you upgrade the payment claim level reduces to $6.  Because of this Clixsense provides a reasonably quick way of gaining some funds when you need them.

Worldwide Site

Clixsense is available worldwide.  As far as I know Clixsense is actually available to every country in the world.  I haven’t found anyone who can’t register on the site so far.


Although there are more complex parts available the basic ad clicking is very easy.  Everyone can  do it if they can click a button with a mouse.


In my opinion these are some great benefits to using Clixsense.  It is difficult to think of any other online sites that offer all of these to be honest.  I do know that quite a few people have had a poor first experience with Clixsense.  I believe this is because they don’t understand how to maximise the earnings on it.  It took me a little time to understand it myself as I said.

If you have used ClixSense I would love to hear about your own experiences of using it – good or bad!  Feel free to add any comments or questions in the box below and I will get back to you asap :)


In July 2017 Clixsense made the decision to remove the paid to click option from their site after 10 years of offering this earning opportunity.  This has had quite a knock on effect on the site and it has become more difficult to earn at the same level as before.  There are still surveys, offers and tasks available but I must admit my own earnings have dropped considerably on here now.  Clixsense is still a stable and trusted site and my new earning routine can be found in my post New Clixsense Earning Tips.


If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Loose Weight and Earn Cash – My Experience with Skinny Body Care

loose weight earn cash with skinny-body-care

Would you like to loose weight and earn cash at the same time?  If so you might like to consider Skinny Body Care.

Today I will share my own experience with this company.

How I got Started

I have to be honest about it, when my friend sent me the link and I had a look at everything I was highly sceptical.  You see I’m the kind of person who always looks at new opportunities from the perspective of what would make this a bad choice…. You see I have spent years checking out a lot of online earning opportunities to make sure they weren’t scams for this blog, and that makes you highly sensitive to looking for negatives.

With Skinny Body Care my first thought was the products wouldn’t work.  How many diet products are there out there that claim all sorts of things? Hundreds right? So I just thought, here is another one.

After doing quite a bit of research I did find a lot of people saying these products really work.  Now that raised my interest.  I also like to check what kind of demand there is for any product.  For Skinny Fiber (one of the main products) I found a huge amount of sales happening DIRECT TO CUSTOMERS.  This raised my interest even more….

After that I thought I would go ahead and buy 1 product to try it out for myself.  I am never happy to recommend something unless I have tried it and found it actually works.  Even though I had read these great reviews etc, I still thought its not going to work.  Guess what? I lost 6lbs in the first few weeks of using it!

I should explain that due to my health problems I can’t do any exercise and I have spent 5 years trying to loose weight without success.

It was only after I had tried the products for myself that I decided to actually start promoting Skinny Body Care.  Now, within a short time I have a whole list of people who all say the same thing. This stuff actually works.

The Products

Obviously the main products are diet related, but there are other products too.  The most well known of the diet products is Skinny Fibre, but Skinny Body Max and Hiburn8 are others that are available.
In addition to the weight loss products there are skin care products too.  Instant Youth reduces the appearance of aging within 90 seconds and Ageless is the long term anti aging product that Skinny Body Care supplies

The latest addition to the range is E3, an energy and endurance product to assist with exercise.

The thing that really ‘sold’ me on Skinny Body Care was the fact I was able to loose weight within a few days.  I started off using HiBurn8 because I was really curious about it. My sleep pattern is awful at times and the idea that this could be stopping me from loosing weight made me wonder about it more.  The liquid has a pleasant fruit flavour and quite easy to take.  That was another plus for me.  I’ve tried several products before and the taste just put me off using them.

Within a couple of days my appetite was definitely lower.  What really struck me though was I had no cravings for chocolate or cakes and biscuits.  I have such a sweet tooth I could live on chocolate sometimes I think, and I certainly don’t go for days without wanting to eat some.  At least I didn’t before trying HiBurn8.  I also noticed that I had more energy.  This was another big plus for me.  I have fibromyalgia which really affects my energy levels.  What I think was happening was I slept better at night and woke up more rested.  I know cutting sugar out of my diet can also improve energy levels, so that probably helped too.

I have to say I was really impressed with HiBurn8 and the fact I noticed a difference so quickly.

After using HiBurn8 for a while I went on to try the other weight loss products too.  As I said I like to try things for myself before recommending them.  I found the same effect on my appetite and cravings with both Skinny Fibre and Skinny Max.  The benefit with these is they really help to make you feel full during the day.  I just simply refuse to ‘go hungry’ on any kind of diet as it makes me miserable.  As I also battle with depression I am very careful to avoid anything that makes my mood drop.

The skin care products and the energy drink I have yet to try for myself.   I will be trying them soon though and will update this post when I do!

If you have any doubts about the products, then all I can say is try them for yourself (or get a friend or family member to try them for you).  I am sure you will find out how great these products actually are if you do.
There is an empty bottle money back guarantee provided by Skinny Body Care so if it is not for you simply return the bottle for a no quibble refund.

Getting Started with Skinny Body Care

It is really easy to get started with Skinny Body Care.  What I advise is to firstly register for a free account by clicking this link.  This will allow you to check out the website in detail, including the compensation plan.   Doing this will also provide you with your first team members and GUARANTEE that you will start earning straight away.  Active and paying team members are allocated through the unique powerline system.  Note at the beginning you will earn commission on the first 3 people allocated to you, but you will get many more than that added to your team.  This is to make sure you always have active and paying team members if any of the first 3 drop out.

After you check out your insider view of the website and have team members in your powerline the next step is to become active.  To do this you simply purchase 1 of the products for yourself.  You can use this yourself, sell it, or use it to provide samples to potential customers.

The cost to join as a team member is just $10 (in addition to your product purchase).

The Compensation Plan

Of course you would like to know about the compensation plan!  You will get full details of the plan by taking a free tour, however the basics are:

You recieve BOTH a weekly amount and a monthly amount.  The weekly amount is an enroller bonus which is paid out each week on Thursday.  It is paid for the previous week’s (Fri-Thurs) volume.

For each product you sell to a customer or team member you will earn a 40% commission on their FIRST order.  This will be $20, $40 or $60 depending on the order size.

The monthly amount is your ongoing commission for repeat sales made.  For this you earn an additional 10% commission for each customer on your first level.  This is $5, $10 or $15 every month per sale made.



All distributors start at 3 levels of commissions for everyone in their organization, and you can earn up to 6 levels of commissions as you advance in rank. You earn 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2 and 3% on level 3.

As you progress up the ranks you will open further payments of 2% as shown below:



Do you have any further questions? Feel free to ask them below or use the contact me form to submit your questions directly to me.

PS would you like to share your own experiences with a work from home company? I am very happy to post the experiences of others to my readers.  Please send your post to for consideration.  

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Is YouGov Worth Joining?


I often get asked about specific survey sites, so today I am looking at YouGov.

Is YouGov worth joining is not the most straightforward of questions to be honest.  It depends on what you consider ‘worth’ to be.

First of all, YouGov is, in my opinion a very interesting survey site.  Its tagline is “What the World Thinks” and that sums it up pretty well I think. I have been using YouGov for several years and it is certainly one of the more unique survey sites around.  By that I mean the surveys you get are not the kind asking about advertising, or what you have bought usually.  The surveys are more related to government issues.  For example, today when I logged in this was the poll:


As you can see this question about the NHS is a simple poll rather than a full survey.  The site has a lot of polls and the results of these are very frequently seen in news articles.  In addition to this it is very simple to see the results of the polls that are currently running.  As you can see from this Brexit poll, which is an extremely popular topic right now, more people on this site are voting for a ‘Hard Brexit’.  Beside that is the result of another poll regarding the 40p tax rate.


I have to admit I don’t often come across either polls or surveys that focus so clearly on current political trends in quite this way.  One of the things I really like about doing surveys is they tend to get me thinking about various topics that I wouldn’t perhaps have considered before.  One of the things I don’t like so much is not being getting the results of the surveys.  This is obviously not the case with YouGov which actually provides almost an ongoing commentary on the topics discussed.

There are a lot of international surveys and polls on YouGov too, it is not simply a UK only site.  The full results of international surveys and polls are also freely available for members to read.  This result comparing opinions in different countries regarding gender for example, is available at the click of a button:


Because YouGov provides such up to date information about public opinion it certainly is a valuable resource.  Many students use the results in their research papers for example.  In addition, the results on the site are not subject to direct manipulation.  Unlike a newspaper for example, that may only provide partial information, you can look at all of the information yourself.  Many people spend a lot of time on YouGov actually reading about the results and taking part in discussions.  It is actually more like a social media platform than a survey site.  In fact you can choose to make connections with others on here in exactly the same way as most social media platforms. Of course the discussions are more about current news than perhaps you would find on Facebook or Twitter etc. The site does guide discussions in this way:


In additioyougov-paidn to this social media style content, there is the opportunity to actually earn cash for your opinion too.  Just like a lot of the survey sites online you will receive some financial compensation for taking part in the longer surveys.  There is a section specifically for these which is easy to find on your homepage.
Today I have 2 paid surveys available.  Completing any surveys or polls in this section will provide payment of 50 points each.  This equates to 50p for me here in the UK.

The surveys and longer polls in this section usually take around 5-10 mins, which is a reasonable amount for time spent in my opinion.  Many people are happy to get the equivalent of £6+ per hour for doing surveys.  You can claim the money earned when you hit 5000 points (£50) paid via cheque only.

If you prefer to you can opt to enter a prize draw instead:



YouGov is free to join for anyone aged 16 plus and living in the UK.  It also available in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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Earning guide for Gifthulk GPT Site

I am very pleased to share this earning guide for Gifthulk with you today. It is the first of many guest posts I hope to add to my blog.  Guest posting is a little perk I am now offering to my Online Earning Team Members to help with their own team building on various sites.  This post was written by Leigh who is a very active team member.

Earning Guide for Gifthulk By Leigh

I have not earned online for very long but GiftHulk is fast becoming one of my favourite websites to earn on.  Earning is quite easy and takes just around 10 – 15 minutes a day for the basics.  You can spend longer on the site and earn more if you wish to.

Joining Up

Joining up is free, you need to give a bit of personal information but don’t have to give your address if you don’t want to.  You can just put in your PayPal email and name if you prefer. I would highly suggest you use a spare email address as offers etc can lead to a lot of emails.

Click here to join using my referral link

Getting Started

Once you have joined up you will see a screen similar to this:

page 1

In the middle there is some information to read from GiftHulk.  This will get you started and you can earn Hulk Coins (HC) for doing some of the activities.  For example you will earn for setting up survey profilers, setting a goal and adding a profile picture.

Make sure you set a goal for yourself first. To do this click on  set goal.  There are many things you could aim for but I would suggest you either go for a £3 UK Amazon voucher (5000HC) or set yourself a Paypal amount such as $5 (5000HC).

Next  go back to the page above and click on ‘Win 10% more at Guess the Card.  This will take you through how to switch on your social updates and initially will give you more ‘chips’ to play with.  At the beginning you only get 5 chips so it is great to get some extra to get started.  As this shares to social media accounts and your referral link is embedded in it this can get you some referrals.

Levels on GiftHulk

When you first start you are a ‘basic member’ and through different activities you earn upgrades. I have recently become a diamond member and this has had several benefits:

  • more chip coins,
  • an extra gift card
  • extra rewards

To access your level and look at the benefits click on the arrow at your name, and you will see this drop down menu: Bottom of page 2

Click onto levels to see your current level and more about the benefits of progressing:


Guess the Card and Fountain of Youth

Next I suggest you play guess the card. (Accessed on the front page at the right hand corner). In fact this is always the first thing you should do when you go on the site each day.  You can win a boost on here which increases your earnings for the day on anything you do after you win the boost.  As well as that you can win a joker card worth 100 coins and Fountain of Youth codes from this game.

You will have the choice of 3 different games to play, each with a different  number of HC you can win. Once your level improves you win more coins, 55, 15 and 5 HC depending on the
game you play.  I play ‘Guess the Suit’ as although it’s the lowest, you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning. If you are lucky enough to win, you will get a notification just below the coins.

Middle of page 3


Sometimes you might guess wrong but still win something else such as a ‘boost’  to earn extra HC on other activities:

Bottom of p3

In this example i have won a Fountain of Youth Code (FOY) worth 15 HC which can be used by 4 people:

middle of page 4


Once you have used all your chips, if you have won a FOY click on the blue bar where it says win and then Fountain of Youth. You can copy and paste your code and click on submit code. I share my codes in our Facebook Group (as do others) to help boost income. Codes are also sometimes released on their Facebook page and through their newsletters that they send out occasionally.

Surveys and survey check ins

After playing Guess the card I suggest you use the ‘earn’ tab and click on ‘surveys’.  Here you can check in once every 24hrs to earn 5 HC,  You don’t have to do a survey to do this.

Top of page 5 first Top of page 5 third bit

I don’t do surveys very often but the survey 2 section is the one to do them in as they are worth more. I frequently find surveys that are 1 minute (yes, really!) and are under 10mins so doing these are a nice little boost when you have the time. You also get 20HC for each disqualified survey (limited to 3 a day).  The progress bar when it is completed will give you 25 extra HC.




Other ways to earn

Front Page:

On the front page screen there are always two bold sentences, one about videos and one about apps. Click on the video one and you will sometimes see a  ‘launch targeted videos’ section.  Here you will get some videos where you need to click, wait for a count down and move on.  If you click launch player, this takes you to a new webpage for radio loyalty.  You can play the radio for 10 minutes, then enter and submit a captcha for credit.  This can take a while to credit, but you get 12HC for it.




For the Apps earning simply access the site from your mobile device and download one of the apps. Some credit instantly, others take a little while and you may need to use them for a while. There are also more apps available if you go back to the earn tab and pick apps. On the right hand side it will tell you what has credited last.

On this page are also click offers if you don’t use the same wall on another site.


Located at front of first page, get 4 HC per search.  This pays every hour– I suggest you do click on results though otherwise you can lose the option to get paid for searching.

Earn Tab

It is worth having a look at the offers walls.


Good walls to check for surveys are and Peanut Labs (although other sites can pay more).  Super Rewards and Matomy tend to be good for videos.

EZ coins is also under the earn tab.  I don’t use this as I have found things just don’t credit for me (but some have for others).  Be very careful if you try an offer where you need to deposit anything.

If you do a download offer I suggest you either use Shadow defender or Sandboxie (the former is better) to protect your computer. Also don’t give out your mobile number as you are likely to be charged for texts.

Gift Hulk TV

You can earn 25 HC per 5 videos. This part of the site can be a bit glitchy and it can have lots of videos which don’t play.



These are from Crowdflower and GiftHulk.  3 tasks from Gifthulk can get you some coins for writing a blog, doing a You Tube video, and creating a forum thread. Crowdflower tasks pay much better on Clixsense and InstaGC however.


I wouldn’t bother! Keep the coins for yourself.

Point Targets

You can earn an extra boost by completing a point target each day, for a set number of days.  This creates a nice hole in your weekly punch card.  You can win an extra bonus (although it is small) if you have enough punches at the end of the week:

5 days: 100HC, 6 days: 150HC and 7 days: 250HC will be your bonus.

page 7 middle image


Like other sites you can earn from referrals.  This gives you a nice ‘boost’ but it isn’t the best reward program out there. You initially get 100HC for the sign up, and then a further 500HC for a referral reaching silver level.   Your referral link should be on the home page under ‘My Invite Code’.  If you click the ‘Invite Dashboard’ it will give you an invite link such as mine: and also show you how your referrals are doing.


How to cash out


Ah yes, the most important bit!

When you are ready to cash out you can request your ‘prize’.  When you do this for the first time you will need to verify your account. To do this click on the verify button and enter your mobile number.  Keep the screen open and wait to receive a text from them.  You will get a pin number you need to put in.

I have never received any unsolicited calls from them so this is OK, nor have I been charged for this.

Depending on your level, you should receive your prize in a few days. Paypal is generally best to cash out Saturday or Thursday but I found as a diamond member it doesn’t really matter.  Lower levels have different payout times.

Amazon will be delivered by email.


Once you reach diamond level you can get a free £7 gift card. Different levels also get a rebate of coins in their account, so once you get to gold you get 2.5% of your order back.  Platinum account holders get 5% and diamond get 10%.

Below you can see the number of coins you need for Amazon or Paypal.


£3 = 5,000 coins, £5 = 7,500 coins, £10 = 15,000 coins


$5 = 5,000 coins, $10 = 10,000 coins, $25 = 25,000 coins, $50 = 50,000 coins

How much can you earn?

This really depends how much you do on the site and how much time you have. It can be a slow or a fast burner. Personally, I don’t use this site everyday but when I do I tend to do a variety of activities. If you want you can do the very basic activities: play guess the card, put in FOY codes if you win/find them, do survey check in (s) and a quick search clicking a result. With more time, you could perhaps download an app, ‘listen’ to the radio and play a video. If you have more time you could also do the odd survey.

It is really up to you how much you do. Sometimes all I do is guess the card but I find it still adds up and often still cash out weekly.


I hope that you have found this earning guide for Gifthulk helpful, there is also an information section on Gift Hulk here and an FAQ section here which you might find useful.

Good Luck with your earning!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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A Weeklong Website Trial – Clixsense

Today I would like to share A Weeklong Website Trial for Clixsense.  I have actually had my Clixsense account for several years but not really used it much.  Doing this trial though has really taught me a lot about using this site.

Website Description

Clixsense basically began as a paid to click (PTC) website where users earn money for clicking on adverts.  Since then it has expanded to offer quite a few additional ways to earn.  It continues to have a very clear PTC basis and focuses a lot on the advertising services associated with that.

Signing Up

As I have had my Clixsense account for several years, I can’t really remember the sign up process to be honest.  It is simple enough to sign up though.  Just complete the short form as shown below.  Then confirm your email address and your account is ready to go!

clixsense sign up


First Impressions

As I said this is an old account, but apart from doing a few clicks on adverts back then I hardly used it. I created this account in 2011.  The site has changed a huge amount since I signed up, with many new features now.  I can give you an account of my impressions now.

The home page, as shown below (with my personal details removed), does take a little bit of time to figure out.  As you can see there are a lot of sections to it.  The image is actually only part of the page but it does show what you are faced with on first logging in.  I should say I have used several PTC sites, and this type of layout seems pretty common. If you have never used a site like this before though it could seem very overwhelming and confusing.

Clixsense home


User friendly

Despite the first look at the home page I do find the site the be reasonably user-friendly.  The buttons are pretty much all self-explanatory.   Also the various sections of the home page are clearly marked.  There are some basic instructions and extra information links available when needed for clarification too.

Earning Methods

View Ads


This is a very simple way to earn.  Click on the view ads button in the top menu.  This takes you to a grid of ads which you can click.  Click the ads highlighted with blue in the grid.  The ones you have clicked already move down and turn gray.  When you click the ad you will be asked to click on the cat picture first. This is to prove you are a human and not a bot.  Once you have viewed the ad for the right amount of time you will see the click validated tick.


Personally I sometimes find this way of earning to be rather boring.  It also gets tiresome seeing the same website pages, or the same type of pages over and over again.  On a plus side it is very easy to do while watch TV etc.

Despite it being a bit boring this method of earning is used by a lot of people.  The reason being it is pretty much a guaranteed income on Clixsense.   There are a lot of adverts available on this site, so you can make money daily.



clixsense surveys

There are a lot of surveys available on Clixsense.  From what I have seen during this trial the payment rates are pretty reasonable too.  Some are even higher than several survey sites offer.  There are extra surveys available on the offer walls as well as the survey section.


Clixsense has 12 different offer walls, all with many offers listed on them.  I would highly recommend having a good look through the offer walls.  There are a huge amount of offers available – anything from watching videos, to free trials, and surveys.  Be aware though many offers add your email address to mailing lists.  I highly recommend using a secondary email address when signing up for any of these.  That will prevent you getting a lot of unwanted emails.

offer walls


The tasks are provided by Crowdflower, and I have used this option before on another website.  I did notice there didn’t seem to be many task available the few times I logged in.  This may increase with use though.



Just click anywhere on the picture to play.  This will open up a website you will have to view for up to 10 secs.  After this time has passed you will know if you win up to $10 or not.



Personally I find this time consuming and a rather boring game. Please see my trial dairy below for more details about it.

Daily Checklist

On the home page on the right side you can find the daily checklist.  Each item is ticked off if and when you complete the task that day.  For each day that you complete your daily checklist, a bonus will be added to your account balance.  This is added at the end of that same day. Premium members will earn a bonus of up to 16.0% of their personal earnings, while Standard members will earn a bonus of up to 7.0%.

Daily Checklist


Affiliate Commission

ClixSense offers $0.50 or $1 for referring others (depending on your membership type).  You also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase advertising, complete simple tasks and offers.  Also whenever they or their referrals upgrade to Premium through 8 levels.

Premium Membership

Commissions for Premium members are substantially higher than Standard members.  It currently costs $17 to upgrade for 1 year.  There is an 8 level referral commission paid which is the most generous commission structure I have heard of on a PTC site.  The other benefits are shown below:



From my trial of using this site I would estimate it takes around 1-1.5 hours per day.



Although this is an old account I didn’t have any earnings before the weeklong trial.  This is an accurate representation of my earnings for 7 days.

Dairy of Trial

23rd March – started the trial today and after looking round the site a little bit I decided to try and attempt the daily checklist for a bonus payment.  I spent about an hour trying to earn today by clicking on ads, completing the clixgrid, doing some offers and trying to do some surveys.  I got screened out of a lot of surveys but eventually completed one.  $2.34 earned in total today.

clixsense 23rd

24th March – I tried to complete the daily checklist again today as I did manage to do it yesterday.  It took me a while as I was screened out of about 20 surveys.  Eventually I managed to complete one on an offer page.  I tried to do some of the smaller offers but they either didn’t count towards the checklist or wouldn’t credit.  I tried to play a game and no matter what I did it wouldn’t credit.  Took me over an hour to use the site today.  Frustration levels were quite high by the time I managed to complete the checklist.  $0.80 earned today including the $0.14 bonus from checklist yesterday.

clixsense 24th

25th March –, I have just spent an hour on the site trying to do a survey which I was screened out of after 30 mins.  It was only supposed to be 15 mins to complete.  I did the ever so monotonous clixgrid and earned nothing.  Tomorrow I will time how long it takes to do that. I’m trying to do the daily checklist and didn’t complete any offers/tasks today.  Basically the only thing I have earned from is clicking on adverts. I have earned $0.01 in an hour! What a total waste of time! Frustration levels at maximum.  I feel like not going back on the site ever again!

After taking quite a few hours away from the site to allow my frustration levels to lower I decided to try again.  This time I actually managed to complete the 2 offers required for the daily checklist.  There were some more ad view opportunities to do so I did those as well.  Now I have earned $0.79.  I am feeling slightly better than I did earlier.  I have now spent almost 2 hours on the site for that return though.


 26th March

After yesterday’s frustration I decided today to actually time how long it took for me to complete the clixgrid.   I clicked 30 boxes in the grid as quickly as I could and started the timer on another tab.  It only took one click for me to get back to the grid.  I was aware it seemed like it took quite a while to complete the 30 clicks before timing it.  Even I was surprised to see it actually took 10 mins and 8 seconds.  Today I actually won $0.10 by taking part, but usually this is time spent to win or earn nothing.  There is a chance of winning $10 from it, but to be frank i’m not sure I would bother.

clixsense grid timer

clixsense win

After completing the clixgrid i just logged off today.  I just couldn’t face even trying any of the other earning opportunities today.  I earned $0.15 today including the checklist bonus from yesterday.


27th March – After taking the day off from doing anything much on Clixsense yesterday I felt able to go back on today.   I had a bit of a fresh mind about it.  I’m trying very hard to actually give it a chance for the whole week so I can report back as much as possible for you.  Today I managed to do the Clixgrid (no wins today), completed ad clicks and tried to do 10 of the surveys.  I had no luck at all on those.  Do note I have never tried so many surveys on any other site without getting at least one to complete.  Its no wonder they don’t pay for screen outs on this site, it would cost them a lot I feel.

surveys screened


After asking some other users about how they earn on Clixsense yesterday, I found out some people only use this site for the Peanut Labs surveys.  So today, after the 10 screenouts on the other survey section I thought I would try this tactic myself.  Maybe I’m just not using Clixsense in the best way right?

To get to the peanut labs surveys on Clixsense I first had to complete a 30 question profile.  These were all basic questions and very easy to answer.

peanut labs



As soon as I completed the profile questions the surveys from peanut labs appeared.  I have used peanut labs before on other sites.  They always seem to have plenty of surveys available I must admit.  I was pleased to see this was the same on Clixsense.

peanut labs surveys clixsense

This time I was able to complete a survey straight away! Thank goodness for that 🙂 In fact I even did a second one it was so easy.  This meant I had met the daily checklist requirements as well.


PL clix


Due to the 2 surveys I completed on peanut labs I made $0.77 today.




28th March

Today I started my Clixsense earning with the PTC ads as usual.  I then tried the Clixgrid (no wins today).  After that I tried a couple of surveys on Peanut Labs and was able to complete the second one I tried.  It is much easier for me to complete surveys now i’ve started using this section.  Thankfully my frustration levels are much much lower! Including the bonus for completing the checklist yesterday I earned $0.91 today.


29th March

This is the final day of the trial.  I only had time to do the PTC ad clicks today.  Earnings were very low due to this with just $0.01 earnings today.




Overall Review

Despite the fact I was really fed up with using this site within the first few days of the trial I have decided to stick with it now.  Since changing over to using the Peanut Labs offer wall for the surveys I have found it a much better site to earn on.  I don’t think I will be trying to do the daily checklist anymore as personally though. The Clixgrid is very time consuming when there is no guarantee of earning from spending the time to do it.  I might do it now and again.   The main reason I will be sticking with it is due to the potential survey income.  I’m guessing I should be able to make a cash claim of $8 around once a week.  Thats around £5.39.

Potential earnings for a year without any referrals for me at this level = £280

If I  get referrals I will consider paying to upgrade my account.  At the minute the benefits aren’t worth it in my opinion.  As and when I should start building a team I can see how it would be much more appealing.

Recommended How To Earn Guides

Katy Kicker has written a fabulous guide which you can read here

I hope you have found this website trial useful. If you have used ClixSense  yourself I would love to hear about your own experiences of using it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Feel free to share it with others :).

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Superpoints SuperSurprise Reward Received

Just a few days ago I wrote about Claiming my First Superpoints Reward and how much fun it was to choose the mystery reward. I’m very happy to say that I have now received this reward.

Superpoints rewards


In fact, I received it yesterday.  I had already written yesterday’s post, so I had to wait until today to let you know what it was I got….sorry about that, please don’t shout at me even though I know you have all been dying to know 🙂 lol!

The first notification I got was an email to say my reward was on its way:



Then I immediately received another email with my £4 e-gift voucher for Amazon.  I was delighted.  Not only do I love my Amazon vouchers, but the £4 value was a great deal as well.  As you can see from the top photo it would cost 3000 Superpoints for a £1 voucher.  By this calculation £4 would have taken 12000 Superpoints and I only used 5200 points to claim this reward.



It does seem there is quite a variety of rewards from Superpoints for the Super surprise award.  My fellow blogger, Katy Kicker, for example, reported receiving a £13 Amazon voucher in this post.   There is also quite a difference in the delivery time.  Katy reported a 13 day wait for her reward to arrive, mine, on the other hand, has taken just 4 days.  Now isn’t that interesting? Have you noticed something about that? 13 days/£13 and 4 days/£4….. it could be a coincidence, but somehow I get the feeling it isn’t!

Overall I have found the whole claiming process and delivery of the reward have been very professional in my opinion. With the receipt of my first reward, I’m now very happy to recommend Superpoints to others.

Have you claimed any rewards from Superpoints yet? If so I would love to hear about your experiences.  Did you risk claiming the mystery gift option or not?

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I Just Claimed my First Superpoints Reward!

Please note that Superpoints is now known as Reward Shopping.  The claim process is the same however!

I’ve been using Superpoints for a while now, and upgraded to a Platinum Membership just about a week ago.  I was close to getting my first reward before I upgraded so that isn’t how I got to claim.  Upgrading has made quite a difference to my account already though.  My earnings have increased a lot and I have even changed my choice of first reward.  I was planning to claim the £1 Amazon Voucher, but changed that to the Tier 1 surprise reward which is almost double the points.

I decided to ‘take the risk’ of choosing this surprise reward after reading this post from a fellow blogger and Superpoints member.  Who knows what I will get but I thought it was quite a fun thing to do. Now i’m all excited at the prospect of getting a surprise through the post very soon.

The claiming process was easy and quite fun as well I have to say:

First I noticed the Your Reward Section on my home page had changed to say I could make the claim.  (You can choose which reward you want to aim for in the Rewards Section of the website.  It will show on the homepage with a countdown of points required which is nice and handy 🙂 )



The next screen showed me the reward I had chosen again with all of the details about it.




I then had to confirm if I actually wanted to redeem for this reward on the next screen.  I thought this was quite good as some sites don’t let you think about it at this stage.


After confirming I then got to see the next set of rewards that have become available to me.  There is a tier system on Superpoints Rewards which unlock as you gain experience on the site, so it was great to see the next set of rewards that had now become available.  There are some great rewards available to me now and i will have to think about what to aim for next 🙂



As I had chosen the Surprise option I also then got an email to add to the suspense of claiming this reward. What a great additional touch, and it made me smile! I decided to go with number 22……






On the website I am now also able to track my reward and see when to expect it! Again I thought this was a great touch to the whole process.





Now I just have to sit and wait and wonder what I will be getting.  I do hope its not a pet rock….. but to be honest that would make me laugh! I would have to come up with a name for it if thats what arrives 🙂 Are you wondering what it is I will get too? Don’t worry I will let you all know as soon I receive it 😀  Would you take the risk of what reward would arrive? I know its not really everyone’s cup of tea to do that.

Overall as I said the whole claiming process has been quite fun so far, and pretty professional in my opinion.  Have you claimed any rewards from Superpoints yet? If so I would love to hear about your experiences.

If you have enjoyed this post feel free to share it with others :) To keep up to date with my posts don’t forget you can now subscribe to email updates.   I cover a large range of topics which relate to my life, health,  working from home and I often discuss ways to earn more cash.




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